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05/03/11 U.S. Supreme Court Filing (Regarding President Obama-StorAll Matter)


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05/03/11 U.S. Supreme Court Filing (Regarding President Obama-StorAll Matter) - "Response To March 17, 2011 and April 27, 2011, Supreme Court Of The United States' Letters - Identifying Extraordinary Writ(s) To Be Filed and Writ(s) Under ALL Writs Act To Be Filed."
Pleading that President Obama/United States White House, United States Supreme Court, United States Congress, etc. are trying to keep from being filed.

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05/03/11 U.S. Supreme Court Filing (Regarding President Obama-StorAll Matter)

  1. 1. No. _____________________________________ IN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES VOGEL DENISE NEWSOME PETITIONER V. STOR-ALL ALFRED, LLC; JUDGE JOHN ANDREW WEST/ HAMILTON COUNTY (OHIO) COURT OF COMMON PLEAS; AND DOES 1 THROUGH 250 RESPONDENT(S) IN RE VOGEL DENISE NEWSOME ON PETITION FOR EXTRAORDINARY WRIT TO THE SUPREME COURT OF OHIO RESPONSE TO MARCH 17, 2011 AND APRIL 27, 2011 SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES’ LETTERS – IDENTIFYING EXTRAORDINARY WRIT(S) TO BE FILED AND WRIT(S) UNDER ALL WRITS ACT TO BE FILED1 COMES NOW Petitioner, Vogel Denise Newsome – a/k/a Denise V. Newsome (―Newsome‖and/or ―Petitioner Newsome‖) – WITHOUT WAIVING HER RIGHTS and ARGUMENTS/ISSUESand DEFENSES raised and/or set forth in the October 9, 2010 “Emergency Motion to Stay;Emergency Motion for Enlargement of Time and Other Relief The United States Supreme CourtDeems Appropriate To Correct The Legal Wrongs/Injustices Reported Herein” (―EM/ORS‖),subsequent pleadings (i.e. which includes Petition for Extraordinary Writ [―PFEW‖]) submitted forfiling with the Supreme Court of the United States and provides this her Response To March 17,2011 and April 27, 2011, Supreme Court Of The United States’ Letters – Identifying ExtraordinaryWrit(s) To Be Filed and Writ(s) Under All Writs Act To Be Filed (―RT031711&042711SCL‖). This 1 BOLDFACE, ITALICS, UNDERLINE, etc. added for emphasis. Page 1 of 113
  2. 2. instant filing in response to this Court‘s March 17, 2011 and April 27, 2001, letters is submitted inthat the information contained herein supports the EXTRAORDINARY, EXCEPTIONAL andCRITICAL/EXIGENT circumstances involved. Said March 17, 2011 letter which states in part: "The above-entitled petition for an extraordinary writ seeking unspecified relief was received on March 17, 2011. Please inform this office by letter, as soon as possible, what type of extraordinary writ you are seeking to file, i.e. extraordinary writ of mandamus, mandamus/prohibition, habeas corpus. This office will retain all of the copies of the petition."See EXHIBIT “1” – March 17, 2011 Letter attached hereto and incorporated by reference as if setforth in full herein. This Court‘s April 27, 2011 letter which states in part: Your letter and attachments were received in this office on April 26, 2011, and are returned for the reason set forth in my letter dated March 17, 2011, copy enclosed. You have failed to identify the type of extraordinary writ you are seeking to file.See EXHIBIT “44” – April 27, 2011 Letter attached hereto and incorporated by reference as if setforth in full herein. In further support thereof, Newsome REITERATES the followingEXTRAORDINARY Writ(s) and Writ(s) governed under the All Writs Act(provided in her April 22, 2011 submittal) are being sought to be filed: 1) Original Writ 2) Writ of Conspiracy 3) Writ of Course 4) Writ of Detinue 5) Writ of Entry 6) Writ of Exigi Facias 7) Writ of Formedon 8) Writ of Injunction 9) Writ of Mandamus 10) Writ of Possession 11) Writ of Praecipe 12) Writ of Protection 13) Writ of Recaption 14) Writ of Prohibition 15) Writ of Review 16) Writ of Supersedeas 17) Writ of Supervisory Control 18) Writ of Securitate Pacis 19) Extraterritorial WritsRather than bring separate actions, Newsome believes that the statutes/laws will sustain that facts,evidence and legal conclusions provided in this matter that the Extraordinary Writs/Writs provide―causes of like nature, or relative to the same question‖ and that ―actions brought by Newsome Page 2 of 113
  3. 3. against different Respondent(s) provide similar defenses‖ and consolidation requirements forpurposes of EXPEDITION of matters, avoiding UNNECESSARY COSTS or DELAYS as witnessedso far in the Supreme Court of the United States‘ handling of this matter in its ATTEMPTS todeprive Newsome rights and EQUAL PROTECTION, EQUAL PRIVILEGES and IMMUNITIESand DUE PROCESS OF LAWS in, it appears, to get her to only identify ―ONE‖ Extraordinary Writwhen there are SEVERAL involved in this legal action as set forth herein and in the Petition ForExtraordinary Writ (―PFEW‖) and EM/ORS to which this instant RT031711&042711SCL sustains.Decisions (well OVER 100 years) of this Court will sustain the need to consolidate the ExtraordinaryWrit(s)/Writs under the All Writs Act contained herein – and/or known to this Court to correct thelegal wrongs complained of herein: Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York v. Hillmon, 12 S.Ct. 909 (U.S.Kan.,1892) - Under Rev.St. § 921, 28 U.S.C.A. § 734, providing that ―causes of a like nature, or relative to the same question,‖ may be consolidated, for the purpose of avoiding unnecessary costs or delays, ―whenever it appears reasonable to do so,‖ actions . . . by one plaintiff against different defendants, in which the defenses are the same, may be consolidated, but the causes of action must remain distinct, requiring separate verdicts, and no defendant must be deprived of any right material to his defense. Bowen v. Chase, 94 U.S. 812 (U.S.N.Y.,1876) - Actions depending between the same parties, and upon the same questions in controversy may be consolidated. Hines v. Anchor Motor Freight, Inc., 96 S.Ct. 1048 (U.S.Ohio,1976) - A suit against an employer for breach of collective bargaining agreement and a breach of contract suit against the labor union may be joined in one action. Baltimore & O.S.W.R. Co. v. U.S., 31 S.Ct. 368 (U.S.Ohio,1911) - The federal circuit court may properly consolidate. . . several actions brought by the United States against a carrier to recover the penalty prescribed by . . . for violations of its requirement . . . Bowen v. Chase, 94 U.S. 812 (U.S.N.Y.,1876) - Actions depending between the same parties, and upon the same questions in controversy may be consolidated. If the Supreme Court of the United States is DENYINGNewsome the right to bring these Extraordinary Writs and Writs underthe All Writs Act, it needs to state its reasons for FAILURE to comply Page 3 of 113
  4. 4. with the statutes/laws governing said matters and why its handling ofthis matter appears to be CONTRARY to decisions of this Court.Furthermore, whether this Court is attempting to OBSTRUCT justice in its handling of this matter?Thus, further REITERATING this Court advising of ALL “Conflict Of Interests” that exist (if any)in its handling of this matter. Newsome further states the following: 1. This instant pleading is submitted in good faith and is not submitted for purposes of delay, harassment, hindering proceedings, embarrassment, obstructing the administration of justice, vexatious litigation, increasing the cost of litigation, etc. and is hereby filed to protect the rights of the Petitioner/Newsome and to provide the Supreme Court of the United States with a response to its March 17, 2011 letter. 2. This instant pleading and legal action has been timely brought in accordance with the Rules and statutes/laws governing said matters and in accordance with this Court‘s March 17, 2011 and April 27, 2011, letters executed by Ruth Jones in the Clerk‘s Office on behalf of this Court and/or William K. Suter. 3. While this Court requested that Newsome provide a “letter” she believes the submittal of a response in form of pleading is appropriate and applicable out of concerns of the DILATORY tactics as well as further unlawful/illegal practices by members in this Court‘s Clerk‘s Office to attempt to USURP authority – i.e. little “Indians” wanting to be Chief and perform the role of the Justices of this Court; moreover, the DESPARATE attempts that may have been made by this Court in efforts to AID and ABET in the COVER-UP of the CRIMINAL and CIVIL WRONGS of its employees in efforts to shield/mask the ILLEGAL ANIMUS of President Barack Obama, his Administration and others leveled against Newsome. While it appears this Court may have been attempting to avoid being provided sufficient information to aid in the handling of this matter and advising Newsome that ―Motion for Leave‖ would now not be required, this instant RT031711&042711SCL is hereto provided for purposes of clarifying and aiding this Court in the handling of this matter – i.e. providing information pertinent to March 17, 2011 request and reiterating pertinent information in the Motion for Leave Newsome previously provided this Court. 4. This instant RT031711&042711SCL is also filed because Newsome believes it is of PUBLIC/WORLDWIDE interest for citizens as well as Foreign Leaders/Nations to see just what she has had to endure in seeking justice for the legal wrongs complained of in the Petition for Extraordinary Writ (―PFEW‖) and EM/ORS. Moreover, concerns that the Courts and United States Government may have moved to COVER-UP the criminal acts/civil violations leveled against Newsome and/or citizen(s) of the United States in RETALIATION of having EXPOSED the CORRUPTION in the United States Government/Government Officials. Page 4 of 113
