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092719 Letter-Email-Fax To Judge Denise Owens


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17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE

Sealed Case

(Specifically The Affidavit of Joe Lee Newsome/Joe Newsome and the Court Order of Judge Trent Walker…)

Please understand that the MURDER of the Utica International Embassy’s Mother Pearl Leo Torrey Newsome will NOT be in VAIN! It is NOT the allege “Whistleblower” Scandal with Donald Trump that led to the collapse of the Donald Trump Administration; but it is the MURDER of Pearl Newsome that brought about the FALL of the United States of America’s DESPOTISM Terrorist Government Empire and that of its Nazis/Zionists and their Legal Counsel Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz!

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092719 Letter-Email-Fax To Judge Denise Owens

  1. 1. 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE SEPTEMBER 27, 2019 HINDS COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI CHANCERY COURT STATE OF MISSISSIPPI vs. VOGEL DENISE NEWSOME Sealed Case REQUEST FOR UNSEALING and/or DOCUMENTATION (Specifically The Affidavit of Joe Lee Newsome/Joe Newsome and the Court Order(s) of Judge Trent Walker…)
  2. 2. 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE SEPTEMBER 27, 2019 EMAIL and FACSIMILE CONFIRMATION
  3. 3. c/o Interim Prime Minister Vogel Denise Newsome Post Office Box 31265 - Jackson, Mississippi 39286 Toll Free - (888) 700-5056 Website: Email: Page 1 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE September 27, 20191 VIA EMAIL and/or FACSIMILE: (601) 973-5554 Hinds County Chancery Court ATTN: Judge Denise Owens – 316 S. President Street Jackson, Mississippi 39205 RE: STATE OF MISSISSIPPI vs. VOGEL DENISE NEWSOME Sealed Case REQUEST FOR UNSEALING and/or DOCUMENTATION (Specifically The Affidavit of Joe Lee Newsome/Joe Newsome and the Court Order(s) of Judge Trent Walker…) Greetings Judge Owens: On behalf of the Utica International Embassy and myself (Vogel Denise Newsome) in which you need no Formal Introduction because you know who I am in that my first job with a Law Firm was with your husband’s (Bob) firm (Owens Law Firm, PLLC). Which during my employment there, legal assistance (via pro bono) was offered to my Attorney (Michelle Bennett) in the Vogel Denise Newsome vs. Entergy New Orleans, Inc matter; wherein, the Law Firm of Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell &Berkowitz (“Baker Donelson”) serves as Legal Counsel for Entergy! 1 Boldface, Caps, Small Caps, Italics, Underline, Pictures, etc. are used for EMPHASIS!
  4. 4. Page 2 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE Baker Donelson serves as Legal Counsel for the State of Mississippi, Hinds County, etc. as well as controls and runs the United States Judicial/Legal System (Federal/State…) With that being said, this is to advise that it has been brought to my attention that the above referenced Court File has been “SEALED!” Please accept this letter as our “REQUEST FOR UNSEALING and/or DOCUMENTATION” in that this matter involve Public/Worldwide interests and is a matter of National and International Security! On or about February 26, 2019, Hinds County was served with: “Notice Of Intent To Bring Legal/Lawful Action(s) In The Applicable Tribunals Seeking; Restitution Out Of Crimes Committed On August 28, 2018, In The Unlawful Kidnapping and Other Crimes Of The Town Of Utica, Mississippi, Its Officials, Hinds County Mississippi, Its Officials and Their Co-Conspirators Against Vogel Denise Newsome (Interim Prime Minister Of The Utica International Embassy)… International Criminal Court Reference: OTP-CR-367/18”
  5. 5. Page 3 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE A copy of this document may be found at the following LINK: As of 09/26/19: notification-of-intent-to-bring-legallawful-action
  6. 6. Page 4 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE On March 25, 2019, in efforts to SILENCE me, Baker Donelson with the Town of Utica Officials and my Siblings (Joe Lee Newsome as a KEY-Role Player…) had me KIDNAPPED, FALSELY IMPRISONED…. and from there proceeded to take my Life at the Jackson Hinds County Detention Center (“JHCDC”)! When efforts to have me KILLED/MURDERED failed while being held Hostage at the JHCDC, another ASSASSINATION Plan was launched! From my understanding (pursuant to a conversation with Joe Lee Newsome) of information conveyed to me, the above referenced matter is a legal action initiated by the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department under the direction of Sheriff Victor Mason while I was being held Hostage at the Jackson Hinds County Detention Center in Jackson, Mississippi. On April 4, 2019, while I was still being held Hostage in the JHCDC, the International Criminal Court contacted me via Email and provided me with MUCH-NEEDED information to confirm what I believed to be CONSPIRACIES on my Life to have me MURDERED! Of course this was a Letter that I was NEVER supposed to receive in HOPES of my MURDER! Correspondence such as this will serve as EVIDENCE of just how far the United States’ President Donald Trump, its Congressional Members and their Legal Counsel Baker Donelson and the Nazis/Zionists will go to TAKEOVER the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’s Government and/or WORLD Governments in their QUEST for Global Dominance for WHITE Supremacy! On April 5, 2019 [while I was still being held Hostage], the very NEXT DAY after the ICC’s Letter to us (the Utica International Embassy), what I found even more disturbing is that the United States’ Legal Counsel Baker Donelson would go as far as to have the VISA of the ICC’s Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda REVOKED to prevent her and/or other ICC Officials from INVESTIGATING alleged War Crimes that have been brought to the ICC’s attention regarding the Situation in Afghanistan!
