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BakerDonelson.com is a law firm with locations on the US east coast & London, UK                                          ...
Project Vote Smart - Senator Lamar Alexander - Biography                                                                  ...
Project Vote Smart - Senator Lamar Alexander - Biography                                                                  ...
Howard Baker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia                                                 Page 1 of 5Howard BakerFro...
Howard Baker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia                                                   Page 2 of 5named for him...
Howard Baker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia                                                    Page 3 of 5Further acti...
Howard H. Baker - Law Firm of Baker Donelson                                                                              ...
Howard H. Baker - Law Firm of Baker Donelson                                                                              ...
Sheila P. Burke - Law Firm of Baker Donelson                                                             Page 1 of 2Sheila...
Sheila P. Burke - Law Firm of Baker Donelson                                                           Page 2 of 2  z   Di...
ILW.COM - Legal Education: Seminars: Employer Compliance For Experts                                       Page 1 of 1  Ro...
Letter from the Sponsoring OrganizationsThe initiative for a bipartisan, independent, forward-looking “fresh-eyes” assessm...
Lawrence S. Eagleburger—MemberLawrence S. Eagleburger was sworn in as the 62nd U.S. Secretary of State by President George...
The Wireless Future of Health IT                                     Speaker BiographiesCraig BarrettChairman, Intel Corpo...
The Honorable Nancy L. JohnsonSenior Public Policy Advisor, Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, P.C.After serv...
J. Kennedy: ZoomInfo Business People Information                                                                          ...
Private Corrections Institute, Inc.    April 14, 2008                                                                 SENT...
Senator Patrick Leahy    April 14, 2008    Page 2    Gary C. Shockley and Jonathon Cole of Baker Donelson, et al. have sub...
Senator Patrick Leahy    April 14, 2008    Page 3    In regard to Thurgood Marshall, Jr., who also has endorsed Mr. Puryea...
Senator Patrick Leahy    April 14, 2008    Page 4    In my conversation with Mr. Smith, he stated to me – twice – that he ...
President Obama nominates David Michaels to lead OSHA - Law Firm of Baker Donelson                                        ...
President Obama nominates David Michaels to lead OSHA - Law Firm of Baker Donelson                                        ...
CUT & PASTED 11/18/09 FROM: http://www.allbusiness.com/banking-finance/financial-markets-investing-securities/6375711-1.ht...
States to the Sultanate of Oman under President Reagan in 1985, and currently is a member of theCouncil on Foreign Relatio...
Ducks Unlimited Mourns the Loss of a Conservation Leader                                                Page 1 of 3  Ducks...
Baker donelson (ties to govt officals whitehouse)
Baker donelson (ties to govt officals whitehouse)
Baker donelson (ties to govt officals whitehouse)
Baker donelson (ties to govt officals whitehouse)
Baker donelson (ties to govt officals whitehouse)
Baker donelson (ties to govt officals whitehouse)
Baker donelson (ties to govt officals whitehouse)
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Baker donelson (ties to govt officals whitehouse)


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Baker donelson (ties to govt officals whitehouse)

  1. 1. LexisNexis® Martindale-Hubbell® Page 1 Print Close Window Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC Size of Organization: 550 Year Established: 1888 Main Office: Memphis, Tennessee Web Site: http://www.bakerdonelson.com Telephone: 901-526-2000 Telecopier: 901-577-2303 Send Email Law Firm Snapshot Martindale-Hubbell has augmented a firms provided information with third-party sourced data to present a more comprehensive overview of the firms expertise. Profile Visibility #42 in weekly profile views out of 233,261 total law firms Overall Bar Register Practice Areas Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC, is ranked by The National Law Journal as one of the 100 largest law firms in the country. Through strategic acquisitions and mergers over the past century, the Firm has grown to include more than 550 attorneys and public policy and international advisors. Baker Donelson has offices located in five states in the southern U.S. as well as Washington, D.C., plus a representative office in London, England. Current and former Baker Donelson attorneys and advisors include, among many other highly distinguished individuals, people who have served as: Chief of Staff to the President of the United States; U.S. Senate Majority Leader; U.S. Secretary of State; Members of the United States Senate; Members of the United States House of Representatives; Acting Administrator and Deputy Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration; Director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control for the U.S. Department of the Treasury; Director of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts; Chief Counsel, Acting Director, and Acting Deputy Director of U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services within the United States Department of Homeland Security; Majority and Minority Staff Director of the Senate Committee on Appropriations; a member of Presidents Domestic Policy Council; Counselor to the Deputy Secretary for the United States Department of HHS; Chief of Staff of the Supreme Court of the United States; Administrative Assistant to the Chief Justice of the United States; Deputy Under Secretary for International Trade for the U.S. Department of Commerce; Ambassador to Japan; Ambassador to Turkey; Ambassador to Saudi Arabia; Ambassador to the Sultanate of Oman; Governor of Tennessee; Governor of Mississippi; Deputy Governor and Chief of Staff for the Governor of Tennessee; Commissioner of Finance & Administration (Chief Operating Officer), State of Tennessee; Special Counselor to the Governor of Virginia; United States Circuit Court of Appeals Judge; Unitedhttp://www.martindale.com/print.aspx 3/26/2010
  2. 2. LexisNexis® Martindale-Hubbell® Page 2 States District Court Judges; United States Attorneys; and Presidents of State and Local Bar Associations. Baker Donelson represents local, regional, national and international clients. The Firm provides innovative, results-oriented solutions, placing the needs of the client first. Our state-of-the-art technologies seamlessly link all offices, provide instant information exchange, and support clients nationwide with secure access to our online document repository. Baker Donelson is a member of several of the largest legal networks that provide our attorneys quick access to legal expertise throughout the United States and around the world.http://www.martindale.com/print.aspx 3/26/2010
  3. 3. BakerDonelson.com is a law firm with locations on the US east coast & London, UK Page 1 of 2 BakerDonelson.com is a law firm with locations on the US east coast & London, UK Robert L Poole Law Office Federal Employment Lawyer Accident, Injury & Wrongful Death Get help from experienced federal NO FEE Unless You Win -Attorneys employment lawyer. Contact our firm www.robertpoole.com MelvilleJohnson.com BakerDonelson.com is featured on 2 lists... Hire a Lawyer for Your Legal Problems # 695 of 23,910 The Best New Orleans Lawyer Sites Rank not available flag get page alerts Title for BakerDonelson.com Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC Description for BakerDonelson.com Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC was ranked in 2004 as one of the 10 fastest growing law firms in the U.S. by The National Law Journal and is one of the 100 largest law firms in the country. Through strategic acquisitions and mergers over the past century, the Firm has grown to include more than 440 attorneys, and public policy and international advisors, in 10 U.S. markets, as well as a representative office in Beijing, China. Baker Donelson represents clients across the U.S. and abroad from offices in Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville and Johnson City, Tennessee; Atlanta, Georgia; Birmingham, Alabama; Jackson, Mississippi; New Orleans and Mandeville, Louisiana; Washington, D.C.; and Beijing, China. Logoshttp://www.aboutus.org/BakerDonelson.com 8/10/2010