  5. 5. 5. THE UNITED STATES CITIZENS, PUBLIC/WORLD NEEDS TOKNOW WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON AND WHAT TERRORIST/SUPREMACIST/RACIST GROUP(S) APPEAR TO BE IN CONTROL OF THE UNITED STATESGOVERNMENT – It is time for the Barack Obama Regime to GO – STEP DOWN!!As President Barack Obama has recently requested Foreign Leaders – i.e. forinstance, Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak and Lybia’s Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi. See EXHIBITS “2” and “3” respectively– Articles regarding PresidentObama‘s request that Foreign Leaders step down attached hereto and incorporated byreference as if set forth in full herein. Scheidler v. National Organization for Women, Inc., 123 S.Ct. 1057 (U.S.,2003) - Crime of “coercion” is separate from extortion and involves the use of force or threat of force to restrict anothers freedom of action. TERRORISM: The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments often for ideological or political reasons.2 DOMESTIC TERRORISM: Terrorism that occurs primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States. [18 USCA § 2331(5)] Terrorism that is carried out against one‘s own government or fellow citizens.3 INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM: Terrorism that occurs primarily outside the territorial jurisdiction of the United States, or that transcends national boundaries by the means in which it is carried out, the people it is intended to intimidate, or the place where the perpetrators operate to seek asylum. 4 TERRORIST: a) One who engage in acts or an act of terrorism. 5 b) Somebody who uses violence or the threat of violence, especially bombing, kidnapping, and assassination, to intimidate, often for political purposes.6 TERRORIZE: a) To fill or overpower, with terror; terrify. b) Coerce by intimidation or fear.7 c) Motivate somebody by violence to intimidate or coerce somebody with violence or the threat of violence.8 d) Make somebody very fearful to fill somebody with feelings of intense fear over a period of time. TERRORIST - a radical who employs terror as a political weapon; usually organizes with other terrorists in small cells; often uses religion as a cover for terrorist activities. (EMPHASIS ADDED). ACT OF TERRORISM, TERRORISM, TERRORIST ACT - the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that2 The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (4 th Edition).3 Black‘s Law Dictionary (8th Edition).4 Id.5 The American Heritage. . .6 Encarta World English Dictionary (1999).7 The American Heritage. . .8 Encarta World. . . Page 5 of 113
  6. 6. are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear. RADICAL CELL, TERRORIST CELL - a cell of terrorists (usually 3 to 5 members); "to insure operational security the members of adjacent terrorist cells usually dont know each other or the identity of their leadership." SUPREMACIST: 1) A person who believes in or advocates the supremacy of a particular group, esp. a racial group.9 2) One who believes that a certain group is or should be supreme. 10 3) Somebody who holds the view that a particular group is innately superior to others and therefore, is entitled to dominate them.11 SUPREMACY: A position of superiority or authority over all others.12/13 6. Foreign Leaders are NOT going to be deceived. They are aware of such SUPREMACIST and TERRORIST groups that are running the United States Government. For example, see the Interview Transcript with Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wherein said knowledge is made known - Knowledge confirming statements in Newsome‘s July 13, 2010 Email. 9 Random House Webster‘s Unabridged Dictionary (2nd Edition). 10 The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (4 th Edition). 11 Encarta World English Dictionary (1999). 12 Encarta World. . . 13 This can be said of this instant lawsuit. If it had not been for Newsome‘s patience, diligence, research, etc. the UnitedStates Supreme Court as well as United States citizens would not be aware of the TERRORISTIC acts and CONSPIRACY that hasbeen orchestrated and carried out under the Leadership/Direction of Baker Donelson, its client (Liberty Mutual) and others againstAfrican-Americans and/or people of color; as well as smaller countries/nations. Why? Because this instant action will EXPOSE justhow subtle/elusive such SUPREMACIST/TERRORIST in not wanting to be detected and their intelligence/experience/expertise incovering up their RACIST/DISCRMINATORY/ PREJUDICIAL motives/agenda – i.e. exchanging the white hoods for business suitsand judicial robes, etc. to AVOID detection. See EXHIBIT “I” – DAVID DUKE/KU KLUX KLAN attached hereto and incorporatedby reference as if set forth in full herein. 14 Transcript: U.S. has hostility against our people, Ahmadinejad says . . .And-- all-- these years, they-- stood against our people. They continued hostilities, and they cooperated with all of ourenemies. President Obama said, "We are going to make it-- to make it up." And we welcomed that idea and position. I sent a messagefor him after his election. Of course, I received no answer. He just gave a general response. And that is not considered a response to mymessage. We think maybe President Obama wants to do something, but there are pressures-- pressure groups in the United States who donot allow him to do so. Even if he wants to do something, apparently there are certain groups who do not allow him to do it. Andrea Mitchell: Youre suggesting that President Obama— President Ahmadinejad: We think they are – Andrea Mitchell: --doesnt have-- doesnt have-- the-- as Commander in Chief and leader of the United States does not havethe decision-making power over what he does? President Ahmadinejad: Do you really think President Obama can do anything he wishes to? Andrea Mitchell: Within-- within the— President Ahmadinejad: He does not— Andrea Mitchell: --the constructs of the United States Constitution. But what would you like to hear from President Obama?And what would you like to say to him? Page 6 of 113
  7. 7. Foreign Leaders/Countries are aware that the 7. United States Citizens DO NOT elect the President/Vice President of the United States – Electoral Colleges do. President Barack Obama was placed in the United States White House for DECEPTIVE purposes and all is ―COMING OUT IN THE WASH!!‖ 8. FOREIGN LEADERS/CITIZENS are NOT DECEIVED. They have been made aware of the WILLIE LYNCH practices and realize that the United States DOES NOT have the likes of Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X or Medgar Evers in the White House. NEITHER is that the likes of a NELSON MANDELA in the United States White House – i.e. Blacks WILLING/DETERMINED to put their lives on the line to assure FREEDOM and EQUALITY for ALL. Instead, products of the WILLIE LYNCH practices – United States President Barack Obama, United States Attorney General Eric Holder and President of the NAACP Benjamin Jealous - have been placed on DISPLAY as the NEW FACES of the African- American/Black male. See EXHIBIT “4” – Excerpt from the October PowerPoint Presentation entitled, “Clean Out Congress 2010 – Americans Take BACK Your Country/Government – Come November 2010 Vote OUT The Incumbents Career Politicians” attached hereto and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full herein. 9. It is of PUBLIC/WORLDWIDE interest for citizens and Foreign Nations/Leaders to see DEMOCRACY at work and see FIRST-HAND how the JUDICIAL system works in one of the MOST POWER COUNTRIES in the world. Moreover, how the Respondents and United States Government has resorted to CRIMINAL acts for purposes of OPPRESSION, THREATS, HARASSMENT, BLACKMAIL, EXTORTION, etc. against Newsome and/or citizens who engage in protected activities – i.e. file complaints EXPOSING Human/Civil Rights violations, Discrimination, Retaliation, Terrorism/Supremacist/Racism, etc. Thank God, NATIONS – such as China and others - are coming out to address the HUMAN RIGHTS and CORRUPTION in the United States Government. Stands as Newsome requested in her October 2010 PowerPoint Presentation. See EXHIBIT “5” – 04/11/11 Article ―China Report Criticizes U.S. Human Rights Record‖ attached hereto and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full herein. See EXHIBIT “6” October 2010 PowerPoint Presentation entitled, “Clean Out Congress 2010 – Americans Take BACK Your Country/Government – Come November 2010 Vote OUT The Incumbents Career Politicians” attached President Ahmadinejad: The Constitution is already on the [unintel]. What about the political scene? The reality on theground? Is he able to do everything he wishes to? Personally, its not true. There are different political group, there are a lo—different lobbyist pressure groups, and more important, there are Zionists there. We say, if he wants to do something, there arecertain groups who do not allow him to do so. Page 7 of 113
  8. 8. hereto and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full herein. It is about time for Foreign Countries/Leaders and their citizens let the United States know that they have had enough of its CORRUPTION and INTERFERENCE. See EXHIBIT “7” – Meetings with Foreign Leaders attached hereto and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full herein. 10. United States President Barack Obama came out PUBLICLY andrequested that Foreign Leaders – such as for instance Egypt‘s President HosniMubarak and Libya‘s Colonel Muammar Gaddafi - STEP DOWN. See EXHIBITS“2” and “3” respectively attached hereto and incorporated by reference as if set forthin full herein. Now that Newsome has brought this legal action ADDRESSING THECORRUPTION, CONSPIRACIES and COVER-UP along with supporting evidenceas well as provided Exhibits/Appendices to sustain the EM/ORS and PFEW, ―WILLPRESIDENT OBAMA and HIS ADMINISTRATION STEP DOWN? 11. The United States has a President (Barack Obama) who has recentlycome under question regarding his CITIZENSHIP. Even under such SCRUTINY,President Obama CANNOT and or WILL NOT produce his ―Birth Certificate.‖Instead, information regarding a ―Certificate of LIVE Birth‖ NOT ―BIRTHCertificate‖ is released to the PUBLIC. Furthermore, it appears that President Obamais relying upon his Lawyers/Advisors (i.e. such as Baker, Donelson, Bearman,Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC (―Baker Donelson‖)) who have been shown to beCORRUPT!! See EXHIBIT “8” – regarding Birther issue attached hereto andincorporated by reference as if set forth in full herein. Information which isPERTINENT and RELEVANT because it goes to the United States President BarackObama‘s and his Administration‘s CREDIBILITY!!! Which isCRUCIAL and of PUBLIC/WORLDWIDE interest! Newsome believes it is also IMPORTANT for the PUBLIC/WORLD to see how Lawyers/Advisors for the United States President handle such issues. Newsome‘s experience with the likes of Baker Donelson and/or Respondents in this matter is that they NEVER produce ANY evidence to REBUT that is presented. ALL Respondents ever do is provide MERE ―WORDS‖ by way of rebuttal and ATTEMPT to MISLEAD the FACTFINDER away from the TRUTH!! See for instance EXHIBIT “9” – Obama‘s Response to Birther Issue attached hereto and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full herein. JUST WORDS – Surely if his Administration was willing to provide the ―Certificate of Live Birth,‖ President Obama should have a Birth Certificate. It is the BIRTH CERTIFICATE that the CITIZENS of the United States want to see. Page 8 of 113
