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Internet Of Things


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vodQA 2016

Published in: Technology
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Internet Of Things

  1. 1. IOT - Testing Trends
  2. 2. about me Nalinikanth Quality Analyst @ThoughtWorks Twittter - @nalinikanth99
  3. 3. What do you Expect Expectations...?
  4. 4. Take aways Basic Knowledge on IOT. Performance and Security of IOT. How to test IOT. Challenges in IOT Testing.
  5. 5. Smart Home
  6. 6. Patterns
  7. 7. IOT - Ecosystem
  8. 8. Scary Stories Car stopped in a fast lane. Cars drive themselves to thieves – Disappearing cars. Criminals steal your Amazon deliveries. Self driving car met with accident and people died. Thanks to my ISP, it had a fiber cut. so, no water today. AC is not working as there an issue with router.
  9. 9. Testing Scope
  10. 10. Testing IOT
  11. 11. One Scenario
  12. 12. One Scenario
  13. 13. Performance Testing of IOT Device to Device Communication. Network bandwidth, latency & packet loss. Device to server communication. Interruptions in network.
  14. 14. Security breaches
  15. 15. Device memory Ecosystem Physical Interfaces Network traffic Hardware Authentication and Authorization Attack surface areas
  16. 16. Should we secure the system ?? Secure by design. Secured technology, process, and people. Test for security. Emphasize security from day one. Lifecycle, future-proofing, updates. Access control and device authentication. Know your enemy. Prepare for security breaches.
  17. 17. Testing Table
  18. 18. Testing process Rethinking the Testing Process Sensor Monitoring & Hardware Testing Security & Performance Real time scenarios Getting the UX right
  19. 19. Finally.....