  4. 4. Project Vote Smart - Senator Lamar Alexander - Biography Page 1 of 2 Receive Our Newsletter: Enter Email Find Your Representatives Print Share Senator Lamar Alexander (TN) Search by Candidates or Officials Last Name, or Enter Your ZIP Code: Current Office: U.S. Senate Seniority: Senior Seat First Elected: 11/05/2002 Last Elected: 11/04/2008 Search Vote Smart Next Election: 2014 Party: Republican Background Information Gender: Male Family: Wife: Honey Buhler 4 Children: Andrew, Leslee, Kathryn, William. Basic Categories: Birth Date: 07/03/1940 Biographical Information Birthplace: Maryville, TN Home City: Nashville, TN Voting Records Religion: Presbyterian Issue Positions (Political Courage Test) Education: Interest Group Ratings Biographical JD, New York University Law School, 1965 Public Statements BA, Latin American History, Vanderbilt University, 1962. Voting Record Campaign Finances Professional Experience: Issue Positions Lawyer, Law Firm of Fowler, Roundree and Robertson, 1993-present (Political Courage Test) Voter Registration Lawyer, Law Firm of Baker, Worthington, Crossley, Stansberry and Woolf, 1998 Interest Group Ratings Ballot Measures Lawyer, Law Firm of Baker, Donelson, Bearman and Caldwell, 1993- Issues and Legislation 1995 Position Papers Political Resources Chair, Republican Exchange Satellite Network, 1993-1995 President, University of Tennessee, 1988-1991 Speeches and Public Statements My State Chair, Leadership Institute at Belmont University, 1987-1988 Co-Founder, Corporate Child Care Services with 1200 employees Additional Biographical Information today, 1987 For Candidates Special Counsel to Senate Minority Leader Howard Baker, 1977 Campaign Finances For Journalists Commentator, WSM Television in Nashville, 1975-1977 Lawyer/Founding Partner, Law Firm of Dearborn and Ewing, 1970- Contact Information 1976 About Us Executive Assistant to Bryce Harlow, White House Congressional Washington, D.C. Webmail: Liaison for President Richard Nixon, 1969-1970 http://alexander.senate.gov/pu ... Contact Us Legislative Assistant, Tennessee Republican Senator Howard Baker, Washington, D.C. Website: Internships 1967-1968 http://alexander.senate.gov/ Job Opportunities Law Clerk, United States Circuit Court Judge John Minor Wisdom, 5th Press Releases Circuit Court of Appeals, New Orleans, 1965-1966 Washington, D.C. Address Author 455 Dirksen Senate Office Building Voters Speakeasy Blog Goodman Professor, Harvard University Kennedy School of Washington, DC 20510 Government. Phone: 202-224-4944 TTYD: 202-224-1546 Vote Smart API Political Experience: Fax: 202-228-3398 RSS Feeds Senator, United States Senate, 2002-present Widgets Primary candidate, United States President, 2000 District Address Candidate for United States President, 1996 Terminal Building, #101 Log In Secretary, Department of Education, 1991-1993 Tri-Cities Regional Airport Governor of Tennessee, 1979-1987 2525 Highway 75 Candidate for Governor of Tennessee, 1974 Post Office Box 1113 Director, Tennessee Governor Winfield Dunns Election Campaign, Blountville, TN 37617 1970 Phone: 423-325-6240 Director, Howard Bakers campaign for United States Senate, 1966. Fax: 423-325-6236 District Address Organizations: 3322 West End Avenue, Suite 120 President/Co-Director, Empower America, 1994-1995 Nashville, TN 37203 Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, 1994-1995 Phone: 615-736-5129 President, Common Arms Outdoors, 1985-1987 Fax: 615-269-4803 Chair, National Governors Association, 1985-1986 Member, Phi Beta Kappa District Address Member, Tennessee Bar Association Howard H. Baker, Jr. Elder, Westminster Presbyterian Church. United States Courthouse 800 Market Street, Suite 112 Caucuses/Non-Legislative Committees: Knoxville, TN 37902 Chairman, President Reagans Commission on Americans Outdoors Phone: 865-545-4253 Operators Offline ^ x > Fax: 865-545-4252http://www.votesmart.org/bio.php?can_id=15691 11/17/2009
  5. 5. Project Vote Smart - Senator Lamar Alexander - Biography Page 2 of 2 Chairman, Senate Republican Conference Chairman, Tennessee Valley Authority Caucus, 2003-2004. District Address Clifford Davis Federal Building Committees: 167 North Main Street, Suite 1068 Appropriations, Member Memphis, TN 38103 Budget, Member Phone: 901-544-4224 Fax: 901-544-4227 Environment and Public Works, Member Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, Member District Address Rules and Administration, Member Joel E. Soloman Federal Building Subcommittee on Children and Families, Ranking Member 900 Georgia Avenue, Suite 260 Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Chattanooga, TN 37402 Agencies, Member Phone: 423-752-5337 Subcommittee on Energy And Water Development, Member Fax: 423-752-5342 Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government, Member District Address Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies, Federal Building Ranking Member 109 South Highland Street, Suite B- Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, 9 and Related Agencies, Member Jackson, TN 38301 Subcommittee on Public Sector Solutions to Global Warming, Phone: 731-423-9344 Oversight, and Children s Health Protection, Member Fax: 731-423-8918 Subcommittee on Retirement and Aging, Member Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing and Urban Key Staff Address Edward Pitts Development, and Related Agencies, Member Media Director Subcommittee on Water and Wildlife, Member 455 Dirksen Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 Phone: 202-224-4944 Fax: 202-228-3398 Key Staff Address Bonnie Sansonetti Scheduler 455 Dirksen Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 Phone: 202-224-4944 Fax: 202-228-3398 Key Staff Address Tom Ingram Chief of Staff 455 Dirksen Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 Phone: 202-224-4944 Fax: 202-228-3398 About Us | Contact Us | Project Vote Smart • One Common Ground, Philipsburg, MT 59858 • Hotline: 888-Vote-Smart (888-868-3762) All content © 2002-2008 Project Vote Smart • Legislative Demographic Data provided by Aristotle International, Inc. Operators Offline ^ x >http://www.votesmart.org/bio.php?can_id=15691 11/17/2009
  6. 6. Howard Baker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Page 1 of 5Howard BakerFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaHoward Henry Baker, Jr. (born November 15, y , ( Howard Henry Baker, Jr.1925) is a former Senate Majority Leader, ) j y ,Republican U.S. Senator from Tennessee, White p ,House Chief of Staff, and a former United States ,Ambassador to Japan.Known in Washington, D.C. as the "GreatConciliator," Baker is often regarded as one of the , gmost successful senators in terms of brokering gcompromises, enacting legislation, and maintaining pcivility. A story is sometimes told of a reportertelling a senior Democratic senator that p g privately, a y,pplurality of his Democratic colleagues would vote y gfor Baker for President of the United States. Thesenator is reported to have replied, "Youre wrong. p United States SenatorHed win a majority." from Tennessee In office January 3, 1967 – January 3, 1985Contents Preceded by Ross Bass Succeeded by Al Gore „ 1 Family history „ 2 Political career 12th White House Chief of Staff „ 2.1 The Senate In office „ 2.2 Further activities 1987 – 1988 „ 2.3 Honors President Ronald Reagan „ 3 Personal life Preceded by Donald Regan „ 4 See also Succeeded by Ken Duberstein „ 5 References „ 6 Further reading 13th United States Senate Majority Leader „ 7 External links In office January 3, 1981 – January 3, 1985Family history Deputy Ted Stevens (whip) Preceded by Robert Byrd (D)Baker was born in Huntsville, in Scott County, Succeeded by Bob Dole (R)Tennessee. He attended The McCallie School inChattanooga, and after graduating he attended 15th United States Senate Minority LeaderTulane University in New Orleans. During World In officeWar II, he trained at a U.S. Navy facility on the January 3, 1977 – January 3, 1981campus of the University of the South in Sewanee, Deputy Ted Stevens (whip)Tennessee. He served in the United States Navy Preceded by Hugh Scott (R)from 1943 to 1946 and graduated from the Succeeded by Robert Byrd (D)University of Tennessee College of Law in 1949.That same year, he was admitted to the Tennesseebar and commenced his practice. The rotunda at the 26th United States Ambassador to JapanUniversity of Tennessee College of Law is now In office July 5, 2001 – February 17, 2005http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howard_Baker 11/17/2009