  7. 7. Page 5 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE Going (on it appears) from my Research to COMPROMISE the Integrity of the International Criminal Court to have its Judges aid and abet in the OBSTRUCTION of Investigation(s), etc. Thus, placing the Public/World in FURTHER DANGER of such Terrorist Groups as Baker Donelson…
  8. 8. Page 6 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE You may ask, what do I and/or the UIE have to do with the Afghanistan matter? As a NEW Lawfully-Formed Government, I (presently serving as the Interim Prime Minister) have made known our interest in assisting the ICC regarding the “Situation In Afghanistan” and “Situation in Venezuela,” etc. – i.e. as of March 25, 2019, this information was still being published on the UIE’s Website! Our Website that came under ATTACK on May 6, 2019, in Joe Lee Newsome’s Testimony… Therefore, providing further EVIDENCE and MOTIVE for the United States of America/United States’ President, Congressional Members, State of Mississippi, Hinds County, Town of Utica and their Legal Counsel Baker Donelson, etc. to want to have me MURDERED for purposes of SILENCING my Testimonies… To accomplish this, these Conspirators turned to my Siblings (Joe Lee Newsome [US Department of Defense], Cloteal Newsome Turner [US Department of Justice], Harvellia Newsome Thomas [US Department of Defense], Geneva Newsome Mosley, Maureen Newsome Williams…) to aid and abet in such War Crimes/Terrorist/Racist and Discriminatory Acts against me. Siblings all TOO EAGER to oblige! Moreover, the United States, its Legal Counsel Baker Donelson and their Nazi/Zionist Members seeing me as a THREAT to their GLOBAL White Supremacy Agenda and Adolf Hitler’s “NEW” World Order Agenda!
  9. 9. Page 7 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE As of 09/26/19 Florida A&M University 2016 Sports Hall of Fame Interview: 2016-famu-sports-hall-of-famers-featuring-vogel-denise-newsome Upon hearing the News of a SUCCESSFUL Kidnapping of the UIE’s Interim Prime Minister, it appears Baker Donelson moved SWIFTLY to engage the Judges of the ICC to SHUT DOWN the Afghanistan Investigation and, most likely, advising that, “Newsome is NO LONGER A PROBLEM!” Thus, with such assurances from the United States’ Legal Counsel, the ICC Judges complied with REJECTING Ms. Bensouda’s request for the ICC to Investigate the Situation in Afghanistan! Thus, Criminal acts in the OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE… As of 09/26/19: afghanistan 04/15/19 ICC Judges Reject Opening Of An Investigation Regarding Afghanistan Situation:
  10. 10. Page 8 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE On May 6, 2016 (i.e. approximately 20 Days AFTER the ICC Judges’ Decision) Having FAILED to obtain my MURDER while being held Hostage at the JHCDC, Baker Donelson, Sheriff Victor Mason and JHCDC Officials then turned to my Siblings again (i.e. calling on Joe Lee Newsome to be a Witness for the STATE OF MISSISSIPPI) and solicited the aid of Judge Trent Walker… to hold a Competency Hearing in efforts to CHALLENGE my Mental State and to place our “NEW” Government of the Utica International Embassy, its Website and I (as the Interim Prime Minister) UNDER ATTACK! The Court was advised that I have done NOTHING like Venezuela’s Juan Guaido – i.e. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: A person Baker Donelson RECRUITED to use as a FRONT in their FAILED “Overthrow” of the BROV’s President Nicolas Maduro! What GLEAMED from this Court Hearing, was CONFIRMATION that the United States of America, its Government Officials and Legal Counsel having knowledge that we here at the UIE have “PULLED OFF ONE OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL FEATS” against the United States, using the Laws to move out with our own “NEW” Government – i.e. as EVIDENCED in the “Democracy” TACTICS Baker Donelson attempted to use on what they call a “SOCIALIST” Government and FAILED! We believe that WHEN the Records are checked at the JHCDC as well as the Mississippi State Hospital, that there are NO documents from me authorizing my Kidnappers to “hold me Hostage;” moreover, I NEVER AGREED to be Admitted and/or Treated at the Mississippi State Hospital… and the WHOLE Time of being held Hostage, REPEATEDLY demanded my FREEDOM…! During the May 6, 2019, Court Hearing, I was accused of the following (i.e. however, not limited to same): ELDERLY ABUSE on my Parents with Joe Lee represented through his Testimony that my Parents were suffering from “Stockholm Syndrome!” FORGERY – i.e. wherein we have found from Research Baker Donelson represents that Bank Joe Newsome attempts to raise such FRIVOLOUS Claims