  9. 9. PERTINENT FACTS THAT MAY BE RELEVANT TO UNDERSTAND HOW MATTERS MAY BE RELATED TO THIS INSTANT LEGAL ACTION: a) Newsome‘s FIRST response to this Court‘s March 17, 2011 letter was submitted on or about April 22, 2011 (EMPHASIS ADDED). See EXHIBITS “42” – United States Postal Service Mailing Receipts and “43” – April 22, 2011 Cover Letter submitted to the attention of Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and William K. Suter (Clerk) respectively, attached hereto and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full herein. b) On or about April 22, 2011 (EMPHASIS ADDED), United States President Barack Obama allegedly advises one of his many attorneys (Judith Corley) to obtain ―CERTIFIED‖ copies (EMPHASIS ADDED) of his ―original certificate of live birth‖ - stating in part: I am writing to request two certified copies of my original certificate of live birth. With this letter, I hereby authorize my personal counsel, Ms. Judith Corley of Perkins Coie in Washington, D.C., to act on my behalf in providing any additional information or paying any fees required by the Department of Health to fulfill my request. Ms. Corley is also authorized to make any necessary arrangements for delivery of the certified copies from your office. . . . See EXHIBIT “50” – 04/22/11 Letter from President Obama to Loretta J. Fuddy (Director of Health, State of Hawaii – Department of Health) attached hereto and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full herein. c) From the April 22, 2011 (FRIDAY), letters of President Obama and his attorney (Judith Corley) they are requesting that Government Official(s) VIOLATE policies in place to extend to him SPECIAL FAVORS - for instance stating: "As you know, several years ago, my client requested a certified copy of his birth certificate and received, pursuant to the policy and practice of the Hawaii Department of Health, a Certification of Live Birth, sometimes referred to as a "short- form" or abbreviated birth certificate. This Certification of Live Birth is, of course, legally sufficient evidence of birth in the State of Hawaii. Moreover, it is my understanding that it is, and has been, the Department of Healths longstanding policy and practice to provide only the "short-form" version when a certified copy of a birth certificate is requested. We understand that the Department of Health has adopted this policy for sound administrative reasons. However, we are writing to request a waiver of the Department of Healths policy, so that my client can obtain two certified copies of his original, "long form" birth certificate. Waiver of the Departments policy in this instance would allow my client to make a certified copy of his original birth certificate publicly available and would also relieve the burden currently being Page 9 of 113
  10. 10. placed on the Department of Health by the numerous inquiries it receives from the media and others relating to my clients birth record." See EXHIBIT “50” – April 22, 2011 correspondence of President Obama and his counsel (Corley) attached hereto and incorporated as if set forth in full herein. The State of Hawaii requires the completion of "REQUEST FOR CERTIFIED COPY OF BIRTH RECORD." Was President Obama required to complete this Form? See EXHIBIT “53” – Request attached hereto and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full herein.d) If indeed President Obama wanted a copy of his ―BIRTH‖ Certificate and/or ―Certificate of Live Birth‖ the State of Hawaii has a form that is to be used. Such requests are to be SUBMITTED TO: State Department of Health Office of Health Status Monitoring Issuance/Vital Statistics Section P.O. Box 3378 Honolulu, HI 96801 The State of Hawaii provides information on their website. Furthermore, has provided ACCESS to form to be completed and submitted. Nevertheless, President Obama merely relied upon an April 22, 2011 letter – rather than the REQUIRED Form – to obtain a copy of the April 25, 2011 release of Certification of Live Birth.e) On or about April 25, 2011 (EMPHASIS ADDED), the Supreme Court of the United States receives Newsome‘s April 22, 2011, Response to March 17, 2011 Supreme Court of the United States’ Letter. See EXHIBIT “42” attached hereto.f) On or about April 25, 2011 (Monday) (EMPHASIS ADDED), the Governor for the State of Mississippi – Haley Barbour – announced that he would not be running for President in 2012. See EXHIBIT “55” - Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour Wont Run For President attached hereto and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full herein. What a COINCIDENT that such a MAJOR announcement comes on the SAME date that the Supreme Court of the United States received Newsome‘s April 22, 2011 submittal. A potential United States Presidential Candidate that may be linked to Baker Donelson and Ku Klux Klan ties: But the 63-year-old southerner with a syrupy drawl also faced unique obstacles that threatened to distract attention from his campaign message. As he began his campaign, he had to defend comments that suggested a lack of sensitivity about segregationist activities in his home town during the 1950s Page 10 of 113
  11. 11. and about contemporary efforts to honor an early Ku Klux Klan leader with a commemorative license plate tied to the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. Governor Haley Barbour (Republican) who also appears on the ―LIST‖ of positions that Obama‘s legal counsel/advisor Baker Donelson claims ENTITLEMENT to – ―Governor of Mississippi.‖ See EXHIBITS “10” and “27” respectively attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference as if set forth in full herein.g) On or about April 25, 2011 (Monday) (EMPHASIS ADDED) the State of Hawaii Department of Health PROMPTLY releases an ALLEGED certified copy of President Obama‘s Certificate of Live Birth. See EXHIBIT “48” – Certificate of Live Birth information attached hereto and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full herein. You may want to note the following: i. President Obama’s “alleged” Certificate of Live Birth was PURPOSEFULLY placed and reproduced on paper to “MATCH‖ the Background of Certificate of Live Birth. Interesting how a ―REPRODUCED‖ copy can have the ―SAME‖ Background as the Certificate. WOW the wonders one can do to MANIPULATE a document. In fact, President Obama‘s counsel/advisor Baker Donelson also laid claims to ENTITLEMENT to positions such as Chief Counsel, Acting Director, and Acting Deputy Director of United States Citizenship & Immigration Services within the United States Department of Homeland Security. See EXHIBITS “10” and “27” attached hereto and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full herein. Baker Donelson ONLY AFTER Newsome’s going public having information SCRUBBED from Internet. ii. When documents, such as President Obama‘s “Certificate of Live Birth,” are CERTIFIED copies, they are to CONTAIN the ―OATH‖ of person preparing/producing document “As Well As” the “SEAL.” This information is MISSING from President Obama’s 2008 release as well as his recent April 27, 2011 Release. Therefore, these documents ARE NOT ―Authentic‖ nor can be received as ―LEGALLY‖ sufficient. Even with an embossed seal, may have been used, this is a Certificate and President Obama and his counsel FAILED to REVEAL the seal as Page 11 of 113
  12. 12. well as whether or not the PROPER signature(S) if more than one is required by Hawaii laws was provided. For instance, Vital Records such as the ―Certificate of Live Birth‖ may have a statement worded such as: WARNING: This certificate is not valid if it has been altered in any way whatsoever or if it does not bear the raised seal of the office of issuance. If you look at the April 27, 2011 ―Certificate of Live Birth‖ provided by President Barack Obama, notice that while ―Alvin T. Onaka, Ph.D.‖ provides a ―STAMP‖ stating, ―I CERTIFY THIS IS A TRUE COPY OR ABSTRACT OF THE RECORD ON FILE IN THE HAWAII STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH‖ – there is NO State ―SEAL‖ and ―DATE‖ stamp is questionable (i.e. for instance look at the ―2‖ in the 25 and then look at the ―2‖ in the year 2011. Why could ―State Registrar‖ not simply ―WRITE‖ the date certifying when executed. Notice how the ―LOWER PORTION‖ of ―Certificate of Live Birth‖ is missing information which may contain ―FORM number‖ of this document, etc. as well as certification information required by Department of Health Official when this ALLEGED Certificate of Live Birth was filed (i.e. in 1961)iii. How CONVENIENT it is that the ALLEGED doctor that was the Attendant and/or witness to President Obama‘s birth is DECEASED.iv. TYPEWRITER was used to prepare document; however, NOTICE that the dates of ―8-7-61‖ and ―8-8-61‖ are HANDWRITTEN. Then for the ―Local Reg.‖ date is ―STAMPED‖ as well as the date for ―Reg. General.‖ Now look at another “Certificate of Live Birth” provided for a person allegedly named ―ALAN‖ claiming to also have been born in Hawaii. All ―PERTINENT‖ information is entered it appears with use of ―TYPEWRITER‖ – including dates for those signing document. Notice that DATES for those signing ―Alan‘s‖ Certificate of Live Birth appear to have all been present and the matter taken care on the Page 12 of 113
