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English 040512


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English 040512

  1. 1. APRIL 5, 2012TO: United States Of America President Barack Obama (via Email) United States Senate (via Email) United States House of Representatives (via Email)CC: MEDIA/PUBLIC (via Email) FOREIGN NATIONS/Leaders and Media (under Concealment)RE: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: RIGHT OF REVOLUTION - - CONFLICT OF INTEREST: ATTEMPTS OF COVER UP IN THE TREYVON MARTIN MATTER AND OTHER RACIAL ATTACKS ON AFRICAN-AMERICANS/PEOPLE-OF-COLOR - - BRINGING THE UNITED STATES MILITARY SOLDIERS HOME!As we look at the recent RACIST Attacks on African-Americans and People-Of-Color in the UnitedStates of America and abroad in FOREIGN Nations over the PAST Year: 1) Recently, the Trayvon Martin (AFRICAN-American) February 26, 2012, in what appears to be "PREMEDITATED and COLD Blooded" Murder by a Racist - i.e. whose RACIST slur was caught on the 911 Emergency Recording [A COPY OF THE 911 RECORDING HAS BEEN TRANSCRIBED and AUDIO provided in the PowerPoint Presentation below in a section dedicated to this matter, there is a question of just HOW MUCH LONGER does the United States Of America think that African-Americans and People-Of-Color are going to take such RACIAL INJUSTICES without a STERN RESPONSE? United States Government Officials are saying behind “CLOSED DOORS while they LAUGH in their efforts to take African-Americans BACKWARDS into the SLAVERY era and mentality” to “give them a FEW WEEKS and they will quiet down.” NOT SO! Even one News Reporter MOCKED/SCOFFED Malcolm X (i.e. a Muslim and Civil Rights Leader) for the FAILURE of the African- American Citizens to respond to such RACIST/BRUTAL Killings/Murders of their Children: IMPORTANT TO NOTE – CONFLICT OF INTEREST: It appears that United States President Barack Obama and his Legal Counsel/Advisors (Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz) may have a
  2. 2. financial/personal/business INTEREST in the Trayvonmatter in that the insurance carrier for the Sanford PoliceDepartment, Homeowner’s Association, etc. may beLIBERTY MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY – aTOP/MAJOR Client of Baker Donelson. Not only isthat, from reports, George Zimmerman’s (the allegedshooter and murder of Trayvon Martin) father (RobertZimmerman) is a former/retired Judge/Justice of theSupreme Court of Virginia. From research, it appearsthat Baker Donelson (as with the United States WhiteHouse/President Of the United States of America) mayOWN/CONTROL this Court as it does with the UnitedStates Supreme Court: donelson-ties-supremecourtofvirginia donelson-purchased-judgesva Furthermore, Baker Donelson it appears isLEGAL COUNSEL/SENIOR COUNSEL andADVISOR for the United States Department ofJustice – Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI)/Director Robert Mueller who justCOINCIDENTALLY assumed this officeapproximately seven (7) days BEFORE the 9/11 Attackson the World Trade Centers and other attacks., a reasonable mind may conclude that UnitedStates President Barack Obama and his LegalCounsel/Advisor Baker Donelson will try and COVER-UP Trayvon Martin’s MURDER and avoid LIABILITYon the Sanford Police Department and others involved inthe furtherance of CONSPIRACIES to “Obstruct theAdministration of Justice,” COVER-Up of HATECrimes, and other criminal and civil wrongs.