  11. 11. Page 9 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE We here at the UIE take such FALSE Statements to be: DEFAMATORY LIBELOUS SLANDEROUS With the PUBLIC and INTERNATIONAL Interests in our work, we ask that this Court UNSEAL the Court Records in the above referenced matter! On September 16, 2019, the Public/World was notified of the Baker Donelson Nazis/Zionists’ Sanctioning Empire…
  12. 12. Page 10 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE On September 17, 2019, the ICC’s Pre-Trial Chamber II AUTHORIZED the Prosecutor to Appeal Decision Refusing Investigation.
  13. 13. Page 11 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE On September 18, 2019, unbeknownst to us at the time we released the UIE’s Public/Worldwide Announcement DENOUNCING the United States of America’s/United States’ DESPOTISM Government Regime’s Terrorist Acts/War Crimes… Against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Zimbabwe… was the Announcement of the ICC’s 09/17/19 Decision. On September 21, 2019, it is my belief that IN RETALIATION to the UIE’s SUCCESS in shutting down the Venezuela Invasion, and the push for GLOBAL UNIFICATION and advising, As the Era of USA dominance has come to an end, let us take this time to reflect on the events that led to such a HISTORICAL undertaking, LEARN from our errors/mistakes of past, and make the necessary corrections as we move forward! that the United States’ Legal Counsel Baker Donelson and its Nazis/Zionists took advantage of my Siblings’ HATRED/ENVY… towards me and HOLDING my Parents Hostage (i.e. BLOCKING Phone Calls/Communications, PROHIBITING the making of Phone Calls from my Parents to me as well as PROHIBITING Visits from me, advising that I am NOT allowed to visit my Parents in Utica etc.) that such opportunities were used to bring about the ASSASSINATION and MURDER of my Mother Pearl Leo Torrey Newsome! These HOSTAGE-TAKING Tactics were issued with the CONSENSUS of my Siblings – i.e. according to their Spokesperson/Representative Joe Lee Newsome (Baker Donelson’s and the State of Mississippi’s STAR/KEY Witness)!
  14. 14. Page 12 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE So, on September 21, 2019, this would be the LAST Day that MY Mother Pearl Leo Torrey Newsome would give me a Phone Call “SECRETLY” out of FEAR of what may happen to her should my Siblings know she was Communicating with me! MY Mother (Pearl Leo Torrey Newsome), a God-Loving… Woman, FULL OF LIFE that was ABRUPTLY TAKEN! Who LOVED here PRECIOUS Daughter (Vogel Denise Newsome) – as she would so AFFECTIONATELY called me!
  15. 15. Page 13 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE Judge Owens, my Mother was at Clinton Healthcare LLC in Clinton, Mississippi where I believe she was MURDERED! I have documentation regarding the Care provided to Patient(s) at this Facility. On March 22, 2019, we (my Mother and I) provided DOCUMENTATION via Facsimile to Clinton Healthcare regarding our concerns. Nevertheless, from my understanding (from feedback received), she was RETURNED there after this most recent issue she was having. Being returned there (although making it KNOWN) when she did NOT want to go to Clinton Healthcare. In March of this year, my mother had four (4) Stints put in. According to my Sibling Cloteal Newsome, my Mother had returned to doing what she enjoyed doing (Cooking, etc.) and according to Feedback I have received in the last few days she was going to Church, getting around good (as one person said – “Like her old self!”) doing her Singing, Cooking, etc.