  7. 7. Howard Baker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Page 2 of 5named for him. While delivering a commencement President George W. Bushspeech during his grandson’s graduation at EastTennessee State University (Johnson City), Baker Preceded by Tom Foleywas awarded an honorary doctorate degree on May Succeeded by Tom Schieffer5, 2007. Baker is an alumnus of the Alpha SigmaChapter of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity. Born November 15, 1925 Huntsville, TennesseeBakers father, Howard H. Baker, Sr., served as a , , , Nationality AmericanRepublican member of the United States House of p Political party RepublicanRepresentatives from 1951 until 1964. He p Spouse(s) (1) Joy Dirksen (deceased);represented a traditionally Republican district in east pTennessee. (2) Nancy Landon Kassebaum Religion PresbyterianPolitical careerThe SenateThe younger Baker began his own political career in 1964, when he lost an election to fill the unexpiredterm of the late Senator Estes Kefauver to the liberal Democrat Ross Bass. In the 1966 Senate election,Bass lost the Democratic primary to former Governor Frank G. Clement. In the general election, Bakercapitalized on Clements failure to energize the Democratic base, specifically Tennessee labor, and won.He thus became the first elected Republican senator from Tennessee since Reconstruction. (NewellSanders, a Republican who represented Tennessee in the U.S. Senate from 1912 to 1913, had beenappointed by Republican Governor Ben W. Hooper when Democrat Robert Love Taylor died in office.)[1]In 1971, President Richard Nixon asked Baker to fill one of two empty seats on the U.S. Supreme Court.[2] When Baker took too long to decide whether he wanted the appointment or not, Nixon changed hismind and decided to nominate William Rehnquist instead.[3] [3] Baker was re-elected in 1972 and again in 1978, and served from , January 3, 1967, to January 3, 1985. For the last eight of those years, y , , y , g y he led the Senate Republicans, with two terms as Senate Minority p , y Leader ( (1977–1981) and two terms as Senate Majority Leader ( ) j y (1981– 1985). Baker was also the influential ranking minority member of the ) g y Senate committee, chaired by Senator Sam Ervin, that investigated the , y , g Watergate scandal. He is famous for having asked aloud, "What did the g g , President know and when did he know it?", a q , question g given him to ask by his counsel and former campaign manager, future U.S. Senator Fred y Thompson. Baker was frequently mentioned by insiders as p q y y possible nominee for Vice President of the United States on a ticket headed by incumbent y President Gerald Ford in 1976 and, according to many sources, a front- , g y , Senator Baker runner for this p post. Ford, however, in a surprising move, chose Kansas Senator Bob Dole.[4]Baker ran for President in 1980, dropping out of the race for the GOP nomination after losing the Iowacaucuses to George H.W. Bush and the New Hampshire Primary to Ronald Reagan. Bakers duties asSenate Minority Leader prevented him from campaigning heavily in these important early test races.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howard_Baker 11/17/2009
  8. 8. Howard Baker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Page 3 of 5Further activitiesHe did not seek re-election in 1984, and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom the same year. , y , g , g ppHowever, as a testament to his skill as a negotiator and honest and amiable broker, Reagan tapped himto serve as Chief of Staff during p of his second term ( g part ) y (1987–1988). Many saw this as a move to mend , p ,relations with the Senate, which had deteriorated somewhat under the previous Chief of Staff, DonaldRegan. (Baker had complained that Regan had become a too-powerful "Prime Minister" inside an g ( p g pincreasingly complex Imperial Presidency.) In accepting this appointment, Baker chose to skip anotherbid for the White House in 1988.[5]In 2001, the Howard H. Baker, Jr. Center for Public Policy was set up at the University of Tennessee inhonor of the former senator. Vice President Dick Cheney gave a speech at the 2005 ground-breakingceremony for the Centers new building.Baker is currently Senior Counsel to the law firm of Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz. r[6] He is also an Advisory Board member for the Partnership for a Secure America, a not-for-profit y p , porganization dedicated to recreating the bipartisan center in American national security and foreign g g p y gpolicy. Baker also holds a seat on the board of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems, anon-Profit which provides international election support.[7] [Honors „ Presidential Medal of Freedom, 1984. „ Order of the Rising Sun with Paulownia Blossoms, Grand Cordon, 2008 (Japan).[8]Personal lifeBaker has been married to the daughters of two prominentRepublicans. Since 1996 he has been married to former U.S.Senator Nancy Landon Kassebaum, the daughter of the late KansasGovernor Alfred M. Landon, who was the Republican nominee forPresident in 1936. Bakers late first wife, Joy, who died of cancer,was the daughter of former Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirksen.Howard Baker is a Presbyterian. Howard Baker with Bill Frist,See also Bob Corker, and Lamar Alexander „ Snail darter controversyReferences 1. ^ Hooper himself had been elected governor in 1910, the result of severe division among the Democrats over Prohibition. A large faction of Democrats (calling themselves "independents") endorsed Hooper, joined forces with the Republicans, and put him in. Hooper managed to get reelected in 1912 for a second 2-year term, but by 1914 the Democrats had regrouped and coalesced. During his four years as governor Hooper felt obliged to hire armed bodyguards, including when he was around the Democratic legislature. 2. ^ Dean, John. (2001). Rehnquist Choice: The Untold Story of the Nixon Appointment that Redefined the Supreme Court, p. 289. 3. ^ Renchburgs the One! - New York Timeshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howard_Baker 11/17/2009
  9. 9. Howard H. Baker - Law Firm of Baker Donelson Page 1 of 2 Home » Attorneys & Advisors » Biography "The Senate commends its former colleague - for a lifetime of Email This Bio distinguished service to the country and confers upon him the thanks of a grateful Nation." Practices -Senate Resolution, Feb. 17, 2005 International International Transactions Capping a distinguished public-service career as senator, presidential advisor and Trade and ambassador, Howard H. Baker, Jr. returned in February 2005 to Baker, Japan Relations Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC, the law firm his grandfather Howard H. Baker Public Policy - Federal founded and where he formerly practiced with his father, the late U.S. Rep. Howard H. Baker. As Senior Counsel to the Firm, Senator Baker focuses his practice on public policy and international matters. Awards Title: Of Counsel Senator Bakers return followed his service as 26th U.S. Ambassador to Office: Japan, a position to which President George W. Bush appointed him in 2001. Huntsville, Tennessee The appointment was yet another milestone in a public-service career that Washington, D.C. began in 1966, when Senator Baker became the first Republican popularly Phone: elected to the U.S. Senate from Tennessee. 423.663.9148 202.508.3400 Senator Baker gained national recognition in 1973 as Vice Chairman of the Senate Watergate Committee. Three years later, he was keynote speaker at Fax: 423.663.2076 the Republican National Convention and was a 1980 candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. He concluded his Senate career in 1985 Email: after two terms as Majority Leader (1981 to 1985) and two terms as Minority hbaker@bakerdonelson.com Leader (1977 to 1981). He was President Reagans Chief of Staff from Initial contact with this attorney February 1987 to July 1988. by email does not create an attorney-client relationship. A delegate to the United Nations in 1976, Senator Baker has extensive foreign policy experience. He served on the Presidents Foreign Intelligence Board from 1985 to 1987 and from 1988 to 1990 and is a member of the Council on Attorney Quick Search: Foreign Relations and the Washington Institute of Foreign Affairs. He serves A|B|C| D | E | F |G|H| I on the board of the Forum of International Policy and is an International J |K| L |M| N |O| P |Q|R Counselor for the Center for Strategic and International Studies. S|T|U| V |W| X | Y | Z Among his many awards are the 1984 Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nations highest civilian award, and the Jefferson Award for Greatest Public Service Performed by an Elected or Appointed Official, which he received inSearch 1982. An accomplished photographer, Senator Baker received The American Society of Photographers International Award in 1993 and was elected into the Photo Marketing Associations Hall of Fame in 1994. He has received honorary degrees from such institutions as Yale University, Dartmouth College, Georgetown University, Bradley University, Pepperdine University and Centre College. Senator Baker is the author of four books: No Margin for Error (1980); Howard Bakers Washington (1982); Big South Fork Country (1993) and Scotts Gulf (2000). Professional Experience U.S. Ambassador to Japan, 2001 to 2005 Chief of Staff, President Ronald Reagan, 1987 to 1988 U.S. Senate (R-TN), 1967 to 1985 U.S. Senate Majority Leader, 1981 to 1985 U.S. Senate Minority Leader, 1977 to 1981 U.S. Navy, 1943 to 1946 Professional Honors & Activities Recipient - Presidential Medal of Freedom, 1984 Recipient - Jefferson Award for Greatest Public Service Performed by an Elected or Appointed Official, 1982 Recipient - Grand Cordon of the Order of the Paulownia Flowers, Japanshttp://www.bakerdonelson.com/Bio.aspx?NodeID=32&PersonID=1788 11/19/2009