  3. 3. 2) U.S. Military Soldier Robert Bales (i.e. appears, perhaps a WHITE Supremacist) MASSACRE/SLAUGHTER of approximately 17 Afghanistan Civilians about March 11, 2012: shooter According to Reports, a TRAINED SNIPER, using NIGHT Goggles, returning to military base it appears to RELOAD and leave to carry out MORE vicious attacks, etc. July 27, 2009 United States Department of Justice PRESS RELEASE: "Seven Charged With Terrorism Violations. . ." Seven individuals have been charged with CONSPIRING to provide MATERIAL SUPPORT to TERRORISTS and CONSPIRING to murder, kidnap, maim and injure persons abroad. . . "The indictment alleges that . . . a VETERAN of TERRORIST training camps in PAKISTAN and AFGHANISTAN who, over the past THREE years, has CONSPIRED with others in THIS COUNTRY to RECRUIT and help young men TRAVEL OVERSEAS in order to KILL. . ." seven-charged-with-terrorism-violations-11651101 The United States Military (i.e. which includes Commander-In-Chief President Barack Obama) AIDING and ABETTING in such War Crimes when having Bates SNUCK out of Afghanistan AFTER he had FULFILLED apparently an ORDER to carry out such BRUTAL/HIDEOUS attacks! The United States Military AFTER the attacks then ATTEMPTED to have information regarding Bates DELETED from the INTERNET – i.e. clearly AIDING and ABETTING in the COVER-UP of such War CRIMES. In the INTEREST of Justice, Robert Bates is to be RETURNED to Afghanistan to be put on TRIAL there and NOT here in the United States of America. The CRIME was committed on Afghanistan soil and in Afghanistan JURISDICTION! The Afghanistan Government Officials need to DEMAND
  4. 4. the IMMEDIATE return of Robert Bales to Afghanistan to be put on TRIAL and/or COME and get him from the United States of America. Furthermore, hold the Commander-In-Chief United States of America President Barack Obama accountable for such CRIMES and the UNLAWFUL/ILLEGAL removal of Robert Bates from Afghanistan.3) U.S. Military Soldiers burning of the Holy Quran in Afghanistan on or about February 22, 2012: burning-0222124) LAUGHING and URINATING on U.S. Military Soldiers DEAD Afghanistan Citizens released to the Media on or about January 11, 2012: urination-scandal5) BRUTAL Murder U.S. Military Solders of an ASIAN-American Soldier (Danny Chen) on or about October 3, 2011, who was HARASSED and BEATEN by White Racist Soldiers and his murder appears to have been COVERED-UP as a suicide by CORRUPT Government Officials to HIDE the Racist practices of its Military and those in COMMAND "AUTHORIZING" and "CONDONING" such HATE CRIMES and INHUMANE practices:
  5. 5. 6) The U.S. Governments SLAUGHTER/ EXECUTION Of AFRICAN-American Troy Davis on or about September 21, 2011, when it appears there were WITNESSES who came forward with information regarding his INNOCENCE; nevertheless, the United States Supreme Court - i.e. GOVERNED and CONTROLLED by a Racist Firm (Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz - legal counsel/advisor to President Barack Obama) - AUTHORIZED going forward with EXECUTION in keeping with the ETHNIC CLEANSING/ GENOCIDE in the United States Of America with the African-American male: TheRACIST/BRUTAL Killing of AFRICAN-American James Craig Anderson on or about June26, 2011, when White RACIST ran over him with a vehicle because of the COLOR OF HIS SKIN: james-craig8) The RACIST Killing/LYNCHING of Jermaine Carter on or about December 3, 2010, and appears have been covered up by United States Government Officials as a suicide: frederick-jermaine9) Of course theTHOUSANDS of other RACIST Killings/Murders and INJUSTICES that are carried out in the United States of America and abroad in FOREIGN Nations/Countries that may not make the Front Page of the News.