  16. 16. Page 14 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE We here at the UIE have Photographs of the FULL Life my Mother was living BEFORE the procedure and only have the TESTIMONIES of others I would talk to, of the PROGRESS she made (i.e. another person saying she was, “like a ‘NEW’ Person and you would not have known she had went through what she did!”) While I had a CARDIOLOGIST (who formerly worked at St. Dominic) who advised of his willingness to handle my Mother’s Follow-Up Care and advised what would be needed, my Sibling Cloteal Newsome Turner (i.e. employed at the US Department of Justice and, oh, she was just BOASTING about a possible PROMOTION awaiting her) advised me she did NOT want to hear it! Cloteal is the same person who advised me that should something as this arose, that she would hope that my Mother would be the FIRST to go! On September 21, 2019, Cloteal received just what she had HOPED! Why is this information IMPORTANT; because, when the News was released regarding the DEATH of Jeffrey Epstein, I KNEW that Baker Donelson was INVOLVED in his MURDER! Baker Donelson is Legal Counsel for the US Department Of Justice! Sure enough, I was able to find News Articles to support Baker Donelson’s INVOLVMENT in the Jeffrey Epstein matter! In fact, upon going PUBLIC with Baker Donelson’s involvement, they moved SWIFTLY to have the information REMOVED from that Website!
  17. 17. Page 15 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE fullest-extent-of-the-law-lawyer/ My Sibling Geneva, has a PRACTICE of LAUNCHING such VICIOUS attacks and GLOATING while engaging in Criminal Acts! Having a PRACTICE of doing so while I am assisting the Elderly! Geneva was involved in similar acts while I attended to my Aunt Miriam (approximately 97 Years Old – NO Children…); that, when putting a Tribute together for my Aunt Miriam, her VICIOUS Text Messages were INCLUDED since she wanted the PUBLIC Stage!
  18. 18. Page 16 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE BAD Girl, BAD Girl… Whatcha gonna do when they come for YOU! While I was was being held HOSTAGE at the JHCDC, that is the line from the “COPS” Show Series that Geneva gave to me (LAUGHING!) When Geneva came to visit me at the JHCDC, I advised how God always provide “a Ram in the bush” for his Children. Geneva LAUGHED and advised me to let “God” provide me with a Ram in the bush then! It is FUNNY when the EVIL Hearts think they have the UPPER Hand and have God’s Children at a DISADVANTAGE; however, it is NOT so Funny WHEN God DELIVERS His Children out of the Hands of the ADVERSARIES! Judge Owens, they would come and just SMILE in my face. Asking for Names of people that I know so that they could CONTACT them and SPREAD LIES about me and TELL them NOT to get INVOLVED…! While in the JHCDC, I was given the Scripture from Luke 22:15-19, 22: 15 For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist. 16 And ye shall be betrayed both by parents, and brethren, and kinsfolks, and friends; and some of you shall they cause to be put to death. 17 And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake. 18 But there shall not an hair of your head perish. 19 In your patience possess ye your souls… 22 For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled.
  19. 19. Page 17 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE Geneva, even had the AUDACITY to attack my EMPLOYMENT History as well as mention her KNOWLEDGE of my History of Lawsuits! This information is relevant in that such EVIDENCE “WILL BE USED” to establish a PATTERN as well as support the “Script” that Baker Donelson Attorneys has given to their CO-Conspirators. FAILING to make known that Baker Donelson is Legal Counsel for the United States of America: Furthermore, in efforts to CONTROL Court proceedings and to keep the Public/World from learning the TRUTH of the Nazis/Zionists “WHITE” Supremacists’ “NEW” World Order Agenda, Baker Donelson placed one of their Attorneys/Lawyers (James C. Duff) in the TOP/KEY position of the United States’ Judicial System – DIRECTOR of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts…
  20. 20. Page 18 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE The United States of America’s Government Officials and their Legal Counsel Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz and their CO-Conspirators need me DEAD and/or MURDERED… Not only did I work as a Claims Reviewer on the 911 World Trade Center Project, I have KNOWLEDGE and EVIDENCE to support that Baker Donelson - PLANNED, ORCHESTRATED and CARRIED OUT – the DOMESTIC Terrorist Attacks carried out on September 11, 2001, on the World Trade Center Towers, etc. So while Geneva was GLOATING about my UNEMPLOYMENT and LAWSUITS that have been brought, she was also providing me with FURTHER EVIDENCE of how the United States’ Nazis/Zionists MASTERMIND such CONSPIRACIES – through the RECRUITING of such BLACKS… - and use FALSE information for: DEFAMATORY LIBELOUS SLANDEROUS purposes in DESTROYING the LIVES of their VICTIMS… What Geneva did not know was that in May 2012, as Legal Counsel for the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”), efforts were made to BUY my SILENCE regarding such HORRIFIC War Crimes that were carried out on the United States of America’s SOIL… I DECLINED to be BOUGHT and SILENCED from telling the TRUTH!