  10. 10. Howard H. Baker - Law Firm of Baker Donelson Page 2 of 2 Highest Honor for Civilians, 2008 Recipient - American Lawyer Magazine Lifetime Achievement Award, 2008 Recipient - United States Capitol Historical Society Freedom Award, 2008 Delegate - United Nations, 1976 Member - Presidents Foreign Intelligence Board, 1985 to 1987, 1988 to 1990 Member - Council on Foreign Relations Member - Washington Institute of Foreign Affairs Board Member - Forum of International Policy International Counselor - Center for Strategic and International Studies Board Member - Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation Board Member - Museum of Appalachia Foundation Member - Citigroup International Advisory Board Member - Photo Marketing Association Hall of Fame, 1994 Honorary Co-Chair - "Saving the Last Great Places of Tennessee" Conservation Campaign, Tennessee Chapter of The Nature Conservancy (2006) Listed in The Best Lawyers in America® in Government Relations Law and International Trade and Finance Law Education University of Tennessee Law College Tulane University University of the South *Names with an asterisk indicate a Baker Donelson professional not admitted to the practice of law. ©2009 Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC | All Rights Reserved | Disclaimer & Terms Of Usehttp://www.bakerdonelson.com/Bio.aspx?NodeID=32&PersonID=1788 11/19/2009
  11. 11. Sheila P. Burke - Law Firm of Baker Donelson Page 1 of 2Sheila P. Burke, Senior Public Policy Advisor in the Washington, DC Email This Biooffice, brings a deep knowledge of federal policy and programs drawnfrom her distinguished career in the private and public sectors to provide Practicesclients with the perspective they need for effective strategic and public Public Policy - Federalpolicy decision making.In addition to her role at the firm, Ms. Burke continues as a facultymember at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at HarvardUniversity where she teaches a health policy course and co-directs apublic policy simulation exercise. She remains a faculty research fellowat Harvards Malcolm Weiner Center for Social Policy. From 1996 to2000, she was Executive Dean and lecturer in public policy at theKennedy School. She also serves as a Research Professor at the PublicPolicy Institute as well as a Distinguished Visitor at the ONeill Institutefor National and Global Health Law at Georgetown University.Ms. Burke served for 19 years on Capitol Hill. Early in her career shewas a member of the staff of the Senate Finance Committee responsiblefor legislation relating to Medicare, Medicaid and other health programs.She ultimately became Deputy Staff Director of the Finance Committee.She went on to serve as Deputy Chief of Staff to Senate Majority LeaderBob Dole and then his Chief of Staff. In these roles she was involvedwith numerous legislative issues including those related to Medicare,Medicaid and the Maternal and Child Health programs, welfare reform,budget reconciliation and the previous legislative efforts to reform healthcare. In 1995, she was elected as Secretary of the Senate, the chiefadministrative officer of the United States Senate.In addition to her government and academic experience, Ms. Burkeserved as the Deputy Secretary and Chief Operating Officer of theSmithsonian Institution, the worlds largest museum and researchcomplex. As the Chief Operating Officer she had responsibility for theoverall operations of the 19 individual museums and galleries, theNational Zoo, and nine research facilities located in Washington, DC,five states and 150 foreign countries with revenues of approximately $1billion and an endowment of $1 billion. During her 7 year tenure at theSmithsonian, she oversaw the completion of the National Air and SpaceMuseums Udvar-Hazy Center, the National Museum of the AmericanIndian and the renovation of the Smithsonians Reynolds Center for Artand Portraiture. She was also involved in the initial planning for theNational Museum of African American History and Culture. She beganher Smithsonian tenure in 2000 as the Undersecretary for AmericanMuseums and National Programs becoming Deputy Secretary and ChiefOperating Officer in 2004.Professional Activities z Member – Board of Directors, The Chubb Corporation, Warren, New Jersey (1997- present) z Member – Board of Directors, WellPoint Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana (1997-present) z Member – Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured, Washington, D.C. (1997-present) z Member – Board of Visitors, School of Nursing and Health Studies, Georgetown University (2003-present) z Research Professor – Public Policy Institute, Georgetown University (2004-present) z Member – Board of Directors, Bipartisan Policy Center, Washington, DC (2008- present) z Member – Harvard Interfaculty Program for Health Systems Improvement (2006- present)http://www.gambrell.com/careers.aspx/Bio.aspx?NodeID=32&PersonID=11774 11/18/2009
  12. 12. Sheila P. Burke - Law Firm of Baker Donelson Page 2 of 2 z Distinguished Visitor – O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law, Georgetown Law Center, Georgetown University (2007-present) z Member – Board of Directors Partnership for Public Service, Washington, DC (2007- present) z Member – Commission to Build a Healthier America, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Princeton, New Jersey (2008-present) z Member – Presidential Advisory Council National Academy of Public Administration, Washington, D.C. (2008-present) z Chair – Committee on Future Directions for the National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report, Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences (2009- present) z Member – National Advisory Committee for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Investigator Awards in Health Policy Research (2009-present) z Vice Chair – Institute of Medicine Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Fellowships Program Advisory Board (2002-2009) z Member – Board of Trustees, The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation (1999-2008); Chairman of the Board (2005-2008) z Member – Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MEDPAC) (2000-2007) z Chair – Committee on the Assessment of the U.S. Drug Safety System, Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences (2005-2006)Honors z Fellow – American Academy of Nursing z Fellow – Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences z Fellow – National Academy of Public Administration z Honorary Doctorate in Military Medicine, University of the Uniformed Services (1999) z Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters, Marymount University (2005) z David Rall Medal, Institute of Medicine (2008) z Robert Mills Award, Smithsonian American Art Museum (2007) z Smithsonian Institution Exceptional Service Award (2005)Education z John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, M.P.A. (1982) z University of San Francisco, B.S. Nursing (1973) *Names with an asterisk indicate a Baker Donelson professional not admitted to the practice of law.http://www.gambrell.com/careers.aspx/Bio.aspx?NodeID=32&PersonID=11774 11/18/2009
  13. 13. ILW.COM - Legal Education: Seminars: Employer Compliance For Experts Page 1 of 1 Robert Divine is the Chairman of the Immigration Group of Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell, & Berkowitz, P.C., a law firm of 560 lawyers and p y public p policy advisors with offices in 14 cities from y Washington, D.C. to New Orleans. Mr. Divine served from July 2004 until November 2006 as g , y Chief Counsel and for a time Acting Director of U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS). He is the author of Immigration Practice, a 1,600 page practical treatise on all aspects of U.S. immigration law that is revised and reprinted annually to reflect the laws constant changes. He has practiced immigration law since 1986 and is the current Chair of the American Immigration Lawyers Associations Interagency Committee. His practice includes all aspects of U.S. immigration law, representing large and small international and domestic employers, family sponsors, investment regional centers, and individual foreign nationals. He has also litigated significant business matters, including class action employment discrimination, contract, commercial, product liability, antitrust, ERISA benefits, business torts (including RICO, misrepresentation, Consumer Protection Act), and immigration-related criminal matters.http://www.ilw.com/seminars/200925.shtm 11/18/2009
  14. 14. Appendices