  13. 13. same date of “6 Sept 63” and then was forwarded on to the ―Reg. General‖ who provided ―Date Accepted‖ as “SEP 10 1963.” Note VARIATION in appearance of date stamp used (EMPHASIS ADDED). See EXHIBIT “54” – Hawaii Birth documents retrieved from the Internet attached hereto and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full herein. Looking at another “Certificate of Live Birth” provided with President Obama‘s adjacent, all ―PERTINENT‖ information is entered it appears with use of ―TYPEWRITER‖ – including dates for those signing document. Notice that DATES for those signing Certificate of Live Birth appear to have all been present and the matter taken care on the same date of “20 Feb 61” and then was forwarded on to the ―Reg. General‖ who provided ―LATER‖ date other than that of Local Reg. Then there is a Certification clause which appears to state: "THIS CERTIFIES THAT THE ABOVE IS A TRUE AND ___ (sic – illegible) COPY OF THE ORIGINAL RECORD ON FILE IN THE OFFICE OF THE HEALTH STATISTICS. HAWAII STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH. Being executed by TWO government officials. Nevertheless, President Obama gets SPECIAL attention and treatment and document appears to be in the custody of only ONE person (Alvin T. Oneka).v. While Newsome has no children, her concerns as to how the Obama Certificate of Live Birth filing was handled. For instance, Obama‘s mother‘s alleged signature was provided on or about 8-7-61 and the Attendant‘s on or about 8-8-61 – the same date that it was provided to the Department of Health. So did the HOSPITAL submit his alleged document for filing or did the Attendant do a HAND DELIVERY and, if so, was this the doctor‘s normal way of handling business for births witnessed. Furthermore, the HOSPITAL should also have RECORDS of BIRTHS on the date President Obama is alleged to have been born there. A map of Hawaii is attached at EXHIBIT “52” of this instant filing and is incorporated herein by reference. Page 13 of 113
  14. 14. vi. How CONVENIENT it was for President Barack Obama to get Loretta J. Fuddy (Director of Health) who was CONFIRMED on or about March 29, 2011 – See EXHIBIT “51” - Senate Confirms Topping, Fuddy, Lim attached hereto and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full herein. Not ONLY that, LESS THAN A MONTH in Office and Fuddy clearly went AGAINST policies and procedures to accommodate President Obama and his attorney(s)/counsel/advisor(s), stating: "As director of health for the state of Hawaii, I have the legal authority to approve the process by which copies of such records are made. Through that authority, in recognition of your status as president of the United States, I am making an exception to the current departmental policy which is to issue a computer-generated certified copy," she wrote. See EXHIBIT “49” – Obama Birth Certificate Moved to More Secure Location Months Ago attached hereto and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full herein. Providing a hard copy rather than the ―computer- generated‖ copies which may leave one wondering whether this may be the reason why President Obama released the April 27, 2011, ―Certificate of Live Birth‖ document – i.e. which appears may be a FAKE and FORGED from another document. Moreover, that FAILURE to provide a computer-generated copy may be due to President Obama and his attorneys/counselors/ advisors have NOT been able to figure out how to get around that –i.e. in that the computer may not be able to generate a document from information that is NOT there.vii. On or about April 27, 2011 (Thursday) (EMPHASIS ADDED), President Obama released document alleged to be his ―Certificate of Live Birth.‖ See EXHIBIT “49” – Articles on release attached hereto and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full herein.viii. On or about April 27, 2011 (EMPHASIS ADDED) the Supreme Court of the United States returned Newsome‘s April 22, 2011 Response to March 17, 2011 Supreme Court of the United States’ Letter. See EXHIBIT “44” – Page 14 of 113
  15. 15. 04/27/11 Supreme Court of the United States‘ letter executed by Ruth Jones attached hereto and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full herein. The record evidence will SUSTAIN that this Court has been TIMELY, PROPERLY and ADQUATELY requested to provide Newsome with information regarding ―Conflict of Interests.‖ Such request being made in GOOD-FAITH in that President Obama’s attorney/counsel/advisors (Baker Donelson) have made known their TIES/ RELATIONSHIPS to KEY judicial officials in which the Supreme Court of the United States has been NAMED as well as President Obama since being in office has NOMINATED two (2) Justices (i.e. Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan) to this Court which have been CONFIRMED and are presently serving. Moreover, record evidence will SUSTAIN that Baker Donelson is sure to see that it is on Judicial NOMINATION Committees. See for instance Exhibit “18” of EM/ORS incorporated herein by reference as if set forth in full herein. Furthermore, EXHIBITS “10” and “27” respectively of this instant RT031711&042711SCL which provides the following information in part: Chief of Staff of the Supreme Court of the United States; Administrative Assistant to the Chief Justice of the United States; . . . United States Circuit Court of Appeals Judge; United States District Court Judges; United States Attorneys; Presidents of State and Local Bar Associations 12. President Obama in producing not only the recentlyreleased April 25, 2011 “Certificate of Live Birth” and the 2008“Certification of Live Birth,” has basically opened himself up to“SUBPOENA(s)”, etc. and right of CITIZENS of the United States to“Challenge” authenticity of the document he produced. He is asitting United States President who took an “OATH” of Office. 13. From media information, it appears President Obama is playing upwhat may be a FRAUDULENTLY produced ―Certificate of Live Birth.‖ Going asfar as to make an appearance on Oprah Winfrey – one of PresidentObama‘s TOP/KEY supporters and one that has been known to present andentertain CRIMINALS on her show even going as far as to promote through her―BOOK CLUB‖ works of Authors producing false/fraudulent and/or misleading Page 15 of 113
  16. 16. information. Now it appears that Oprah Winfrey may be using herPLATFORM and CELEBRITY STATUS to help promote the mostrecent CORRUPTION and COVER-UP of the United StatesGovernment in the handling of President Barack Obama‘s BirthCertificate. 14. It is a GOOD THING President Obama andMichelle Obama were NOT invited to the “Royal Wedding”of Prince William and Kate on April 29, 2011. Newsomeknows she would NOT want a President claiming to be theFIRST alleged African-American President of the UnitedStates who appears to be engaged in the VERY practiceswhich have OPPRESSED and DISCRIMINATED againstAfrican-Americans and/or people of color. 15. It is an INSULT and EMBARASSMENT that the United StatesGovernment has allowed such firms as Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell &Berkowitz, PC (―Baker Donelson‖) to assume KEY and CRITICAL positions forpurposes of CREATING a CORRUPT and TERRORIST/SUPREMACISTgovernment to INFLICT pain and suffering on its citizens and upon Foreign NationsWITHOUT just cause to do so. Baker Donelson acknowledging their people inPROMINENT positions as: Chief of Staff to the President of the United States; United States Secretary of State; United States Senate Majority Leader; Members of the United States Senate; Members of the United States House of Representatives; Director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control for United States; Department of Treasury; Director of the Administrative Office of the United States; Chief Counsel, Acting Director, and Acting Deputy Director of United States Citizenship & Immigration Services within the United States Department of Homeland Security; Majority and Minority Staff Director of the Senate Committee on Appropriations; Member of United States President‘s Domestic Policy Council; Counselor to the Deputy Secretary for the United States Department of Chief of Staff of the Supreme Court HHS; of the United States; Administrative Assistant to the Chief Justice of the Page 16 of 113
  17. 17. United States; Deputy under Secretary of International Trade for the United States Department of Commerce; Ambassador to Japan; Ambassador to Turkey; Ambassador to Saudi Arabia; Ambassador to the Sultanate of Oman; Governor of Tennessee; Governor of Mississippi; Deputy Governor and Chief of Staff for the Governor of Tennessee; Commissioner of Finance & Administration (Chief Operating Officer) - State of Tennessee; Special Counselor to the Governor of Virginia; United States Circuit Court of Appeals Judge; United States District Court Judges; United States Attorneys; Presidents of State and Local Bar AssociationsHowever, upon Newsome‘s going PUBLIC and WORLDWIDE, Baker Donelson hashad this information SCRUBBED from the Internet. However, NOT before Newsomecould RETRIEVE such information to sustain its DOMINENCE and CONTROL inHIGH POSITIONS – See EXHIBIT “10” attached hereto and incorporated byreference as if set forth in full herein.Baker Donelson being a law firm which has opposed and REPEATEDLY engaged incriminal/civil wrongs leveled against Newsome for purposes of destroying her life aswell as other citizens. Furthermore, it is an EMBARASSMENT and INSULT tothe United States when it has been shown to the PUBLIC and WORLD thatsuch a CORRUPT law firm as Baker Donelson, its client (LIBERTYMUTUAL INSURANCE) and those who conspire with them areREPEATEDLY giving a SHELLACKING and BEAT DOWN in lawsuitsinvolving Newsome that they have to RESORT to criminal acts – i.e.KIDNAPPING, BRIBERY, BLACKMAIL, EMBEZZLEMENT,EXTORTION, etc. in efforts of obtaining an UNDUE/UNLAWFUL/ILLEGAL advantage for itself and those they represent and/or conspirewith. IMPORTANT TO NOTE Citizens may want to know why the United States is LOSING the Wars/Battlesin IRAN, IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN – Look at the law firm (i.e. Baker Donelson)Government Officials may receive counsel from. A Law Firm thatPROMOTES/INCORPORATES and SUPPORTS and IMPOSES Terrorist/Supremacist/Racist behavior on those they want to CONTROL and OPPOSES orSPEAK OUT AGAINST THEM such as Newsome. Recently a mother (Mary Tillman) of the late Football great (Pat Tillman) came out blasting the Obama Administration for Page 17 of 113