  21. 21. Page 19 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE NO, the September 11, 2001, DOMESTIC Terrorist Attacks were NOT carried out by Osama Bin Laden, but Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz!
  22. 22. Page 20 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE Now my Sibling Harvellia Newsome Thomas, was also LAUGHING and GLOATING as she watched as I handled the affairs of my Mother BEFORE they had me Kidnapped! I advised her that she will have an OPTION to be a “Plaintiff” or a “Defendant!” From her actions, I have concluded, she has made up her mind to be a DEFENDANT! Joe Lee Newsome advised me that it was Harvellia (a/k/a Harvey) who had advised him of my YouTube Video regarding the Traffic Stop. Therefore, a reasonable mind may conclude that my Siblings elected to take this information and reach out to the Town Of Utica and advise they would be more than HAPPY to BETRAY me (as done with Joseph in the Bible – Genesis 37) to the Nazis/Zionists’ and/or Ku Klux Klan’s Legal Counsel Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz! -utica-international-embassys-public-worldwide- press-release In 2014, News Articles ran regarding the Ku Klux Klan’s efforts to REBRAND itself by WELCOMING Blacks, Hispanics, Gays and Jews!
  23. 23. Page 21 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE Judge Owens, then there is my Sibling Maureen Newsome Williams who lives in Jackson, Mississippi and in the FIVE (5) Years that I have been back HOME, she may have come to my Parents home approximately FOUR (4) Times – IF that! Mind you, she comes to Utica; however, NEVER having the time to come and see my Parents! While attending to my Mother, the following is a SCREEN SHOT of a Text she sent out containing is FALSE INFORMATION! All Maureen did was come to the Hospital to try and DIG UP some TRASH and LIES and here is the EVIDENCE! Yes, I have even more Text Messages! Oh, when she REALIZED the MISTAKE made, she gave me a FALSE apology; however, I KNEW it was FAKE and my purpose was NOT to be DISTRACTED by all the attacks that were being launched AGAINST me and MY Mother; but to attend to MY Mother (Pearl Leo Torrey Newsome)! I did NOT respond to her TEXT Messages; however, I did show a few people them so they can see for themselves WHAT Evil/Wicked Spirits were coming AGAINST me and MY Mother! They are going to do a stress test on her tomorrow. She had a UTI. I just want to know how my sister is supposedly at their house but didn’t catch that. That’s pulled on her heart. So I brought her some ensure. She’s doing better since I’ve brought that. Her blood pressure has been high for a while.- - - Maureen Newsome Williams
  24. 24. Page 22 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE The International Criminal Court handles matters as War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity… that are brought AGAINST Individuals! In legal matters that are being brought before National and International Tribunals, we here at the UIE are making sure to LIST THE NAMES of the Individuals as Defendants/Parties!
  25. 25. Page 23 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE Rights & Freedoms QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT AND ITS AFGHANISTAN INVESTIGATION https://www.afghanistan- the-international-criminal-court-and-its- afghanistan-investigation/ 2. What are war crimes and crimes against humanity? War crimes are certain acts that violate international rules on how armed conflict must be conducted. Crimes against humanity are serious human rights abuses committed against civilians on a widespread and systematic scale. They are sometimes called atrocity crimes, and, unlike war crimes, they can be committed at any time, not just during armed conflict. Some examples of these crimes are torture and cruel treatment (such as abuse in detention), intentional killing of civilians, and attacks on places such as schools, hospitals and mosques. Making these actions crimes means that individuals who ordered or perpetrated them can be held criminally accountable. They are called international crimes because they are thought to be so shocking that dealing with them should be the business of the whole world and not the state where the crimes were committed.
  26. 26. Page 24 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE 5. Who can the ICC investigate? The Court can investigate individuals, not states or corporations. The Rome Statute does not recognise immunity for any person, even heads of state or government officials. In other countries where the ICC has intervened there have been arrest warrants issued against presidents and high level officials such as heads of intelligence agencies, as well as the leaders of armed groups. Rather than MITIGATE the damages being done to me, my Siblings sought to EXACERBATE the wrongs they and their CO-Conspirators (as Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz Attorneys, United States Government Officials, Town of Utica Officials, Hinds County Officials, and State of Mississippi Officials, etc.) were leveling AGAINST me! Going about and seeing that ALL Accounts were CLOSED And FINANCIAL Means were CUT OFF from me and that of the Utica International Embassy!
