Voice Recognition in Healthcare - Why VoiceFirst?


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http://www.voicefirstsolutions.com/ Looking for a voice recognition solution for your hospital or medical practice? VoiceFirst offers best in breed technology that provides a truly unique experience for clinicians. With EMR voice overlay from VoiceFirst, clinicians can have a hands-free, two-way conversation with the EMR. Ask the EMR a question and it responds in real time, allowing clinicians to review patient histories and document care directly at the point of care. To learn more about VoiceFirst visit us online, request a demo, or read our case study at http://www.voicefirstsolutions.com/resources/whitepapers/butler/

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Voice Recognition in Healthcare - Why VoiceFirst?

  1. 1. Why VoiceFirst? Voice Recognition in Healthcare
  2. 2. Elevate Quality of Care Accurate Care Delivery Made Easy • Want an Answer? Ask your EMR! • Natural speech and sentence structure • Request and enter patient data • EMR responds in natural speech
  3. 3. Increase Efficiency & Throughput A truly mobile patient-focused solution that moves at the pace of the clinician: • Unprecedented mobility • Decrease 35% of clinician time spent on documentation • Staff are no longer tied to stationary computers • Increase time for patient care • Improve workplace safety
  4. 4. Improve Patient Satisfaction Through the Power of Voice, Clinicians Can Focus First on Patient Care • Improve HCAHPS scores • True clinician mobility = great response to patients • Innovation = commitment to care excellence
  5. 5. Raise Clinical Team Satisfaction VoiceFirst lets you… • Enhance satisfaction of your clinical care team: – Allows more time with patients – Simplifies complicated workflows – Makes technology more usable
  6. 6. The Best of Voice, The Best of Touch Enter, query and interact with your EMR using the most natural and efficient method for every activity
  7. 7. Who Can Use VoiceFirst? Any Clinician! • RNs • Patient Care Technicians • Physical Therapists • Occupational Therapists • Speech Therapists • Respiratory Therapists • Lab Technicians • Physicians
  8. 8. VoiceFirst Technical Overview
  9. 9. VoiceFirst: A Technical Preview
  10. 10. Making Voice Communication Work
  11. 11. Why Vocollect Healthcare? • Over 400,000 users leverage Vocollect’s voice products to better perform their jobs. • Created by clinicians, for clinicians • State-of-the-art voice technology
  12. 12. What our Customers Say “VoiceFirst makes our clinicians more efficient and, therefore, they can spend more time on activities that are more fruitful to the patients’ care.” - Dr. Thomas McGill, VP Quality & Safety/CIO at Butler Health System
  13. 13. VoiceFirst Drives Efficiency Butler Health System Sees 50% Improvement in Physical Therapy Documentation Time with EMR Voice Overlay Read the Case Study at: www.voicefirstsolutions.com/resources/whitepapers/butler
  14. 14. Give The Power of Voice to Your Clinicians See VoiceFirst in Action! Request a Live Demo Today Visit www.VoiceFirstSolutions.com to learn more.
  15. 15. VoiceFirst by Honeywell