  18. 18. retaining retired General Stanley McChrystal for Co-Chair of the ―Joining Forces‖ Program. See EXHIBIT “11” – Article regarding Mary Tillman attached hereto and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full herein. What this mother may not know, is that this is not ONLY President Barack Obama but his Lawyers/Advisors (i.e. Baker Donelson) at work. They throw out people and/or just merely move them to another post; however, the PERPETRATORS/CONSPIRATORS and CRIMINALS are ALWAYS basically the same regardless which ADMINISTRATION (Republican or Democrat) is in the White House. Baker Donelson and their COHORTS are ROOTED DEEPLY in the Government, Government Corruption, and the COVER-UP by the Government. So when CITIZENS/PUBLIC hear for instance that there is ―Change‖ in the Obama Administration, it is merely President Obama, Baker Donelson, etc. merely PROJECTING information for DECEPTIVE purposes; however, the CRIMINAL/ TERRORIST/SUPREMACIST/RACIST Regime players are still in office. See for instance EXHIBIT “12” – Change in Administration attached hereto and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full herein. However, in doing research you may find that ALL if not the MAJORITY are ASSOCIATED with Baker Donelson. Citizens may want to know why the ECONOMY of the United States is so bad –Yes, look at who is sitting in the TOP/HEAD seat – BAKER DONELSON!!Moreover, who may ACTUALLY be running the United States Government, Banks,Real Estate, etc. See EXHIBIT “13” – The Hands Behind Government Operationsattached hereto and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full herein. Now thislaw firm has SCRUBBED information from the INTERNET as it attempts to TUCK-TAIL and HIDE!! Well Newsome has News - - BUSTED. . . BUSTED. . . BUSTED.Just as such law firms as Baker Donelson and those they have CONSPIRED with havefelt at LIBERTY to have information POSTED on the INTERNET regarding Newsomeknown to be false, obtained and provided for CRIMINAL INTENT, MALICIOUSNESSand DAMAGING; Newsome has taken the LIBERTY to GO PUBLIC and EXPOSEsuch CORRUPTION in the United States Government to thePUBLIC/WORLD/MEDIA at large. Milkovich v. Lorain Journal Co., 110 S.Ct. 2695 (1990) - Where statement of ―opinion‖ on matter of public concern reasonably implies false and defamatory facts involving private figure, plaintiff must show that false implications were made with some level of fault to support recovery. U.S.C.A. Const.Amend. 1. Paul proclaimed his innocence to . . . leaders. When is it wise to make a public response to false accusations, and when should we just let them go? In the case of Paul, the gospel would have been discredited if he had not spoken up. His circumstances made him look like a criminal, and he had no history with these leaders to expect them to assume otherwise without a proper defense. Page 18 of 113
  19. 19. If we have been publicly slandered by credible sources, we should probably make a public response. Otherwise our own witness will be compromised. . . Jesus warned us that some people will say all manner of evil against us falsely, so we should not be surprised when it happens. But we do need to exercise wisdom when we become aware of it.15 16. Newsome believes it is of PUBLIC/WORLDWIDE importance for citizens to see how President Barack Obama, his Administration and others who CONSPIRE with them have gone to great lengths to destroy Newsome‘s CHARACTER, REPUTATION, INTEGRITY. Moreover, the life of one who is: a) Mississippi State Champion in Track & Field; b) Has Ranked Amongst the United States Elite Athletes; c) Who‘s Who Among American High School Students; d) All-American; e) Olympic Trials Qualifier/Participant, etc. f) Member on One of the Fastest 4 x 400 Relay Teams in the Nation consisted of one of the United States Top American Sportscasters – Pamela Oliver (i.e. now currently with Fox Sports – covered some of the 2011 Super Bowl Interviews with Football Players). See EXHIBITS “45” and “46” respectively. Newsome also provides a web link Honoring such successes of this Florida A&M University Relay Team g) Having the Privilege of Attending Mississippi Valley State University During the Time One of the Top National Football League‘s ―Wide Receiver‖ – Jerry Rice – Era. See EXHIBIT “47” attached hereto and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full herein. h) Acknowledgement of Newsome‘s work Ethics and Character with statements such as: This letter is to confirm and recommend Ms. Vogel Newsome to a position of Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistant or greater. While working with Lash Marine, she performed the duties of Executive Assistant with skill and 15 2009-2010 Standard Lesson Commentary (King James Version) - August 29, 2010 Lesson Entitled: ―Upheld By God‖ -Subtitle: ―Let’s Talk It Over.‖ Page 19 of 113
  20. 20. energy. Her spirit and motivation acted as a beacon of light toothers. Her leadership and training of others was a greatservice. Always willing to share; she possess a unique abilityto teach complex skills to the beginner and bring them quicklyup to speed. In addition, being a caring and concerned citizenshe put aside her time to train and work with Training, Inc.employees to develop their office skills for a better future.She is an asset and will be sorely missed at Lash Marine. - -ROBERT K. LANSDEN (VICE PRESIDENT) I have been very, very pleased with Vogel, not onlyin terms of her work product, but also in terms of her attitudeand personality. I would rate her as one of the best legalsecretaries with whom I have ever worked. I would highlyrecommend her to anyone who is looking for a full-time legalsecretary. If my previous secretary were not rejoining me, Iwould want Vogel to be my new permanent secretary. If anyone would care to discuss Vogel with me,please do not hesitate to give them my name and number. Iwill be more than happy to talk with them. I am not certain of the exact day when my previoussecretary will rejoin me. It could be immediately, or, it couldbe a couple of weeks. In light of that, we would like to requestthat we be allowed to continue to work with Vogel untilfurther notice. However, the last thing I want to do is haveVogel miss another good opportunity that might lead topermanent employment. Therefore, if she must be reassigned,I will understand, but grudgingly so.. . . - - RALPH B.GERMANY, JR. (ATTORNEY) I was first introduced to Ms. Newsome over five (5)years ago. Since that time, she has been a Woman of integrityand intelligence. Ms. Newsome always has presented herselfin a professional manner and has always addressed me andothers with the uttermost of respect. Ms. Newsome outgoingpersonality and personal strengths would make her anexcellent additional to anyone‘s staff. I have had theopportunity to work with Ms. Newsome and she hasdemonstrated flexibility in working outside of her field ofendeavor and doing an excellent job is a strong indicator ofhow well she will do in her chosen field of endeavor. Ms.Newsome demonstrated a willingness to perform any taskassigned to her promptly and correctly with little supervision.Ms. Newsome is a very pleasant person to associate with,works as a team player, and would truly be an ASSET to yourorganization because she is the best one for the job. - - LISA J.WASHINGTON (COORDINATOR)June 16, 2005, Email Exchange Between Tommy Page andNewsome: Page: You looked very smart & professional as you walked toward the building! Page 20 of 113
  21. 21. Newsome: Why thank you. I strive to dress and carry myself in a manner in which PKH requires.  Page: You do it well. See EXHIBIT “56” attached hereto and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full herein as well as Exhibit “93” of Newsome‘s EM/ORS. 17. United States President Abraham Lincoln issued and executed anEXECUTIVE ORDER known as the EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION on orabout January 1, 1863 – approximately 148 YEARS Ago – which ORDEREDthe FREEDOM of Slaves. Nevertheless, 148 years later, the United States still havethe likes of Respondents and those who conspire with them DETERMINED to takeNewsome and members of her class BACK into SLAVERY!!! However, asrecent NEWS has shown and FOREIGN NATIONS have PROVEN,the ERA of OPPRESSION by such TERRORIST/SUPREMACISTRegimes (i.e. as the United States) is OVER!!! - - SAY, “NOMORE!!” Foreign Nations/Citizens making it KNOWN they do NOT wantOUTSIDE interference from the United States – THANK GOD!!!!! How can aHYPOCRITICAL country like the United States minister to the needs of those whohave been OPPRESSED, ENSLAVED and in BONDAGE, when the United Statesitself engage in such CRIMINAL and CORRUPTION against its citizens. FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST – THANK GOD ALMIGHTY WE ARE FREE AT LAST!!!See how ELATED citizens in the Middle East are to be FREE and out ofBONDAGE, that many were willing to DIE (i.e. sacrifice their lives) rather thanremain ENSLAVED to a Terrorist/Supremacist regime. See EXHIBIT ―14‖ –Photos of Citizens in the Middle East Celebrating their VICTORY attached heretoand incorporated by reference as if set forth in full herein. It may have only takenseeing the SUCCESS on November 2, 2010 in the United States and theencouragement from a Computer Website Executive, to take up the MANTLE andLEAD/ORGANIZE the TAKE OVER!!! 18. Great SACRIFICES have been made by people such as―Whistleblower‖ Army Spc. Bradley Manning (―Manning‖) - See EXHIBIT “15”attached hereto and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full herein - who hasrisked his life to REPORT and EXPOSE the CORRUPTION and CRIMINAL/CIVILviolations of the United States because he want the PUBLIC to know the TRUTH!COURAGEOUS acts by a citizen it appears who could NOT look the other way andallow INJUSTICES, CORRUPTION and CRIMES to continue WITHOUT makingthe PUBLIC AWARE! CHINA is correct in SPEAKING out and Page 21 of 113