  27. 27. Page 25 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE So on September 21, 2019, in RETALIATION to the SUCCESS we are making through the Utica International Embassy, the OBJECT (the MURDER… of my Mother…) was ACCOMPLISHED to TAKE HER LIFE and SILENCE THE VOICE of my NUMBER 1 SUPPORTER (Pearl Leo Torrey Newsome)! IT IS WRITTEN IN HISTORY, THAT DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. FORETOLD OF “THE DREAM” BUT MANY MISSED IT! THE UTICA INTERNATIONAL EMBASSY 3 Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children, because he was the son of his old age: and he made him a coat of many colours. 4 And when his brethren saw that their father loved him more than all his brethren, they hated him, and could not speak peaceably unto him. 5 And Joseph dreamed a dream, and he told it his brethren: and they hated him yet the more. . . . 8 And his brethren said to him, Shalt thou indeed reign over us? or shalt thou indeed have dominion over us? And they hated him yet the more for his dreams, and for his words. 10 And he told it to his father, and to his brethren: and his father rebuked him, and said unto him, What is this dream that thou hast dreamed? Shall I and thy mother and thy brethren indeed come to bow down ourselves to thee to the earth? 11 And his brethren envied him; but his father observed the saying… 18 And when they saw him afar off, even before he came near unto them, they conspired against him to slay him. 19 And they said one to another, Behold, this dreamer cometh.
  28. 28. Page 26 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE 20 Come now therefore, and let us slay him, and cast him into some pit, and we will say, Some evil beast hath devoured him: and we shall see what will become of his dreams. 21 And Reuben heard it, and he delivered him out of their hands; and said, Let us not kill him…. 23 And it came to pass, when Joseph was come unto his brethren, that they stript Joseph out of his coat, his coat of many colours that was on him; 24 And they took him, and cast him into a pit: and the pit was empty, there was no water in it. 25 And they sat down to eat bread: and they lifted up their eyes and looked, and, behold, a company of Ishmeelites came from Gilead with their camels bearing spicery and balm and myrrh, going to carry it down to Egypt. 26 And Judah said unto his brethren, What profit is it if we slay our brother, and conceal his blood? 27 Come, and let us sell him to the Ishmeelites, and let not our hand be upon him; for he is our brother and our flesh. And his brethren were content. 28 Then there passed by Midianites merchantmen; and they drew and lifted up Joseph out of the pit, and sold Joseph to the Ishmeelites for twenty pieces of silver: and they brought Joseph into Egypt. ON MARCH 25, 2019, THE UTICA INTERNATIONAL EMBASSY’S INTERIM PRIME MINISTER VOGEL DENISE NEWSOME WAS BETRAYED BY HER SIBLINGS AND TURNED OVER TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’S KU KLUX KLAN/NAZIS and ZIONISTS And Their LEGAL COUNSEL BAKER DONELSON BEARMAN CALDWELL & BERKOWITZ TO BE KIDNAPPED and MURDERED/ASSASSINATED… Thinking that THROUGH my MURDER that they would be successful in the INVASION of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (“BROV”)
  29. 29. Page 27 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE IF the United States of America’s Government Officials are UNABLE and/or UNWILLING to bring the Attorneys/Lawyers/Employees… of Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz and their CO-Conspirators to JUSTICE, then we here at the Utica “INTERNATIONAL” Embassy WILL! My Mother’s (Pearl Leo Torrey Newsome) MURDER “WILL” be met with JUSTICE Even if it REQUIRES “INTERNATIONAL” Military Assistance to BRING these TERRORISTS: NAZIS/ZIONISTS to JUSTICE!
  30. 30. Page 28 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE MY Mother had her LIFE “UNJUSTLY” taken from her and Baker Donelson WAS ABLE to accomplish such HORRIFIC Acts because they knew of the MURDEROUS Mindset of my Siblings! We want the PUBLIC/WORLD to see them in their “TRUE” Form! 48 But he answered and said unto him that told him, Who is my mother? and who are my brethren?. . . 50 For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother. The following is a Tweet sent out by the Utica International Embassy on August 28, 2019, addressed to U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi seeking the “FIRING of Baker Donelson… for the sake of GLOBAL Security/Peace!”