  6. 6. The MESSAGE is CLEAR - "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" - and the UnitedStates Of America Citizens UNITING to "TAKE BACK THEIR GOVERNMENT"from a "RACIST REGIME" being run by those with CONNECTIONS andDEEP ROOTS in the Ku Klux Klan ("KKK"): Turning HOODS in for BUSINESS SUITS and/or JUDICIALROBES: may ask, how can “TAKING BACK THE GOVERNMENT” be done? The Answer being, theCitizens of the United States of America can NOW move forward under the "RIGHTTO REVOLUTION""Legal" and "Lawful" REVOLUTIONARY Actions necessary that PresidentBarack Obama, his RACIST Legal Counsel/Advisor (Baker Donelson BearmanCaldwell & Berkowitz ["Baker Donelson]), the United States Congress and UnitedStates Courts were hoping would NEVER occur. All THREE of theseBranches (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial) are CONTROLLED andRUN/DOMINATED by one MAJOR Racist Regime - Baker Donelson and itsConspirators/Co-Conspirators.The following PowerPoint presentation below has been prepared to provide you with Vogel DeniseNewsomes HISTORY with the RACIST/TERRORIST Regime of Baker Donelson BearmanCaldwell & Berkowitz (i.e. who provides United States of America President Barack Obama and manyTOP/KEY Government Officials/Agencies with Legal Counsel/Advice). Furthermore, forEXPOSING the RACIST and CRIMINAL Practices of Baker Donelson and itsCONSPIRATORS/CO-CONSPIRATORS as well as their Ku Klux Klanpractices so that the PUBLIC/WORLD will know the TRUTH and understandthe MOTIVES behind the United States of Americas INVASION of theMiddle East (Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran) and how it BOMBED its OWNWorld Trade Centers and other Crimes on September 11, 2001 ("911Attacks") and FRAMED Middle Eastern Countries/Citizens for purposes ofgaining access to their RESOURCES: Oil, Coal, Monies, Lands, Jewels, etc.Furthermore, the PUBLIC/WORLD need to see for themselves the MAJOR/KEY/TOP Role BakerDonelson has played – such as:  Behind getting President Barack Obama into the White House with a FAKE/FORGED Certificate of Live Birth – i.e. TIES/CONNECTION to the United States Department of CITIZENSHIP and Immigration – CONTROLLING the Courts/United States Supreme Court and United States Congress in efforts of keeping this from the PUBLIC/WORLD. They knew PRIOR to putting Barack Obama in the White House through
  7. 7. ELECTORIAL COLLEGES he was RELATED/COUSIN of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney. . . Behind the GLOBAL Meltdown of the Economy; Behind the INCREASE in gas prices - i.e. Yes, President Barack Obama is aware of the CONTROLLING Forces behind the SURGING gas prices; Behind the 9/11 Attacks; Behind the LIES about "Weapons of Mass Destruction" in the Middle East; Behind the LIES told about the "Killing/Murder" of Osama Bin Laden on May 1, 2011 – One may recall the NAVY Seals were allegedly used in the telling of this lie. Well guess who is the SECRETARY OF THE NAVY – Raymond Maybus (an EMPLOYEE of Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz). NOW the PUBLIC/WORLD may better understand how President Barack Obama and his Administration CREATED the ANIMATED – NOT Live– Footage released the PUBLIC/WORLD on a COMPUTER. See for yourself: information-withraymondmabusinfo wikipedia-information WARNED by Vogel Denise Newsome that the United States Crimes would be EXPOSED they MOVED SWIFTLY to begin TRYING to COVER-UP and KILLING off the LIES TOLD! Behind the COVER-UP of Racist Killing/Murders in the United States of America and those abroad by United States Military Soldiers that have been RECRUITED and TRAINED to carry out MASSACRES as that by Robert Bales on or about March 11, 2012, in Afghanistan: July 27, 2009 United States Department of