  15. 15. Letter from the Sponsoring OrganizationsThe initiative for a bipartisan, independent, forward-looking “fresh-eyes” assessment of Iraqemerged from conversations U.S. House Appropriations Committee Member Frank Wolf hadwith us. In late 2005, Congressman Wolf asked the United States Institute of Peace, a bipartisanfederal entity, to facilitate the assessment, in collaboration with the James A. Baker III Institutefor Public Policy at Rice University, the Center for the Study of the Presidency, and the Centerfor Strategic and International Studies. Interested members of Congress, in consultation with the sponsoring organizations and theadministration, agreed that former Republican U.S. Secretary of State James A. Baker, III andformer Democratic Congressman Lee H. Hamilton had the breadth of knowledge of foreign affairsrequired to co-chair this bipartisan effort. The co-chairs subsequently selected the other membersof the bipartisan Iraq Study Group, all senior individuals with distinguished records of publicservice. Democrats included former Secretary of Defense William J. Perry, former Governor andU.S. Senator Charles S. Robb, former Congressman and White House chief of staff Leon E.Panetta, and Vernon E. Jordan, Jr., advisor to President Bill Clinton. Republicans includedformer Associate Justice to the U.S. Supreme Court Sandra Day O’Connor, former U.S. SenatorAlan K. Simpson, former Attorney General Edwin Meese III, and former Secretary of StateLawrence S. Eagleburger. Former CIA Director Robert Gates was an active member for a periodof months until his nomination as Secretary of Defense. The Iraq Study Group was launched on March 15, 2006, in a Capitol Hill meeting hostedby U.S. Senator John Warner and attended by congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle. To support the Study Group, the sponsoring organizations created four expert workinggroups consisting of 44 leading foreign policy analysts and specialists on Iraq. The workinggroups, led by staff of the United States Institute of Peace, focused on the Strategic Environment,Military and Security Issues, Political Development, and the Economy and Reconstruction.Every effort was made to ensure the participation of experts across a wide span of the politicalspectrum. Additionally, a panel of retired military officers was consulted. We are grateful to all those who have assisted the Study Group, especially the supportingexperts and staff. Our thanks go to Daniel P. Serwer of the Institute of Peace, who served asexecutive director; Christopher Kojm, advisor to the Study Group; John Williams, PolicyAssistant to Mr. Baker; and Ben Rhodes, Special Assistant to Mr. Hamilton. Richard H. Solomon, President United States Institute of Peace Edward P. Djerejian, Founding Director James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy, Rice University David M. Abshire, President Center for the Study of the Presidency John J. Hamre, President Center for Strategic and International Studies
  16. 16. Lawrence S. Eagleburger—MemberLawrence S. Eagleburger was sworn in as the 62nd U.S. Secretary of State by President GeorgeH. W. Bush on December 8, 1992, and as Deputy Secretary of State on March 20, 1989. After his entry into the Foreign Service in 1957, Mr. Eagleburger served in the U.S.Embassy in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, in the State Department Bureau of Intelligence andResearch, in the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade, and the U.S. Mission to NATO in Belgium. In1963, after a severe earthquake in Macedonia, he led the U.S. government effort to providemedical and other assistance. He was then assigned to Washington, D.C., where he served onthe Secretariat staff and as special assistant to Dean Acheson, advisor to the President on Franco-NATO issues. In August 1966, he became acting director of the Secretariat staff. In October 1966, Mr. Eagleburger joined the National Security Council staff. In October1967, he was assigned as special assistant to Under Secretary of State Nicholas Katzenbach. InNovember 1968, he was appointed Dr. Henry Kissinger’s assistant, and in January 1969, hebecame executive assistant to Dr. Kissinger at the White House. In September 1969, he wasassigned as political advisor and chief of the political section of the U.S. Mission to NATO inBrussels. Mr. Eagleburger became Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense in August 1971. Two yearslater, he became Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs. Thesame year he returned to the White House as Deputy Assistant to the President for NationalSecurity Operations. He subsequently followed Dr. Kissinger to the State Department, becomingExecutive Assistant to the Secretary of State. In 1975, he was made Deputy Under Secretary ofState for Management. In June 1977, Mr. Eagleburger was appointed Ambassador to Yugoslavia, and in 1981 hewas nominated as Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs. In February 1982, he wasappointed Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs. Mr. Eagleburger has received numerous awards, including an honorary knighthood fromHer Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II (1994); the Distinguished Service Award (1992), the Wilbur J.Carr Award (1984), and the Distinguished Honor Award (1984) from the Department of State;the Distinguished Civilian Service Medal from the Department of Defense (1978); and thePresident’s Award for Distinguished Federal Civilian Service (1976). After retiring from the Department of State in May 1984, Mr. Eagleburger was namedpresident of Kissinger Associates, Inc. Following his resignation as Secretary of State onJanuary 19, 1993, he joined the law firm of Baker, Donelson, Bearman and Caldwell as SeniorForeign Policy Advisor. He joined the boards of Halliburton Company, Phillips PetroleumCompany, and Universal Corporation. Mr. Eagleburger currently serves as Chairman of theInternational Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims. He received his B.S. degree in 1952 and his M.S. degree in 1957, both from theUniversity of Wisconsin, and served as first lieutenant in the U.S. Army from 1952 to 1954.Mr. Eagleburger is married to the former Marlene Ann Heinemann. He is the father of three sons,Lawrence Scott, Lawrence Andrew, and Lawrence Jason.
  17. 17. The Wireless Future of Health IT Speaker BiographiesCraig BarrettChairman, Intel CorporationChairman, U.N. Global Alliance for Information and CommunicationCraig Barrett is chairman of the board of Intel Corporation and a leading advocate for improvingeducation in the U.S. and around the world. He is also a vocal spokesman for the valuetechnology can provide in raising social and economic standards globally.Dr. Barrett joined Intel Corporation in 1974 as a technology development manager. He wasnamed a vice president of the corporation in 1984, promoted to senior vice president in 1987, andexecutive vice president in 1990. Dr. Barrett was elected to Intel Corporations Board ofDirectors in 1992 and was named the companys chief operating officer in 1993. He becameIntels fourth president in May 1997, chief executive officer in 1998 and chairman of the Boardon May 18, 2005.Dr. Barrett also serves as Chairman of the United Nations Global Alliance for Information andCommunication Technologies and Development, and is an appointee to the Presidents AdvisoryCommittee for Trade Policy and Negotiations and to the American Health InformationCommunity. He co-chairs the Business Coalition for Student Achievement and the NationalInnovation Initiative Leadership Council and is a member of the Board of Trustees for the U.S.Council for International Business and the Clinton Global Initiative Education Advisory Board.Dr. Barrett is a member of the National Governors Association Task Force on InnovationAmerica, the National Infrastructure Advisory Council, the Committee on ScientificCommunication and National Security, the U.S.-Brazil CEO Forum and is immediate past chairof the National Academy of Engineering. Dr. Barrett co-chairs Achieve, Inc. and also serves onthe Board of Directors of the U.S. Semiconductor Industry Association, the National ActionCouncil for Minorities in Engineering, Dossia, the National Forest Foundation, TechNet andScience Foundation Arizona.Dr. Barrett attended Stanford University in Palo Alto, California from 1957 to 1964, andreceived his Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Ph.D. degrees in Materials Science.After graduation, he joined the faculty of Stanford University in the Department of MaterialsScience and Engineering, and remained through 1974, rising to the rank of Associate Professor.Dr. Barrett was a Fulbright Fellow at Danish Technical University in Denmark in 1972 and aNATO Postdoctoral Fellow at the National Physical Laboratory in England from 1964 to 1965.Dr. Barrett is the author of over 40 technical papers dealing with the influence of microstructureon the properties of materials, and a textbook on materials science, Principles of EngineeringMaterials.