  31. 31. Page 29 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE So NO, the attempts of the NAZIS/ZIONISTS to create the “WHISTLEBLOWER” Scenario for the “FALL” of the United States President Donald Trump will NOT work! We are going to be sure that the PUBLIC/WORLD know that it was the LOVE, SUPPORT and TENACITY… of Pearl Leo Torrey Newsome that she BIRTHED and INSTILLED to me (Vogel Denise Newsome) that “HAS BROUGHT ABOUT” one of the MOST HISTORICAL DEFEATS in the 21st Century: The Utica INTERNATIONAL Embassy’s “TAKEDOWN” of the World’s NUMBER 1 “DESPOTISM” TERRORIST Nazi/Zionist Empire – The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! It “IS” the WORK of the Utica “INTERNATIONAL” Embassy that “IS” the SUCCESS BEHIND the SHUTDOWN of the United States of America’s NAZI/ZIONIST Members in their QUEST to OVERTHROW the BOLIVARIAN REPUBLIC OF VENEZUELA…
  32. 32. Page 30 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE
  33. 33. Page 31 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE Judge Owens, you should know that I reached out to your Nephew Jodie Owens when I was in the JHCDC. However, he was TOO CONCERNED about winning the “DISTRICT ATTORNEY” Elections and REFUSED to report the Crimes I shared! He advised me that there is a “CONFLICT-OF-INTEREST!” Jodie was advised of Baker Donelson’s INVOLVMENT in these Crimes and did NOTHING! Now my Mother has been MURDERED!
  34. 34. Page 32 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE For the above forgoing reasons provided and that known to this Court, Judge Owens, I ask that the above-referenced Case (STATE OF MISSISSIPPI vs. VOGEL DENISE NEWSOME) be UNSEALED! Moreover, that I be IMMEDIATELY provided with the following documents from this Case: (1) Affidavit of Joe Lee Newsome (2) Court Order(s) Issued This information can be sent to me here at the UIE via: Facsimile at (844) 400-1002 and/or Email Should you have any questions, I can be reached here at the Utica International Embassy at (888) 700-5056! With WARMEST Regards, Vogel Denise Newsome – Interim Prime Minister UTICA INTERNATIONAL EMBASSY
  35. 35. Page 33 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE CURRICULUM VITAE Vogel Denise Newsome Interim Prime Minister of the Utica International Embassy And Community Activist… EDUCATION: Mississippi Valley State University Florida A&M University Bachelor of Science Degree CONTACT: (888) 700-5056 SOCIAL FORUMS: BACKGROUND/BIO Vogel Denise Newsome is one of the most active 21st Century World Leader/Community Activist whose behind-the-scene work is CHANGING the Course of History and gaining GLOBAL recognition nationally and internationally. She is a graduate of the No. 1 Historically Black Colleges/Universities [HBCU] – Florida A&M University [FAMU] and attended Mississippi Valley State University [MVSU]. Newsome’s athletic achievements include: Mississippi State Champion in Cross Country – Mississippi State Champion in Track & Field (440 Yard Dash, Long Jump, and 4 x 440 Relay) – Full Athletic Scholarships to MVSU and FAMU during which time she ranked nationally and worldwide putting in one of the fastest times in the 600 meters as well as recognized for her SWAC and MEAC accomplishments – Ranked as one of the United States of America’s best Track & Field Athletes [i.e. making Track & Field Magazines Top Ranked Listings in individual as well as team events – United States Olympic Trial Qualifier and participant (i.e. actually attending the 1988 Olympic Trials in the 800 Meters) – All American in Track & Field – Received Athletic Awards in High School and College as the Most Valuable Athlete, Most Valuable Freshman and the respect from her teammates and opponents]. While at FAMU, Newsome received coaching and training from Former Olympian Reymond Syverne “Rey” Robinson (1972 Olympian – 100 Meters) and the Legendary Coach Bobby Lang. It was a Utica High School Alumnus (Ellis Liddell) that invited Newsome to transfer to FAMU and introduced her to the FAMU Family. Other successes: Recognized among Who’s Who Among American High School Students – Member of the Honor Society (Beta Club). In SEPTEMBER 2016, she along with her Teammates were Inducted into the Florida A&M University SPORTS HALL OF FAME (Track & Field): vogel-denise-newsome Newsome’s success stems from her faith and being born during what is known as the Civil Rights Era where prominent leaders such as Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. had a profound IMPACT on the course of History and on her life! As with FREEDOM Leader Harriet Tubman, Newsome is one of the MOST SOUGHT AFTER Native World Leader and Freedom/Civil Rights Activist by the United States of America’s GOVERNMENT and its Nazis/Ku Klux Klan/Jews/Zionists due to the INTERNATIONAL interests she brings in addressing the RACIAL INJUSTICES