  8. 8. Justice PRESS RELEASE: "Seven Charged With Terrorism Violations. . ." Seven individuals have been charged with CONSPIRING to provide MATERIAL SUPPORT to TERRORISTS and CONSPIRING to murder, kidnap, maim and injure persons abroad. . . "The indictment alleges that . . . a VETERAN of TERRORIST training camps in PAKISTAN and AFGHANISTAN who, over the past THREE years, has CONSPIRED with others in THIS COUNTRY to RECRUIT and help young men TRAVEL OVERSEAS in order to KILL. . ." doj-seven-charged-with-terrorism-violations- 11651101then they SNUCK this Soldier out ofAfghanistan KNOWING that any CRIMINALmatters are to be handled in Afghanistan - theJURISDICTION in which the CRIMES werecommitted. Therefore, it appears from the United States OfAmerica/President Barack Obama’s/Baker Donelsons handling of this was carrying out ORDERS from thismatter, BalesAdministration when crimes were committed. In the United States Governmentfact, News reports verify thatattempted to have information regarding BalesDELETED from the INTERNET in efforts toCONCEAL his criminal history from thePUBLIC/WORLD robertpentagon-triestoerasehimfrominternet snipergogglesnight-stalkermurderThat’s how CROOKED and DIRTY PresidentBarack Obama, his COUNSEL/ADVISOR BakerDonelson, and Administration are - - they try toCOVER-UP the crimes of their RACIST WhiteSupremacist Counterparts. For instance in theTRAYVON MARTIN matter, they attempted toattack his suspension record and leakinformation regarding finding “TRACES ofMarijuana in a Baggie” - - Dahhh, the UnitedStates of America has a MARIJUANA SMOKER
  9. 9. (Barack Obama) in the United States White House acting as the President of the United States and Commander-In-Chief:While the following PowerPoint Presentation is in ENGLISH, AUDIO/Verbal sound and Video Clipshave been added to assist those who receive this in Foreign Countries that cannot read English but canunderstand when SPOKEN.We hope you find this information EDUCATIONAL and INFORMATIVE.While United States Of America President Barack Obama, his RACIST/WHITE Supremacist Counsel(Baker Donelson), the United States Congress and the United States Supreme Court have gone to GREATlengths to keep you from getting this information by coming AFTER Vogel Denise NewsomesWebsites and other Internet Services, I ask those who receive this and have or know of
  10. 10. United States Military Soldiers ready to come home and are questioning whythe United States of America is in so MANY Wars to share this informationwith them. The message of the following PowerPoint Presentation being: "BRINGING THE UNITED STATES MILITARY SOLDIERS HOME" "BRINGING THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA TO JUSTICE""TAKING BACK THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’S GOVERNMENT"To send United State Of America President Barack Obama, Baker Donelson, the United States Congressand the United States Supreme Court and their CONSPIRATORS/CO-CONSPIRATORS aSTRONG Message that "We The PEOPLE" are interested in the TRUTH and DONOT condone the BULLYING, CRIMINAL attacks they have leveled againstVogel Denise Newsome. We pray that you find the information in the PowerPoint Presentation aBLESSING and well-deserved information to bring home the United States Soldiers and because theirmilitary training may be needed in TAKING BACK THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT and toprovide them also with the TRUTH behind the Wars that MANY of their fellow Soldiers have beenkilled and/or injured in.Since United States Of America President Barack Obama, his Legal Counsel/Advisor Baker Donelson,the United States Congress are NOT "Listening" nor "HEARING" the VOICES of"We The PEOPLE;" therefore, it is ACTION-TAKING TIME through the"RIGHT TO REVOLUTION" to show United States Government Officialsthat "We The PEOPLE" have had ENOUGH! www.vogeldenisenewsome.netUnited States President Barack Obama, his Legal Counsel (Baker Donelson), the United States Congressand the United States Supreme Court are NOT listening nor hearing "We The PEOPLE" make it CLEAR they are NOT pleased with Obama’s Termwhen theyin the White House - i.e. that he has REPEATEDLY FAILED to prove in aCOURT OF LAW entitlement to be in the White House (relying on Baker Donelsons as well as theTIES/CONNECTIONS and CORRUPTION to get him into the White House) -LIES told by President Barack Obama. Neither are "We ThePEOPLE" pleased with the REPUBLICAN Candidates and the 2012FEDERAL/PRESIDENTIAL Elections they are attempting to"SHOVE DOWN THE THROATS" of the Citizens of the UnitedStates.