  22. 22. SHINING THE LIGHT on the United States and itsHYPROCRISY!!Newsome believes a reasonable mind may conclude thatbased upon the facts, evidence and legal conclusionscontained herein, that had taken his concerns to the propergovernment agency/authority, NOTHING would have beendone. Moreover, that to silence Manning and preventknowledge of the United States role in CORRUPTION andCOVER-UPS in criminal/civil wrongs may have had him“KILLED/MURDERED/ASSASSINATED.‖ 19. Great SACRIFICES have been made by people as WIKILEAKS‘Julian Assange - See EXHIBIT “16” attached hereto and incorporated by referenceas if set forth in full herein - who has come under attacks for releasing suchCRITICAL, DAMAGING and PERTINENT information to the PUBLIC/WORLDregarding the United States CORRUPTION and COVER-UP of CRIMINAL/CIVILWRONGS. 20. There are approximately TWO United States President (i.e. AbrahamLincoln and John F. Kennedy) who were ASSASSINATED because of the likes ofRespondents, Obama Administration, etc. and others who did not want to moveFORWARD and INSISTED on keeping a RACE of people OPPRESSED and inBONDAGE! 21. PROMINATE Civil Rights Leaders (i.e. Medgar Evers, Malcolm X,Martin Luther King Jr.) were ASSASSINATED because of the likes of Respondents,Obama Administration, etc. and others who did not want to move FORWARD andINSISTED on keeping a RACE of people OPPRESSED and in BONDAGE! 22. As with Newsome, there are other African American women whohave come under attack for speaking out and/or exercising Rights secured under theConstitution and/or laws of the United States. For instance:a. In July 2010, Shirley Sherrod (―Sherrod‖) was UNLAWFULLY/ILLEGALLY removed from her job – i.e. Obama Administration requesting that she RESIGN. See EXHIBIT “17” attached hereto and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full herein. It does NOT look good to the PUBLIC/WORLD when such attacks on Sherrod comes approximately 6 days AFTER Newsome‘s July 13, 2010 email entitled, ――U.S. PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: The Downfall/Doom of the Obama Administration – Corruption/Conspiracy/Cover- Up/Criminal Acts Made Public‖ - which was received by United States President Barack Obama and those in his Administration (i.e. like Shirley Page 22 of 113
  23. 23. Sherrod‘s boss – Secretary of Agriculture Thomas Vilsack) – See EXHIBIT “18” – Excerpt of the July 13, 2010 email evidencing Thomas Vilsack as a RECIPIENT. Sherrod who is an ACTIVIST and a product of an HBCU (Historical Black College and University) – Albany State University. Newsome being an ACTIVIST and product of HBCU – Florida A&M University. b. In November 2010, Velma Hart was FIRED/TERMINATED/LAID OFF from her job as Chief Financial Officer for American Veterans AFTER being TELEVISED questioning President Obama stating for instance: ―Quite frankly, I’m exhausted. Exhausted of defending you, defending your administration, defending the man for change I voted for, and deeply disappointed with where we are right now. I‘ve been told that I voted for a man who said he was going to change things in a meaningful way for the middle class. I‘m one of those people and I‘m waiting, sir, I‘m waiting. I don‘t feel it yet . . .‖ See EXHIBIT “19” attached hereto and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full herein. Newsome knew that based upon the MEDIA coverage, that Hart’s employment days were NUMBERED. Sure enough ―acting TRUE to form‖ Hart may have been FIRED/TERMINATED/LAID OFF as a direct and proximate result of exercising her First Amendment Rights. c. Clearly under the Willie Lynch Practices one can see the concerns such OPPRESSORS had regarding the African-American/Black Woman. Such Oppressors thought that Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. was a problem/threat so the United States Government was pleased with such Civil Rights Leaders’ assassinations. Now they are finding out that Newsome and a number of other African-American/Black women are NOT remaining silent and giving into the WILLIE LYNCH practices. 23. Newsome uses not only her own PERSONAL experiences but those of citizens such as ―Carl Brandon‖ and ―Omar Thornton‖ who were targeted and subjected to DISCRIMINATORY practices and CONSPIRACIES for purposes of forcing and driving them to commit criminal acts – See EXHIBITS “20” (Carl Brandon) and “21” (Omar Thornton)16 attached hereto and incorporated by reference 16; Using the following excerpts: Some people don‘t want to discuss racism as being a form of violence because it would reveal that they themselves are in factextremely violent and in denial about it. Omar Thornton‘s incident has a host of websites spewing hate talk toward African-Americans. Hartford Distributors mayhave used racism and gradually managed to kill Omar Thornton mentally and emotionally before the killing spree via attrition. JessicaAnne Brocuglio, an ex-girlfriend of Omar Thornton, comes forward with character evidence: He always felt like he was being discriminated (against) because he was black[.]‖ ―Basically they wouldn’t give him payraises. He never felt like they accepted him as a hard working person.‖ Page 23 of 113
  24. 24. as if set forth in full herein. Newsome having gone PUBLIC and WORLDWIDE in showing how the ―WILLIE LYNCH‖17 practices are implemented by the likes of This statement corroborates with what Kristi Hannah, Omar Thornton‘s fiancée before his death, had been telling theManchester Police Department about Hartford Distributors treating him like a persona non grata. Plus, a fellow co-worker who was employed with Omar Thornton at Hartford Distributors has come forward stating that hehad seen the racist taunts: ―Stuff on walls. Racist comments. I saw with my own eyes.‖ More importantly, the fellow co-worker saidMr. Thornton was hired as a truck driver; yet, he was assigned to loading boxes in the warehouse. Mr. Thornton had to fight to getbehind the wheel. The co-worker then states that Hartford Distributors are lying and the evidence is in Omar‘s cell phone. Thesestatements are serious and they are not based upon speculation. This places the co-worker in a position to be called as a key witness toracism within Hartford Distributors. Although the co-worker is no longer under the employ of Hartford Distributors, he has witnessedthese incidents first-hand. These statements make it appear as if Hartford Distributors is deliberately being obtuse to shield themselvesfrom potential liability. As Marcellus said in William Shakespeare‘s play ―Hamlet,‖ ―[s]omething is rotten in the state of Denmark.‖Thus far, the answers provided by Hartford Distributors just rubs me the wrong way. But underneath, Thornton seethed with a sense of racial injustice for years that culminated in a shooting rampage Tuesday inwhich the Connecticut man killed eight and wounded two others at his job at Hartford Distributors in Manchester before killing himself. "I know what pushed him over the edge was all the racial stuff that was happening at work," said his girlfriend, KristiHannah. Thornton, a black man, said as much in a chilling, four-minute 911 call. "You probably want to know the reason why I shot this place up," Thornton said in a recording released Thursday. "Thisplace is a racist place. Theyre treating me bad over here. And treat all other black employees bad over here, too. So I took it to myown hands and handled the problem. I wish I could have got more of the people." . . . One time Thornton had a confrontation with a white co-worker who used a racial slur against him, she said. Thornton changedjobs a few times because he was not getting raises, Brocuglio said. "Im sick of having to quit jobs and get another job because they cant accept me," she said he told her. . . . Brocuglios sister, Toni, said Thornton would come home and say co-workers called him racial slurs. He was also upset bycomments made by passers-by about the interracial couple, she said. "He just didnt understand why people had so much hatred in their lives," Toni Brocuglio said. . . . But Hannah said he showed her cell phone photos of racist graffiti in the bathroom at the beer company and overheard acompany official using a racial epithet in reference to him, but a union representative did not return his phone calls. Police said theyrecovered the phone and forensics experts would examine it. and Port Gibson Shooter (Carl Brandon) complained of: Apparently, the deadly shooting rampage was the culmination of years of anger and frustration over what the shooter believedto be false accusations of sexual harassment. "I dont know how you can consider me a danger. I was made a criminal through thesystem. . . ―I would put Carl Brandon as a model from my town. I think he was one of the more intellegent and well manners persons inthe class. i cannot imagine this guy walking up one morning to decide that he want to destroy his life and others.‖ – Sarah Kelly(Chicago, IL) ―Some time a person try to walk away from a problem, but there are people in this world that want let them do that. Thisman had left his job and move on, but that was not good enough. They had to call his job and tell them what happened 9 years ago,and got this man fired. I hate that he let the devil take over him at the time, but I do understand . . . I hope we can learn something fromthis tragedy.‖ – Shelly Jones (Nashville, TN) ―He had lost his job because someone said he had harassed them. He lost his reputation and the respect of some. When hetried to move on some vindictive, vicious persons went to his next job and scandalized him. He fought through every legal avenueavailable to him and found no justice.‖ – Cassandra Cook Butler (AOL) 17 ―In my bag here, I have a foolproof [sic] method of controlling your black slaves. I guarantee every one of you that ifinstalled correctly it will control the slaves for at least 300 years. . . Any member of your family or your overseer can use it. . . I use fear,distrust and envy for control. . . The Breaking Process of the African Woman Take the female and run a series of tests on her to see if she will submit to your desires willingly. TEST her in every way,because she is the most important factor for good economics. If she shows any sign of resistance in submitting completely to your will,do not hesitate to use the bull whip on her to extract the last bit of resistance out of her. Take care not to kill her, for in doing so, youspoil good economic. . . .‖ Page 24 of 113