  18. 18. The Honorable Nancy L. JohnsonSenior Public Policy Advisor, Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, P.C.After serving 24 years in the U.S. Congress, Nancy Johnson joined Baker Donelson. She served18 years on the House Ways and Means Committee and played an integral role in the passage ofevery major tax, trade and health care initiative during years of rapid technological and politicalchange and the globalization of the economy. Ms. Johnson is widely recognized for her acumenand sound analyses of healthcare, tax and trade policies.As a member and then Chairwoman of the Ways and Means Health Subcommittee, sheintroduced the national Childrens Health Insurance Program and was a principal author of theMedicare Modernization Act. She introduced the health information technology legislation thatled to the establishment of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health InformationTechnology (HIT) and continues to fight for broad adoption of HIT to reduce medical errors andimprove care quality. As the Chairwoman of the House Ways and Means OversightSubcommittee, Ms. Johnson also authored a series of taxpayer rights bills that providedprotections for individuals and small businesses and passed legislation to implement therecommendations of the commission to reorganize the IRS to modernize consumer services andenhance agency accountability. In addition, throughout her service on the Ways and MeansCommittee, she led many reforms of our pension laws, created the Simple Plan for smallbusinesses, helped pass numerous tax incentives to encourage personal savings and co-ledpassage of the landmark Portman-Cardin reform. Ms. Johnson is a graduate of Radcliff College,Harvard University; attended the University of London, Courtauld Institute; and has received fseveral honorary doctorates.Thomas KalilDeputy Policy Director, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and NationalEconomic CouncilThomas Kalil is the Deputy Policy Director for the White House Office of Science andTechnology Policy and the National Economic Council. Prior to that he was Special Assistant tothe Chancellor for Science and Technology at UC Berkeley, where he was charged withdeveloping major new multi-disciplinary research and education initiatives at the intersection ofinformation technology, nanotechnology, microsystems, and biology. Previously, Thomas Kalilserved as the Deputy Assistant to President Clinton for Technology and Economic Policy, andthe Deputy Director of the White House National Economic Council. He was the NEC’s “pointperson” on a wide range of technology and telecommunications issues, such as the liberalizationof Cold War export controls, the allocation of spectrum for new wireless services, andinvestments in upgrading America’s high-tech workforce. He was also appointed by PresidentClinton to serve on the G-8 Digital Opportunity Task Force (dot force). Prior to joining theWhite House, Tom was a trade specialist at the Washington offices of Dewey Ballantine, wherehe represented the Semiconductor Industry Association on U.S.-Japan trade issues andtechnology policy. Tom received a B.A. in political science and international economics from theUniversity of Wisconsin at Madison, and completed graduate work at the Fletcher School of Lawand Diplomacy. 3
  19. 19. J. Kennedy: ZoomInfo Business People Information Page 1 of 3 Welcome, Guest Register | Sign in | Help Find People Find Companies ex: Jonathan Stern Search Advanced Search View J. Kennedys Full Profile >> J.s profile was created using: Wrong Person? Try these instead Mr. J. Keith Kennedy 13 online sources [ view sources ] J. Kennedy View Title... Profile is not claimed [ claim profile ] Idaho National Laboratory Baker , Donelson , Bearman , Caldwell & Berkowitz J. Kennedy Washington PEER Network J. Kennedy University of Saskatchewan J. Kennedy Monk Goodwin LLP 1-10 of 13 online sources for J. Kennedy Sort By: Headline Ascending J. Kennedy www.thefreepress.org/petition/news.aspx?id=21405 - [Cached Version] King Kullen Grocery Published on: 3/29/2009 Last Visited: 3/30/2009 Co. , Inc. “What disqualifies lobbyists from exercising their First Amendment rights?†asked J. Keith Kennedy, a top lobbyist for J. Kennedy the Washington firm Baker Donelson. BusinessWest More... www.blik.com/?NodeID=196&NewsID=149 - [Cached Version] Published on: 9/5/2006 Last Visited: 3/11/2007 Veteran Public Policy Advisors Keith Kennedy and Lance Leggitt Join Baker Donelson ... Veteran Public Policy Advisors Keith Kennedy and Lance Leggitt Join Baker Donelson ... (Memphis, TN/September 5, 2006) Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC announces the addition of J. Keith Kennedy and Lance B. Leggitt to its Washington, D.C. office. ... Mr. Kennedy, who was p y previously a member of the Firm, rejoins Baker Donelson as managing director of the Washington y ej g g office and senior public policy advisor after serving as the majority staff director of the U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations. ... "We are delighted that Keith is returning, and we look forward to his leadership and unique insights into the legislative branch of U.S. government. ... Mr. Kennedy, who has 28 years of service in the U.S. Senate, was previously with the Firm from January 1997 until April y p 2003, holding the positions of senior public policy advisor and co-chair of the public policy group.He most recently served g p p p y p p y g p.He y as the majority staff director of the Committee on Appropriations from January 2005 to September 2006, under the j y chairmanship of Senator Thad Cochran.Mr. Kennedy held the position on two previous occasions, from 1981 to 1987 and 1995 to 1997, under the chairmanship of Senator Mark Hatfield, and is the only person in the history of the Committee to have held the position three times. ... Prior to his service on the Appropriations Committee, Mr. Kennedy served as the Deputy Sergeant at Arms of the Senate pp p from April 2003 to January 2005. www.gambrell.com/Bio.aspx?NodeID=32&PersonID=1817 - [Cached Version] Published on: 2/14/2008 Last Visited: 2/14/2008 J. Keith Kennedy* ... J. Keith Kennedy is a senior public policy advisor in the Firms public policy group and the Managing Director of the Washington, D.C. office.He joined the firm in September 2006 after some 28 years of service in the United States Senate. Mr. Kennedy most recently served as the majority staff director of the Committee on Appropriations from January 2005 to September 2006, under the chairmanship of Senator Thad Cochran. ... Mr. Kennedy held the position on two previous occasions, from 1981 to 1987 and 1995 to 1997, under the chairmanship of Senator Mark Hatfield, and is the only person in the history of the Committee to have held the position three times. ... In sum, Mr. Kennedy was the majority or minority staff director of the Senate Committee on Appropriations for 18 of the t 25http://www.zoominfo.com/people/Kennedy_J._107874837.aspx 11/17/2009
  20. 20. Private Corrections Institute, Inc. April 14, 2008 SENT VIA FAX The Honorable Patrick Leahy, Chairman Senate Committee on the Judiciary United States Senate 224 Dirksen Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 RE: Letters in support of Mr. Puryears nomination from David Randolph Smith, Thurgood Marshall Jr., Wallace W. Dietz, Michael L. Dagley, Jonathon Cole, Gary C. Shockley, Robert J. Walker, Hannah K.V. Cassidy, James F. Sanders and Lisa Ramsey Cole Dear Chairman Leahy: According to a recent news report, there has been a "renewed public relations push highlighting the support" of both Democrats and Republicans who have endorsed the pending nomination of Mr. Gustavus A. Puryear IV. These supporters include attorneys with the firms of Bass Berry & Sims, Baker Donelson et al., Neal & Harwell, Walker Tipps and Malone, and Lewis King Krieg & Waldrop, as well as CCA Board member Thurgood Marshall, Jr. and plaintiffs attorney David Randolph Smith. Frankly it is good to see bipartisan support for any nominee. I am of the personal opinion that partisan politics should play no part in the selection of judicial candidates, whose nominations should be based primarily on qualifications, experience and fitness for a lifetime appointment to the federal bench. Those who support Mr. Puryear, however, tend to share financial, political and/or professional relationships with his employer, Corrections Corp. of America (CCA). Wallace W. Dietz and Michael L. Dagley, of Bass Berry & Sims, have endorsed Mr. Puryears nomination. Bass Berry & Sims lists CCA among the firms clients, and has represented CCA in connection with public securities offerings. The firm hired former CCA senior director Leslie Hafter to head its lobbying efforts. Also, Bass Berry & Sims partner Lee Barfield II is a brother- in-law of former Senator Bill Frist, who employed Mr. Puryear as his legislative director.Dee Hubbard Alex Friedmann Stephen Raher Deb Phillips Ken Kopczynski President Vice President Secretary/Treasurer Director Executive Director 1114 Brandt Drive - Tallahassee, FL 32308 850-980-0887 - www.PrivateCI.org
