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101517 SEPARATION or DEATH - Louis Farrakhan PROPAGANDA


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17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE

SEPARATION or DEATH is merely MORE of Minister Louis Farrakhan’s PROPAGANDA as an ENTERTAINER and NOISE Maker.

2015 was the JUSTICE or ELSE Propaganda.

2016 was the HOLY DAY of ATONEMENT Propaganda.

Community Activist Vogel Denise Newsome’s work speak for itself and provides DOCUMENTATION to SUPPORT the “Battles” being fought “BEHIND-THE-SCENES” while the 99.98% are being ENTERTAINED and DISTRACTED by the NOISE-Makers’ (as President Barack Obama/Michelle Obama, Reverend Al Sharpton, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Pastor T D Jakes, Minister Louis Farrakhan. . .)

THANK GOODNESS God’s Children (“The CHOSEN”) are NOT entertaining such FOOLISHNESS! Nevertheless, that doesn’t keep such NOISE Makers from PULLING in and RECRUITING the Goats – i.e. that have Eyes but CANNOT SEE and Ears but CANNOT Hear and DO NOT want to KNOW the TRUTH!

Goats which CONTINUE to follow after such NOISE Makers that ENJOY keeping up DRAMA and PROVIDE “NO” Solutions to the PROBLEMS that Blacks/Negroes/African-American/People-Of-Color are facing. Instead, keeping the DUMBED DOWN FED on the “WHITE Man’s Propaganda and LIES” in that the MAJORITY of those who claim to be Spiritual Leaders and/or Advisors have SOLD themselves and their Organizations out to the BEAST and the WAYS of Babylon – i.e. the 501(c)(3) SCAMs, etc.

Please feel free to DONATE to the work that is ACTUALLY providing “SOLUTIONS” and bringing about CHANGE!$VogelDeniseNewsome

With PEACE and LOVE,

Community Activist Vogel Denise Newsome
Post Office Box 31265
Jackson, Mississippi 39286
PHONE: (513) 680-2922

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