  25. 25. Respondents for purposes of breaking down Newsome and those of her Race forpurposes of keeping them OPPRESSED, ENSLAVED and in BONDAGE!Moreover, to drive CITIZENS into committing criminal acts as a direct andproximate result of CONSPIRACIES involving racially motivated violations of thelaws. See EXHIBIT “22” – Willie Lynch document attached hereto andincorporated by reference as if set forth in full herein. So NO foreign citizens inthe MIDDLE EAST can clearly see from documentation andEVIDENCE provided them that the “Obama Administration” is aSHAM – i.e. CORRUPT as well as the United States JUDICIALSYSTEM. Clearly the United States can be NO role model in that it engages inCORRUPTION and the COVER-UP of discriminatory practices, human/civil rightsviolations, obstruction of justice, and other criminal/civil wrongs leveled againstAfrican-Americans and/or people of color. 24. It was IMPORTANT to Newsome that the PUBLIC/WORLD sawjust how the First ALLEDGED African-American President (Barack Obama)ABANDONED his Pastor Jeremiah Wright when EXCERPTS of his sermons (i.e.SIMILAR practice as that used on Shirley Sherrod) were taken OUT-OF-CONTEXT to makeWright appear as CRAZY, LUNATIC, and HOSTILE.Moreover, how the WHITE candidates (i.e. Hilary Clinton – now Secretary of Stateand Sarah Palin who was the Vice Presidential Candidate for Republican Party)wanted to paint Wright as a TERRORIST!! IMPORTANT TO NOTE: It was agood thing that Army Spc. Bradley Manning released information regarding theUnited States Government‘s CORRUPTION and COVER-UP of crimes. Moreover,WikiLeaks sharing information with the WORLD – then the coming of a release of ―U.S.: 1940s STDan Article on or about October 1, 2010, entitled,Experiments ―Clearly Unethical‖ SUPPORTING the UnitedStates Government‘s role in UNETHICAL practices – i.e. asthat of the Tuskegee Test which were INFLICTED onAfrican-American men. See EXHIBIT “23” - “U.S.: 1940s STDExperiments “Clearly Unethical” attached hereto and incorporated by reference as ifset forth in full herein. So while the United States was trying to portray the preacher(Jeremiah Wright) as being CRAZY, TERRORIST, etc. and taking EXCERPTS fromsermons to DECEIVE the Nation – LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!!! The TRUTH issurfacing and being released to the PUBLIC/WORLD as with that provided byWikiLeaks. 25. While President Obama and his Administration are attempting tomake it APPEAR that they were for the citizens of Egypt and other Foreign Nationstaking back their Government, they were NOT. President Obama and hisAdministration CLEARLY are in FEAR now because they realize that the NEWForeign Governments being established by those who have been OPPRESSED,ENSLAVED and in BONDAGE for DECADES (i.e. some over 40 Years) will NOT Page 25 of 113
  26. 26. allow the United States to DICTATE and continue to use their POWER toTERRORIZE them as they have done to Newsome and others that SPEAK OUT andEXPOSE CORRUPTION, INJUSTICES, RACISM, DISCRIMINATION, etc.Newsome believes it is President Obama‘s time to take his OWN advice: STEP DOWN FROM OFFICE – i.e. in that he has known of the CORRUPTION and COVER-UP of crimes and civil wrongs leveled not only against Newsome but those of other citizens of the United States that were TIMELY, PROPERLY and ADEQUATELY brought to his attention; however, made a CONSCIOUS and WILLING decision to look the other way. Leaving to question as with IMPEACHED President Nixon – WHAT did President Barack Obama know and WHEN did he know it? Newsome believesit is time for President Obama and his TERRORIST/SUPREMACIST/RACIST Regime to LEAVE the White House. Therefore, Newsome has INITIATED the appropriate legal action(s) – Petition for EXTRAORDINARY WRIT with the Supreme Court of the United States for the CORRECTION and EXPOSURE of practices OUTLAWED HUNDREDS of Years Ago. 26. President Obama‘s/United States Government‘s RECENTLY comingout and speaking out as though they were for the citizens in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen,Syria, Libya, etc. and other Foreign citizens taking ON/BACK their government is aFARCE and the Foreign Citizens/Leaders know it. ForeignLeaders/Media/Citizens may be aware of the attacks on Newsome because she hasreleased information to be shared as to the OPPRESSIVE and ENSLAVEMENTpractices of the United States Government, employers and those who have conspiredwith them to destroy her life. For instance leaders in EGYPT knew thatplacing President Obama in the White House was a FRONT and merelyDECEPTIVE acts to mislead Foreign Countries, their Leaders andCitizens: Muhammad Habib, first deputy to the general guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, said: He said ―the US Administration employs all cards to serve its own interests.” that the speech that Obama intends to deliver in Egypt is “of no value.‖ He added: ―Statements and speeches must be associated with, or preceded by real change in policy on the ground, because policy is judged by deeds, not words.‖See EXHIBIT “24”“EGYPT‘S Opposition Leaders Sound Off On -Upcoming Obama Visit” attached hereto and incorporated by reference as if setforth in full herein. As well as the following information at: Page 26 of 113
  27. 27. out-vision-of-muslim.html . . . Bin Laden said that Obamas approach to the Muslim world was no different from that of Bush18, whose policies — from the invasion of Iraq to the use of some interrogation methods widely considered torture — convinced many Muslims that the United States had launched a war on Islam. . . However, Gamal Eid, the head of the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, said he planned to decline the invitation. The Israeli ambassador to he didnt want to be in the same Egypt also is invited, and Eid said room as a representative of what he called a "criminal" government. See EXHIBIT “25” – “Obama to Lay Out Vision of Muslim’s World’s Future” Article attached hereto and incorporated by reference. ALL FOR POLITICAL/POLL POINTS - - With ALL the Government INTELLIGENCE the United States has, how CONVENIENT it was that Bin Laden has been killed – 4 days AFTER President Obama releases his ALLEDGED Birth Certificate. See EXHIBIT “6” at the 16th Page. President Obama TAKING CREDIT for ordering Bin Laden‘s death. LOOK AT THE TIMING of this News!!!! 27. This Court has retained copies of the PFEW in this action as well as the $300 Filing Fee submitted. Newsome being a paying litigant in that it appeared to her that this Court may have attempted to try and get her to come before it in the “In Forma Pauperis” (―IFP‖) status to avoid having to address the issues presented therein – i.e. in that IFP pleadings/filings do NOT appear to be subject to the same standard of review as that of PAYING litigants. In re McDonald, 489 U.S. 180, 109 S.Ct. 993 (1989) Jessie McDonald may well have abused his right to file petitions in this Court without payment of the docketing fee; the Courts order documents that fact. I do not agree, however, that he poses such a threat to the orderly administration of justice that we should embark on the unprecedented and dangerous course the Court charts today. . . . I am most concerned, however, that if, as I fear, we continue on the course we chart today, we will end by closing our doors to a litigant with a meritorious claim. It is rare, but it does happen on occasion that we grant review and even decide in favor of a litigant who previously had presented multiple unsuccessful*188 petitions on the same issue. See, e.g., Chessman v. Teets, 354 U.S. 156, 77 S.Ct. 1127, 1 L.Ed.2d 1253 (1957); see id., at 173-177, 77 S.Ct. at 1136-1138 (Douglas, J., dissenting). "Petitioner is no stranger to us. Since 1971, he has made 73 separate filings with the Court, not including this petition, which is his eighth so far this Term. These include 4 appeals, 33 petitions for certiorari, 99 petitions for extraordinary writs, 7 applications for stay and other injunctive relief, and 10 petitions for rehearing." Id. pp. 994- 995. 18 PUBLIC/WORLD needs to know because President Obama may be relying upon the advice of the same counsel and/oradvisors used by President Bush. Page 27 of 113
  28. 28. "But paupers filing pro se petitions are not subject to the financial considerations - filing fees and attorneys fees - that deter other litigants from filing frivolous petitions." Id. p. 996. The Supreme Court (even after all of McDonalds filings) did not close the door to McDonald. A litigant who is identified as filing 73 separate filings in a one-year period; however, ruled, "Petitioner remains free under the present order to file in forma pauperis requests for relief other than an extraordinary writ, if he qualifies under the Courts Rule 46 and does not similarly abuse that privilege." Id. p. 996. 28. The EMERGENCY relief sought through EM/ORS and PFEW is thatwhich is required to deter and mitigate damages sustained by Newsome. Moreover,is relief that should have been sought by the appropriate Government Agency(s) towhich matters were brought; however, failed to perform ministerial duties owedNewsome in RETALIATION of her having brought legal action and/or knowledge ofher engagement in protected activities – i.e. active role in conspiracy(s) leveledagainst Newsome. 29. Newsome would be prejudiced by this action should this Court denyher EQUAL protection of the laws, EQUAL privileges and immunities of the lawsand DUE PROCESS of laws in the handling of this instant RT031711&042711SCLto which it supports the PFEW and EM/ORS submitted to the attention of this Courtfor filing. Therefore, this instant RT031711&042711SCL is being filed to preservethe rights, arguments and defenses asserted by Newsome under the statutes/lawsgoverning said matters. 30. For the sake from having to reargue issues/arguments/defenses andlegal conclusions, Newsome incorporates by reference ―PFEW‖ and ―EM/ORS‖ aswell as their supporting Appendices/Exhibits submitted to the Supreme Court of theUnited States for filing. 31. Newsome believes that the facts, evidence and legal conclusionsprovided herein as well as in ―PFEW‖ and ―EM/ORS‖ will sustain that the SupremeCourt of the United States MUST take jurisdiction in this matter; CANNOT pass it bybecause it may be doubtful; MUST decide the issues/questions presented before thisCourt; and CANNOT decline the exercise of jurisdiction to which Newsome isentitled: Ex parte Young, 209 U.S. 123, 165, 28 S.Ct. 441, 52 L.Ed. 714 (1908) - [HN1] The United States Supreme Court will not take jurisdiction if it should not; but it is equally true that it MUST take jurisdiction if it should. The judiciary CANNOT, as the legislature may, avoid a measure because it approaches the confines of the Constitution. The court CANNOT pass it by because it is doubtful. With whatever doubts, with whatever difficulties, a case may be attended, the court MUST decide it, if it is brought before it. The court has NO more right to decline the exercise of jurisdiction, which is given, than to usurp that which is not given. The one or the other would be TREASON to the Constitution. Questions may occur which the court would gladly avoid, but the court CANNOT avoid them. All the court can do is to exercise its best judgment, and conscientiously perform its duty. Page 28 of 113