  21. 21. Senator Patrick Leahy April 14, 2008 Page 2 Gary C. Shockley and Jonathon Cole of Baker Donelson, et al. have submitted letters in support of Mr. Puryears nomination. Baker Donelson represents CCA as a client. Representatives from p both CCA and Baker Donelson sit on the boards of Bethlehem Centers and You Have the Power, d two Nashville non-profit agencies. The law firm, which includes former Senator Howard Baker, p Jr. as senior counsel, also has strong connections with Senator Lamar Alexander – in fact, Baker counsel, g Donelson is listed as Sen. Alexanders 4th largest campaign contributor from 2003-2008. CCA n g p g was the Senators second largest contributor over the same period of time. Senator Alexander in g p turn has very strong connections with CCA that go back over 20 years, including a longstanding y g g y , g g relationship with CCA co-founder Tom Beasley, who once served as his campaign manager. Robert J. Walker, a partner with Walker Tipps and Malone, has endorsed Mr. Puryear. Walker Tipps and Malone has represented CCA as a client, including in the Estelle Richardson lawsuit as well as securities litigation. It was another partner at the firm, J. Mark Tipps, formerly with Bass Berry & Sims, who recruited Mr. Puryear to work for then-Senator Fred Thompson. Mr. Tipps later recommended Mr. Puryear to then-Senator Bill Frist and subsequently introduced Mr. Puryear to CCA CEO John Ferguson, who hired him as CCAs general counsel. Both Mr. Puryear and a Walker Tipps and Malone attorney serve on the board of the Exchange Club. Hannah K.V. Cassidy, of Reno & Cavanaugh, is supportive of Mr. Puryear. According to the D.C. office of Reno & Cavanaugh, the firm represents CCA as a client. Until several months ago Ms. Cassidy was a partner at Stites & Harbison, and knew Mr. Puryear from his employment at that firm in the 1990s. CCA is listed as a client of Stites & Harbison. Another former partner at the firm, Steve Groom, currently serves as CCAs deputy general counsel. Stites & Harbison and CCA both have representatives who serve on the board of CASA, a Nashville non-profit. Attorney James F. Sanders of Neal & Harwell provided the Committee with a supportive letter on February 26. As noted in his correspondence, Mr. Sanders represented CCA in the Estelle Richardson lawsuit. Additionally, Neal & Harwell and CCA both have representatives on the advisory board of the Nashville chapter of the Salvation Army. Lisa Ramsey Cole of Lewis King Krieg & Waldrop has sent a letter to the Committee in support of Mr. Puryear. CCA is a client of Lewis King; further, the firm has a representative on the board of Love Helps Inc., a Nashville-based non-profit that receives financial support from CCA.Dee Hubbard Alex Friedmann Stephen Raher Deb Phillips Ken Kopczynski President Vice President Secretary/Treasurer Director Executive Director 1114 Brandt Drive - Tallahassee, FL 32308 850-980-0887 - www.PrivateCI.org
  22. 22. Senator Patrick Leahy April 14, 2008 Page 3 In regard to Thurgood Marshall, Jr., who also has endorsed Mr. Puryears judicial nomination, Mr. Marshall joined CCAs board of directors in 2002. According to SEC filings, as of August 2007 he owned 7,000 shares of CCA stock either directly or through options to purchase. He thus has a substantial financial stake in CCAs continued success and, of course, has a duty as a board member to be supportive of the company and its officers, including Mr. Puryear. I am sure that the persons discussed above, who have expressed support for Mr. Puryear, have a genuine liking for him both personally and professionally as indicated in their correspondence. However, to the extent that they all also have interconnected professional, financial or business ties with CCA, including paid client relationships, their support of Mr. Puryear, which serves to strengthen those ties, should be taken into consideration by the Committee members. Further, much has been made of a letter sent to the Committee by David Randolph Smith, the plaintiffs attorney in a lawsuit filed against CCA by Estelle Richardsons family. Mr. Smith, a Democrat, strongly endorsed Mr. Puryears nomination; further, Mr. Puryear cited Mr. Smiths comments in his written answers submitted to the Committee. I spoke with Mr. Smith last February and we had a candid conversation as to why he wrote his letter. As that was a private discussion, until recently I have not disclosed Mr. Smiths underlying motivation as it was relayed by him to me. In fact, when PCI provided the Judiciary Committee with its Response to Mr. Puryears written answers in a March 7 letter, I stated as follows: "Mr. Puryear cited a letter from David Randolph Smith, one of the attorneys who represented Ms. Richardsons family in the lawsuit against CCA. I spoke with Mr. Smith and he related to me the underlying reasons why he sent his letter to the Committee. I am not at liberty to disclose those reasons as communicated to me during our private conversation; it is up to Mr. Smith to inform the Committee as to the true motivation behind his letter." On April 10, the Nashville City Paper, a free local daily, published an article which cited Mr. Smiths letter and, based on an interview, quoted his stated reasons for endorsing Mr. Puryears nomination. As Mr. Smith went on the record, I am now free to do so myself.Dee Hubbard Alex Friedmann Stephen Raher Deb Phillips Ken Kopczynski President Vice President Secretary/Treasurer Director Executive Director 1114 Brandt Drive - Tallahassee, FL 32308 850-980-0887 - www.PrivateCI.org
  23. 23. Senator Patrick Leahy April 14, 2008 Page 4 In my conversation with Mr. Smith, he stated to me – twice – that he supported Mr. Puryears nomination because he did not want a "right-wing religious nutjob" confirmed in his stead. He felt that Mr. Puryear was more of a moderate and feared who might be endorsed by Tennessees Republican Senators if Mr. Puryear was not confirmed. Mr. Smith made it clear to me that he preferred not to have a Republican judicial nominee period, but that Mr. Puryear was the least objectionable candidate. Mr. Smith has acknowledged that he used the phrase mentioned above – which was, in part, a motivating factor for the letter he sent to the Committee – in an on-the-record conversation with the managing editor of the Nashville Scene, an independent local weekly publication. Mr. Smith further stated that he liked Mr. Puryear both personally and professionally. Certainly, the Committee members should look at the totality of the statements and evidence they have received relative to Mr. Puryears nomination, and weigh it accordingly. In order to do so with accuracy, I believe the information presented in this letter will be helpful. Sincerely, Alex Friedmann Vice President, PCI cc: Senator Arlen Specter, Ranking MemberDee Hubbard Alex Friedmann Stephen Raher Deb Phillips Ken Kopczynski President Vice President Secretary/Treasurer Director Executive Director 1114 Brandt Drive - Tallahassee, FL 32308 850-980-0887 - www.PrivateCI.org
  24. 24. President Obama nominates David Michaels to lead OSHA - Law Firm of Baker Donelson Page 1 of 2 Home » Publications » Labor & Employment » Printable Version Labor & Employment President Obama nominates David Michaels to lead OSHA AlertSearch by Mary LeAnn Mynatt July 31, 2009 On July 28, the White House announced that President Obama had selected epidemiologist David Michaels, Ph.D, MPH, to head OSHA as Assistant Secretary of Labor. Mr. Michaels must be confirmed by the Senate. He has prior government experience, serving as the Department of Energy Assistant Secretary for Environment, Safety and Health during the Clinton Administration. One of his achievements at DOE was to aid the passage of the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act of 2000, designed to compensate nuclear weapons workers who developed illnesses as a result of exposure to radiation and chemicals in the workplace. Dr. Michaels is currently a research professor and interim chair of the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health at the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services. There, his work includes studying the health effects of occupational exposure to toxic chemicals, including asbestos, metals, and solvents. In testimony before a Senate committee in 2007, Michaels expressed concern about several issues, including the underreporting of workplace injuries and illnesses, lack of new standards promulgated by OSHA, insufficient use of OSHAs General Duty Clause as an enforcement tool, and the outdated health standards still in place. Mr. Michaels nomination has been hailed by Democrats. U.S. Representative George Miller (D-Cal.) stated that Mr. Michaels will help OSHA "restore vital health and safety protections for Americas workers." Dr. Michaels nomination comes at a particularly pivotal time for OSHA. Perhaps more so than at any time since its creation in April 1971, labor and Democratic leaders are clamoring to enhance enforcement and increase the promulgation of new regulations concerning workplace standards. The proposed Protecting Americas Workers Act (HR 2067) would, among other things, expand OSHAs coverage to include more workers. It would also allow felony prosecutions against employers under certain conditions, raise civil penalties, and set mandatory minimum penalties for violations resulting in death. Following eight years of relative quiet - fewer OSHA regulations were promulgated under the Bush Administration than any other president - such changes would reinvigorate