VoiceFirst for CNIOs


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http://www.voicefirstsolutions.com/solutions/overview/ - Hospital CNIOs put the power of VoiceFirst on the front lines of patient care.

Call today to learn more about VoiceFirst medical voice recognition technology or to request a demo. (412) 206-1225.

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VoiceFirst for CNIOs

  1. 1. Hospital CNIOs Put The Power of VoiceFirst On The Front Lines Of Patient Care Nurses and clinicians have hands-free conversations with their EMRs at the exact point of patient care without keyboard or touch-screen distractions. Hospital Informatics Officers know that accurate patient information, available at the point of care, improves patient-centered care, outcomes and safety. Freeing clinicians from the distractions and delays of keypad‑based data input, VoiceFirst enables real‑time, bedside review and update of patient records as well as voice-guided patient care protocols. VOICEFIRST LETS CLINICIANS HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH THEIR EMR. Using natural speaking patterns, clinicians use VoiceFirst™, along with commercially available mobile devices and wireless headsets, to access and enter data into their EMRs. Clinicians receive verbal instructions and cues rather than having to type or look at a computer or hand-held device screen. Clinicians maintain eye contact with their patients, not their technology. Healthcare professionals use VoiceFirst to have a powerful, real time, two-way interaction with their EMR, while providing care, whether it’s inserting an IV, consulting with a patient or reviewing notes. VOICEFIRST FOLLOWS YOUR SPECIFIC CLINICAL WORKFLOWS EXACTLY AS YOU HAVE DEFINED THEM. VoiceFirst was designed by clinicians, for clinicians. It is customized to follow your specific, optimized workflows. This is not a one-way “dictation” system with rigid pre‑defined input fields. VoiceFirst is a two-way mobile voice solution that overlays your existing EMR. www.VoiceFirstSolutions.com + VoiceFirst is a mobile, hands-free EMR overlay that: Improves clinician job satisfaction Increases HCAHPS Reduces patient readmission rates Reduces end-of-shift overages And allows your clinical staff to focus on their patients - not on technology. VOICEFIRST IS NOT: a physician’s dictation system a phone communication system an EMR a system that requires a desktop computer ©2013 Vocollect Healthcare Systems | 412-206-1225
  2. 2. VoiceFirst is a hands-free solution that moves at the pace of the clinician and brings the EMR to the patient’s bedside. BRING EVIDENCE FOR DECISIONS TO THE POINT OF CARE Expanding the use of information technology and evidence-based medicine are two key practices being used to achieving improved service quality while reducing medial errors. VoiceFirst enables healthcare providers to connect these two initiatives to deliver the best available patient information to clinicians at the point-of-care. VoiceFirst brings your EMR system out of the back-office and up to the bedside. When the EMR is updated in real-time, at the point of care by hands-on clinical care personnel, the complete nursing process is positively impacted. Greater clinician satisfaction leads to greater patient satisfaction. IMPROVE CROSS-DISCIPLINE COLLABORATION Technology and Informatics should allow nurses to coordinate care across settings. Using VoiceFirst, all clinicians can effectively and efficiently manage their patient’s care and provide dynamic, up-to-the-minute patient status to any EMR-connected providers and hospital administration. KEY BENEFITS FOR CHIEF INFORMATICS OFFICERS ACROSS ALL CARE DISCIPLINES PATIENT CARE IMPACTS FINANCIAL IMPACTS Improves patient outcomes reducing re-admitting rates Ensures organizational financial health Improves patient satisfaction scores (HCAHPS) Reduces down-stream coding and reimbursement issues Increases hands-on clinical care Reduces patient care expenses TECHNOLOGY IMPACTS CLINICAL STAFF IMPACTS Leverages existing technology investments Improves clinician retention and job satisfaction Overlays your existing EMR system Reduces post-shift overages Enables hands-free, real-time EMR updates Facilitates cross-discipline collaboration Follows your custom care workflows and protocols Visit our website at voicefirstsolutions.com or call us today at (412) 206-1225 to schedule a demonstration of VoiceFirst and to discover the true power of voice in healthcare is so much more than dictation. www.VoiceFirstSolutions.com ©2013 Vocollect Healthcare Systems | 412-206-1225