  11. 11. Therefore, it is time to GEAR UP and TAKE ACTION since it appears that the UnitedStates Of America’s Government has been TAKEN OVER by a CORRUPT andRACIST Regime RUN by Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz who has played aMAJOR/KEY Role in the COLLAPSE of the Economy and REMAINS in the WhiteHouse REGARDLESS of which Political (Democrat or Republican) Party is inthe White House and have Control of the United States Senate, United States House of Representativesand United States Supreme Court.Moving forward under "RIGHT TO REVOLUTION" the - As United States President Abraham Lincoln said: This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it”Please FINANCIALLY/MONETARILY support our efforts to keepthe TRUTH before the PUBLIC/WORLD and our VOICES HEARDthat President Barack Obama, Baker Donelson, the United StatesCongress and United States Supreme Court is ATTEMPTING toSilence!DONATIONS CAN BE MADE AT: through our website at (i.e. The THIRD Website sincePresident Barack Obamas and the United States Congress efforts to keep the PUBLIC/WORLD fromgetting this information – FIRST coming after Vogel Denise Newsome’s Bank Accounts and SECONDher JOB to have her placed on UNEMPLOYMENT)Please PASS this information on to members of the United States Military, theyneed to know that they may be able to come home as well as CHALLENGE whether theWars in Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq are LEGAL/LAWFUL and was enteredinto LEGALLY/LAWFULLY! Furthermore, just as Foreign NationsMilitary have ABANDONED their Government Leaders to JOINthe Citizens, so may be the case with the United States MilitarySoldiers rights to JOIN "We The PEOPLE" in "TAKING BACK THE
  12. 12. GOVERNMENT" from the TERRORIST REGIMES as Baker Donelson and other RACISTFirms that HIJACKED the "The Government and STOLEN it fromCitizens/Working Class" and returning it to "WE THE PEOPLE OFTHE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA."Have the applicable laws been followed PRIOR to taking such IMPORTANTMeasures as a REVOLUTION? YES! United States President Barack Obama, theUnited States Senate and United States Joint Chiefs of Staff were NOTIFIED as early as January 2012,that:  President Barack Obama was requested to STEP DOWN by Friday, February 10, 2012;  Members of the United States Senate with MORE than Five (5) Years of Service by Friday, June 15, 2012;  Members of the United States House of Representatives with MORE than Five (5) Years of Service by Monday, April 16, 2012;  The United States Supreme Court Justices were requested to STEP DOWN in July 2011; and  The PROPER Investigations and other Legal Actions Requested to RETURN the Government Back the United States Citizens/"WE THE PEOPLE" CERTIFIED MAIL GREEN GARD: cardreturned PINK SLIP SERVED OF PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: obamasigned NOTIFICATION OF TERMATION . . . SERVED ON PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA, the UNITED STATES CONGRESS and JOINT CHIEF OF STAFF: updated-links-for-obama-eviction-notice-011012finalThis is WHY United States Of America President Barack Obama attemptedto DESTROY Proof Of Service on him by RIPPING UP the Certified ReceiptGreen Card provided; however, upon Vogel Denise Newsomes goingPUBLIC/GLOBAL had the Card "TAPED" back together and returned to her. SuchCRIMINAL Acts by United States President Barack Obama, his Legal Counsel/Advisor (BakerDonelson) and his Administration were to PREVENT such Legal/Lawful actions ofREVOLUTIONARY Uprisings in returning the HIJACKED Government back
  13. 13. "WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OFtoAMERICA."So as "WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" continueto UNITE through the VARIOUS "Movements" across the United States, thePROPER/LEGAL documents have been served to provide "WE THE PEOPLE”the RIGHT to NOW go in and have United States President Barack Obama,Members of the United States Congress and Justices of the United States Supreme CourtREMOVED/THROWN Out-Of-Office!Rather than coming AFTER Vogel Denise Newsome andATTACKING her WEBSITES and/or INTERNET “Public-SharingServices,” and having a MALICIOUS Lawsuit filed AGAINSTNewsome to deprive her of First Amendment Rights under theUnited States Constitution and other laws of the United States: REBUTTAL TO LAWSUIT PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA HAD HIS “FRONTING FIRM” THE GARRETSON FIRM RESOLUTION GROUP” FILE AGAINST NEWSOME: filingsigned CONGRESSIONAL COMPLAINT SUBMITTED BY NEWSOME NOTIFYING OF LAWSUIT PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA HAD FILED AGAINST HER: newsome-v-obamafinal-signedPresident Barack Obama’s, his Legal Counsel/Advisor’s, the UnitedStates Congress’ and the United States Supreme Court’s time wouldhave been BETTER SPENT, “Packing Their Bags and GETTINGOUT” of the Offices they are holding!With Warmest Regards,Vogel Denise NewsomePost Office Box 14731Cincinnati, Ohio 45250(513) 680-2922 or (601) 885-9536