  29. 29. for to do so would be TREASON to the Constitution. Therefore, Newsome seeks this Court‘s addressing issues/questions presented it and to perform the duties owed her as well as the citizens of the United States. I. ALL WRITS ACT Newsome hopes that the Supreme Court of the United States understands that due to theEXTRAORDINARY, EXCEPTIONAL and CRITICAL/EXIGENT circumstances involved in thiscase, this instant RT031711&042711SCL is necessary in response its March 17, 2011 letter to her.Newsome hopes that there is sufficient and adequate information contained herein as well as inEM/ORS, PFEW and their supporting Exhibits/Appendices to end concerns of what she believes maybe DILATORY practices by this Court in light of the DAMAGING information contained hereinwhich actually has LED back to its DOORSTEPS due to its FAILURE to act when Newsome firstbegan coming to this Court to address such HIDEOUS criminal behavior and civil violations. Due tothe extenuating factors involved and the impact such crimes/civil wrongs have had not only onNewsome but the PUBLIC/WORLD at large, she request that her Petition for Extraordinary Writ befiled and this Court issue the required legal process on Respondents. Newsome believes that there issufficient Respondent information – i.e. names, addresses, etc. - available in this EM/ORS, PFEWand their supporting Exhibits/Appendices to move forward. Even if not, this Court has the properlegal tools and resources to retain information to avoid any further delays in the PROSECUTION andADMINISTRATION of justice. 28 USC § 1651 Writs: (a) The Supreme Court and all courts established by Act of Congress may issue ALL writs necessary or appropriate in aid of their respective jurisdictions and agreeable to the usages and principles of law. Section 376 provided: ―. . . The Supreme Court. . . shall have power to issue ALL writs NOT specifically provided for by statute, which may be NECESSARY for the exercise of their respective jurisdictions, and agreeable to the usages and principles of law.‖ Ex parte Fahey, 67 S.Ct. 1558 (1947) - United States Supreme Court has power to issue extraordinary writs . . .but such Page 29 of 113
  30. 30. remedies should be resorted to only where appeal is clearly inadequate, and they are reserved for really extraordinary causes. Black’s Law Dictionary (8th Edition): All Writs Act – A federal statute that gives the U.S. Supreme Court and all courts established by Congress the power to issue writs in aid of their jurisdiction and in conformity with the usages and principles of law. Black’s Law Dictionary – Second Pocket Edition: Writ: A court‘s written order, in the name of a state or other competent legal authority, commanding the addressee to do or refrain from doing some specified act. Extraordinary Writ: A writ issued by a court exercising unusual or discretionary power. Original Writ: A writ commencing an action and directing the defendant to appear and answer. U.S. v. Denedo, 129 S.Ct. 2213 (U.S.,2009) - Under the All Writs Act, a courts power to issue any form of relief, extraordinary or otherwise, is contingent on that courts subject-matter jurisdiction over the case or controversy. 28 U.S.C.A. § 1651(a). Wisconsin Right to Life, Inc. v. Federal Election Comn, 125 S.Ct. 2 (U.S.,2004) - Authority granted to courts under the All Writs Act is to be used sparingly and only in the most critical and exigent circumstances. (Per Chief Justice Rehnquist, sitting as single Justice.) 28 U.S.C.A. § 1651(a). Wisconsin Right to Life, Inc. v. Federal Election Comn, 125 S.Ct. 2 (U.S.,2004) - Authority granted to courts under the All Writs Act is appropriately exercised only: (1) when necessary or appropriate in aid of courts jurisdiction; and (2) when legal rights at issue are indisputably clear. (Per Chief Justice Rehnquist, sitting as single Justice.) 28 U.S.C.A. § 1651(a). PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that in compliance with the March 17, 2011 Letter issued by thisCourt, and in furtherance of claims addressed in EM/ORS, PFEW and subsequent filings to saidpleadings, Newsome states: 32. Her concerns as to what she believes to be this Court‘s attempt to MISLEAD her and/or MISGUIDE her into thinking that the ONLY type of Extraordinary Writs this Court will address are: extraordinary writ of mandamus, mandamus/prohibition, habeas corpus – when it IS NOT!! 33. Newsome believes that a reasonable mind may conclude that the EM/ORS, PFEW and their supporting Exhibits/Appendices clearly supports and provides this Court with ADEQUATE and SUFFICIENT information that it could have concluded that Newsome seeks to bring legal actions under the ―ALL WRITS ACT‖ and/or applicable statutes/laws governing claims addressed in EM/ORS and Page 30 of 113
  31. 31. PFEW. Furthermore, based upon the facts, evidence and legal conclusions, thisCourt having the DUTY and OBLIGATION to correct any/all miscarriage of justicereported through this action and/or known to it. 34. Based upon the facts, evidence and legal conclusion provided inNewsome‘s EM/ORS and PFEW, she seeks legal relief under the All Writs Act andany/all applicable statutes/laws to correct legal wrongs addressed and/or known tothis Court which may include the following (i.e. however, is not limited to saidlisting): a. Original Writ b. Writ of Conspiracy c. Writ of Course d. Writ of Detinue e. Writ of Entry f. Writ of Exigi Facias g. Writ of Formedon h. Writ of Injunction i. Writ of Mandamus j. Writ of Possession k. Writ of Praecipe l. Writ of Protection m. Writ of Recaption n. Writ of Prohibition o. Writ of Review p. Writ of Supersedeas q. Writ of SUPERVISORY CONTROL r. Writ of Securitate Pacis s. Extraterritorial Writs Page 31 of 113
  32. 32. 35. Newsome believes based upon the facts, evidence and legalconclusions, that the record evidence will sustain that CRITICAL and EXIGENTcircumstances exist to support her EM/ORS and PFEW; moreover, relief under the―All Writs Act.‖ Furthermore, Newsome‘s EM/ORS and PFEW sets forth evidenceand facts that authority under the ―All Writs Act‖ is warranted to aid in this Court‘sJurisdiction and that the Legal Rights at ISSUE are INDISPUTABLY clear. Wisconsin Right to Life v. Federal Election Com’n, 125 S.Ct. 2, 542 U.S. 1305, 159 L.Ed.2d 805 (2004) – Authority granted to courts under the All Writs Act is to be used sparingly and only in the most CRITICAL and EXIGENT circumstances (Per Chief Justice Rehnquist). Authority granted under the All Rights Act is appropriately exercised only: (1) when necessary or appropriate to aid in court‘s jurisdiction; and (2) when legal rights at ISSUE are INDISPUTABLY clear. (Per Chief Justice Rehnquist). Id. 36. Newsome believes that the facts, evidence and legal conclusionsprovided in EM/ORS and PFEW and their supporting Exhibits/Appendices willsustain that the Writs sought as well as other applicable relief KNOWN to this Courtto correct the legal wrongs reported will sustain LEGISLATIVELY approved sourcesof PROCEDURAL INSTRUMENTS designed to achieve RATIONAL ends of lawand may be used by this Court in ISSUING the APPROPRIATE Orders to assist it inconducting FACTUAL INQUIRIES/INVESTIGATIONS into the Issues/Claims setforth in EM/ORS, PFEW and their supporting Exhibits/Appendices. Harris v. Nelson, 89 S.Ct. 1082, 394 U.S. 286, 22 L.Ed.2d 281, rehearing denied 89 S.Ct. 1623, 394 U.S. 1025, 23 L.Ed. 50 (1969) – All Writs Act serves as LEGISLATIVELY approved source of procedural instruments designed to achieve rational ends of law and may be relied on by courts in issuing order appropriate to ASSIST them in CONDUCTING FACTUAL INQUIRIES. 37. The Supreme Court of the United States have statutory authority aswell as inherent power to execute the applicable Orders that are necessary toCORRECT the legal wrongs/injustices and prevent interference/obstruction of justiceto the implementation of said Orders sought. U.S. v. Wallace, 218 F.Supp. 290 (1963) – The courts of the United States have statutory authority as well as inherent power to enter such orders as may be necessary to effectuate their lawful decrees and to prevent interference with, and obstruction to, their implementation. 38. Newsome believes that the facts, evidence and legal conclusionprovided in the EM/ORS and PFEW and their supporting Exhibits/Appendices willsustain that this matter is of ―PUBLIC IMPORTANCE‖ and is ofPUBLIC/NATIONAL security in that it supports the COVER-UP of Respondents,President Barack Obama, his Administration and the United States Government ofCORRUPTION, CRIMINAL/CIVIL VIOLATIONS and TERRORIST/RACIST/SUPREMACIST practices. Furthermore, the record evidence will SUPPORT aWILLFUL disregard of legislative policy, rules of the Supreme Court of the United Page 32 of 113