the agency. As a result, theres a backlog of initiatives to track, including combustible dust, diacetyl, new health standards, and a possible resurrection of the ergonomics standard. Representative Lynn Woolsey (D-Cal.) stated that OSHA will be able to "issue long overdue safety standards and bring back more vigorous enforcement of workplace safety and health standards." Given the renewed emphasis on workplace conditions, employers should pay strict attention to matters that could be deemed administrative in nature, such as properly maintaining OSHA 300 Logs for Injuries and Illnesses. In addition, during this economic downtown, disgruntled ex- employees may be even more prone to claiming retaliatory discharge following allegations of health and safety violations in the workplace. Employers should also expect more OSHA attention and resources devoted to inspections and enforcement. OSHA routinely tracks not only the number of inspections but those that result in of citations, with a goal of issuing a citation with every inspection. Finally, employers should carefully evaluate their workplaces for hazards, regardless of whether a specific regulation addresses a particular hazard, given Dr. Michaelss stated desire to increase the use of the General Duty Clause as an enforcement tool. Our attorneys have conducted onsite OSHA presentations to members of clients management, safety teams, safety departments and line employees, and have advised clients, including anhttp://www.bakerdonelson.com/Content.aspx?NodeID=200&PublicationID=668 11/21/2009
  25. 25. President Obama nominates David Michaels to lead OSHA - Law Firm of Baker Donelson Page 2 of 2 asbestos-certified contractor, on OSHA, EPA and TDEC asbestos regulatory requirements. We work closely with clients to enhance their safety and health programs to include OSHA compliance as well as an Industrial Risk Management program. We stand ready to assist you with these and other labor and employment-related challenges. For assistance, please contact your Baker Donelson attorney or any of our nearly 70 Labor & Employment attorneys in the Firms Labor & Employment Department, located in Birmingham, Alabama; Atlanta, Georgia; Baton Rouge, Mandeville and New Orleans, Louisiana; Jackson, Mississippi; and Chattanooga, Johnson City, Knoxville, Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee. Baker Donelson gives you what boutique labor and employment firms cant: a set of attorneys who are not only dedicated to the practice of labor and employment issues, but who can reach into an integrated and experienced team of professionals to assist you in every other aspect of your legal business needs. We set ourselves apart by valuing your entire company. And when it comes to your companys most valuable asset - your employees - were committed to counseling with and advocating for you every step of the way. Baker Donelson hosts breakfast briefings, roundtables and seminars that may be of interest to you. For more information, please click here. ©2009 Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC | All Rights Reserved | Disclaimer & Terms Of Usehttp://www.bakerdonelson.com/Content.aspx?NodeID=200&PublicationID=668 11/21/2009
  26. 26. CUT & PASTED 11/18/09 FROM: http://www.allbusiness.com/banking-finance/financial-markets-investing-securities/6375711-1.htmlEmpiric Announces Proposed Major Dividend Spin-Offto Its Shareholders.Publication: Business WireDate: Tuesday, January 11 2000300 private and public entities in over 100 countries. Currently the firm has two contracts with a private-sector organization in Lima, Peru that are subject to the buyer obtaining financing and other conditions.There is no certainty that these contracts will be consummated. One is for composite structures, the otherto be fabricated from metal. The first contract is for a minimum of 36,000 basic structural units over threeyears, utilizing composite material, and a minimum sales value of $67.5 million. The second contract is topurchase 22 million square feet of the metal system over a year for a total of $121 million. The Export-Import Bank of the US expressed interest in financing the two contracts. Daedalus staff visited Peru andplanning continues a pace toward commencement of production and for support from government users,banks, and local officials. In addition to the foregoing, Daedalus has a letter of intent from an Argentineancompany for the purchase of 20 units upon the successful demonstration of initial housing units.Daedalus is currently negotiating contracts to construct basic shelter and low-cost housing in variouscountries including Philippines, Turkey, Honduras, South Africa, Vietnam and Pakistan.The outstanding, unusual and potentially worldwide high profile business enterprise and the acceptanceof its products on a worldwide basis has attracted a team of prominent individuals to DaedalusManagement and Board of Directors.Admiral James A. "Ace" Lyons, Jr., U. S. Navy Retired, will serve as the Chairman of the Board. Mr.Lyons is President and CEO of LION Associates, an international consulting firm.. Mr. Lyons served for36 years as an officer in the U. S. Navy, including serving as Commander-in-Chief of the U. S. PacificFleet, the largest single military command in the world. In addition, he served as the Senior U. S. MilitaryRepresentative to the United Nations, as well as serving in various military and civilian leadershipcapacities in China, Japan, Philippines, Russia and other Pacific rim countries.Mr. George C. Montgomery, a graduate of Vanderbilt University, with a Juris Doctor degree, formermember of the law firm of Vinson & Elkins, and is currently the managing partner in the Washington lawfirm of Baker, Donelson, Bearman & Caldwell. Mr. Montgomery served as Ambassador of the United
  27. 27. States to the Sultanate of Oman under President Reagan in 1985, and currently is a member of theCouncil on Foreign Relations, on the Board of Visitors of the Georgetown University School of Business,and a Captain in the United States Naval Reserve. Mr. Montgomery served as Chief Legislative AssistantCounsel to Senator Howard H. Baker, Jr., the Majority Leader of the United States Senate in 1981. . . .
  28. 28. Ducks Unlimited Mourns the Loss of a Conservation Leader Page 1 of 3 Ducks Unlimited Mourns the Loss of a Conservation Leader The Ducks Unlimited family mourns the untimely passing of a paragon of conservation, and our friend, Jim Range. Jim Range was a strong and accomplished proponent of countless conservation initiatives especially, but not exclusively focusing on public policy work. His commitment to wetlands and waterfowl habitat was legendary. He served as Secretary on the Ducks Unlimited Board of Directors, was a major donor, a charter member of the Ducks Unlimited Feather Society, and was the co-founder of the Ducks Unlimited Federal City Chapter – the first and only Ducks Unlimited chapter in Washington, D.C. Jim was also an active supporter of Ducks Unlimited’s Wetlands America Trust, where he served on the Board of Directors from 1993-1998 and again from 2000-2006. He served as Secretary of that Board from 1995-1998. Jim was involved in the leadership of many other conservation organizations, most notably as founder and Chairman of the Board of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership. In his professional life, Jim was a Senior Legislative Policy advisor for Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell and Berkowitz law firm, where he specialized in conservation advocacy and environmental, regulatory, and legislative policy. Earlier in his career on Capitol Hill, Jim was instrumental in the creation or reauthorization of many of the nation’s most important and notable conservation laws. Fittingly, a memorial service for Jim will be held in Washington, D.C. at an area he liked to frequent on the Potomac River, one of his favorite pastimes while in Washington. Please join us in remembrance and appreciation for a staunch advocate for, and friend of waterfowl, waterfowlers and wildlife. We pass appreciation for the life and work of Jim, along with our sympathies to his family. D.A. (Don) Young Executive Vice President Ducks Unlimited James D. Range Obituary James D. Range, 63, died peacefully, surrounded by family and loved ones, on Tuesday, January 20 at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota after an extraordinarily courageous battle with kidney cancer. Range was one of the nation’s most prominent champions of natural resource conservation. He was known in Washington and throughout the United States as a skilled policy strategist with an extraordinary bipartisan network of friends and contacts. Along with his political adeptness, he possessed an oratorical gift and was known as someone who always spoke from his heart with passionate conviction. A life-long outdoorsman, Range was instrumental in the conservation and continued protection of many different corners of the American landscape and was a passionate advocate for the country’s fish and wildlife and their habitat. Perhaps best known as a long-time advisor to former Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker, he also was known personally to countless people as a beloved confidant, friend and mentor.http://www.ducks.org/news/1731/DucksUnlimitedMourns.html 11/18/2009