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Vince Ross' Interview With 2016 FAMU Sports Hall Of Famers - Featuring Vogel Denise Newsome


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17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE

This is the 09/23/16 FAMU NOW Interview conducted by Vince Ross that was supposed to Air on or about 09/28/17, on SIRIUS XM.


Mr. Ross interviewed the 2016 FAMU Women’s 4x400 Meter Relay Team being Inducted into Florida A&M University’s SPORTS HALL OF FAME!

This Interview was VERY POWERFUL and featured Community Activist Vogel Denise Newsome – i.e. a Member of that Infamous 4x400 Quartet.

For those who follow sports, Pamela Oliver – a Sportscaster for FOX SPORTS – is also a Member of this 4x400 Meter Relay along with other Teammates Pamela Porter and Mary Jones.

See if you can determine “WHY” the Illuminati/Secret Societies and its Members as Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz DID NOT want this Interview to air on SIRIUS XM; moreover, WHY Florida A&M University’s DIRECTOR (Ann Wead Kimbrough) of the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication NEVER sent Newsome a copy and appears KEPT this Interview from being FEATURED in the FAMU NOW Forum! LOL!

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: FAMU NOW has REPEATEDLY featured Interviews with Sportscaster Pamela Oliver; however, see WHY such “POWERFUL” Interviews with Newsome are WITHHELD!

Interviews that are EDUCATIONAL and provide SOLUTIONS; however, are being KEPT OFF THE AIR by the way of the WHITE Jews/Zionists/Supremacists that CONTROL what is released in Mainstream Media Networks!

You can GIVE LOVE DONATIONS To Support The Work At:
Community Activist Vogel Denise Newsome
Post Office Box 31265
Jackson, Mississippi 39286
PHONE: (513) 680-2922



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