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17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE
The UIE seeks to launch investigation(s) into the International Criminal Court’s handling of Reference No. OTP-CR-367/18 in that it appears that Mark P. Dillon and/or the Judges of the ICC may have compromised the integrity of the Court for purposes of COVERING UP the United States of America’s Officials’…. Engagement in War Crimes in Afghanistan. The ICC’s investigation into the War Crimes committed in Afghanistan is an Investigation FEARED by the USA/US Official…

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  1. 1. 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE NOVEMBER 9, 2019 PUBLIC/WORLDWIDE ANNOUNCEMENT UTICA INTERNATIONAL EMBASSY TO DEMAND INVESTIGATION(S) INTO MARK P. DILLON’S HANDLING OF THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT’S REFERENCE NO. OTP-CR-367/18 PLEASE BE ADVISED: As the World and Nation Leaders are inquiring into the INTEGRITY of the ICC in its handling of Cases – i.e. ability to REMAIN IMPARTIAL, etc. – as it relates to handling of matters regarding Nations-Of-Color vs. European/White-Run Nations (i.e. as United States of America, United Kingdom/Great Britain…) in that there appears to be evidence that the ICC’s PROSECUTION of Nation-Of-Color Officials, etc. for alleged War Crimes is extremely high while those of European/White-Run Nations are extremely low and/or not at all! On September 7, 2018, the Utica International Embassy submitted NOTICE OF THE AUGUST 28, 2018 KIDNAPPING and OTHER WAR CRIMES/CRIMINAL ACTS AGAINST UTICA INTERNATIONAL EMBASSY’S INTERIM PRIME MINISTER VOGEL DENISE NEWSOME; NOTICE OF INTENT TO FILE CRIMINAL CHARGES THROUGH THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT; REQUEST FOR REFERENCE NUMBER REGARDING THIS MATTER; and REQUEST FOR INJUNCTION/PROTECTIVE ORDER/RESTRAINING ORDER… Greetings To The: International Criminal Court – Office of the Prosecutor/Mark P. Dillon, U.S. President Donald Trump, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions, Mississippi Attorney General James Hood and To Others Who Are Listed Above and/or Receive Via Email, etc.! number IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Causing a BACKLASH and RETALIATORY THREATS from the United States of America’s President Donald Trump and his Administration! ON September 9, 2018: at-international-criminal-court-plo-idUSKCN1LQ076
  2. 2. ON Thursday, 04 April 2019 - 10 days AFTER the KIDNAPPING and conspiracies to MURDER the Utica International Embassy’s Interim Prime Minister Vogel Denise Newsome - the ICC’s Mark Dillon (Head of the Information & Evidence Unit) responded to the Utica International Embassy’s September 7, 2018 NOTIFICATION. On this SAME date (April 4, 2019) the United States REVOKES the ICC Prosecutor’s entry VISA over the Afghanistan Investigation. The Situation in Afghanistan in which the UIE’s Interim Prime Minister has advised interest in – i.e. being a WITNESS… - to bring Officials of the USA/US to JUSTICE…! UIE Website As Of 11/09/19: THREATS OF VIOLENCE and CONSPIRACIES To MURDER The UIE’s Interim Prime Minister Vogel Denise Newsome as well as her Mother Pearl Leo Torrey/Torry Newsome: The UIE is demanding INVESTIGATION(S) to determine whether Dillon and/or the Justices of the ICC have COMPROMISED the integrity of the Court for purposes of aiding and abetting United States of America Officials in the COVER-UP of WAR Crimes and other Criminal Acts governed under the Rome Statute and other International Laws governing such matters! If found to be so, that Dillon/Justices and CO- Conspirator be PROSECUTED to the full extent of the laws! Is it a COINCIDENT that on April 12, 2019 [18 days AFTER Kidnapping], that the ICC Judges reject opening of an Investigation regarding Afghanistan Situation: ON September 27, 2019, ICC allows for Prosecutor to proceed with APPEAL! ON September 27, 2019, UIE demand the UNSEALING Court Records regarding 05/06/19 Hearing: HAD VOGEL DENISE NEWSOME BEEN MURDERED, WOULD USA Officials….BE PROSECUTED? 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE BLACKLISTED/BANNED FROM EMPLOYMENT – FAILURE TO INVESTIGATE and PROSECUTE of-eeoc-complaint-against-1-st-heritage-credit- llc-filed BLACKLISTED/BANNED/EJECTED FROM HOUSING – REFUSED CONTRACTS: complaint-sla560 complaint-gmm fbi-complaint-gmm-properties REFUSED CONTRACTS/JOBS: obama-termination-voicemail-messina- garretson-resolution-group