in America and AROUND THE WORLD as well as the opening of the FIRST “LAWFULLY” formed “NEW” Government within the Lands/Territory presently known as the United States of America named the UTICA INTERNATIONAL EMBASSY! In the wake of the Florida A&M University alleged Hazing Scandal (2011), Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman matter (2012), and a few others, Newsome’s behind-the-scene and up-in-your- face Community Activist Projects have taken her to Washington, D.C. where her name is well-known throughout the Halls of the White House, Congress and the Supreme Court of the United States; that have sent the USA’s Government Officials, Legal Counsel, etc. into HIDING upon Newsome’s Arrival(s) to speak with them…. Newsome’s PERSONAL experiences, Military upbringing, EXPOSURE to racism/discrimination, education, training, and athletic career has Blessed her with the Personal KNOWLEDGE, DEDICATION, DETERMINATION and ENCOURAGEMENT to bring about CHANGE and to LEAD God’s People into the PROMISES and the Fulfillment of PROPHECY…: dr-eldridge-henderson-62267369
  36. 36. Page 34 of 34 17 USC § 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights – FAIR USE PROJECTS ASSIGNED THAT HAS CHANGED THE COURSE OF HISTORY and SHUT DOWN THE NAZIS’/ZIONISTS’ ALLEGED “NEW” WORLD ORDER Agenda that ADVERSELY IMPACT People-Of- Color: In November 2018, the Utica International Embassy – through its Interim Prime Minister Vogel Denise Newsome – reached out to Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro in the wake of the United States of America’s Nazis/Jews/Zionists having one of their Members (Juan Guaido) SWEAR himself in as the Interim President of Venezuela. The USA attempting to use the LAWFUL opening of the Utica International Embassy (UIE) idea given to Newsome under an alleged DEMOCRACY and DESPOTISM Empire, in a SOCIALIST Government as Venezuela. Newsome’s reaching out to Venezuela’s President Maduro and going PUBLIC (Worldwide…) played a MAJOR/KEY Role in shutting down the RACIST/TERRORIST acts of the USA’s DESPOTISM Government Regime that is CONTROLLED and RUN by Nazi/Ku Klux Klan/Confederate States of America/Jewish/Zionist Members! Newsome served as a Claims Reviewer for Payouts to 9/11 Responders of the 09/11/01 World Trade Center Attacks (Employment TERMINATED on 10/21/11 termination-voicemail-messina-garretson-resolution-group - resulting in U.S. President Barack Obama coming out and ANNOUNCING the End of the War in IRAQ upon learning that Newsome’s employment was terminated: Legal Assistant and assisted with the distribution of the Black Farmers Settlement Checks in Mississippi – i.e. Assignment was ABRUPTLY ended upon Law Firm learning of WHO Newsome is! Newsome’s ZEAL for the TRUTH led to U.S. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s Administration reaching out to her regarding INVESTIGATION(S) requested into the Obama Administration (04/22/11: senator-rand-pauls-assistant-stacy ) AFTER Rand Paul’s Office contacted Newsome, President Obama and his Legal Advisors (as Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz…) MOVED SWIFTLY to cover-up USA Crimes, etc. – i.e. Targeting issues as it relates to Obama’s Citizenship and requesting record on 04/22/11: On 04/27/11 releasing a FAKE/FORGED Certificate of Live Birth: oflivebirthdiscrepancies . On 04/28/11, the USA’s Jews/Zionists used MAINSTREAM Media for Donald Trump to TAKE CREDIT for work being done by Vogel Denise Newsome: donald-trump-zionists-obama-birth-issue-coverup . About 04/30/11, MOVED SWIFTLY to KILL-THE-LIE about Osama Bin Laden by alleging he was KILLED/MURDERED and his body BURIED AT SEA: bin-laden A Video and/or documentation putting the 9/11 DOMESTIC Terrorist Attacks by the USA’s DESPOTISM Government Regime may be found at the following LINKS: 911-world-trade-center-bombings-coverup-police-brutality and baker-donelson-911-wtc-bombings-coverup-police-brutality IMPORTANT TO NOTE: On March 25, 2019, the USA’s President Donald Trump, its Legal Counsel Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz, State of Mississippi Officials, Town of Utica Mississippi Officials, Hinds County Mississippi Officials, along with Newsome’s SIBLINGS (Joe Lee NEWSOME, Cloteal NEWSOME Turner, Harvellia NEWSOME Thomas, Geneva NEWSOME Mosely, Maureen NEWSOME Williams…), etc. CONSPIRED to have the Utica International Embassy’s Interim Prime Minister Vogel Denise Newsome KIDNAPPED and HELD HOSTAGE as they sought SEVERAL ways to KILL/MURDER her and to COVER UP their actions! On or about July 11, 2019, Newsome was RELEASED from her HOSTAGE Takers… Newsome’s KIDNAPPING being a direct and proximate result of the “NEW” Government of the Utica International Embassy and its WEBSITE… and CRIMINAL efforts by the USA’s Despotism Government Officials/Representatives to SILENCE HER!