Vodafone application upload guidelines v1


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Vodafone AppSelect application upload guidelines

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Vodafone application upload guidelines v1

  1. 1. Guide for Vodafone application developers February 2012 Vodafone Content Operations
  2. 2. Getting StartedThe Vodafone Apps Publishing Platform (sometimes You can create your account by visitingreferred to as SIS, Single Ingestion System) is theonline self-service portal for developers to submit http://developer.vodafone.com/uploadAndroid applications for distribution via Vodafone’sAppSelect client. Required information:Through the Publishing Platform you can manage • Mandatory: Username, first & last name, email,your account, upload apps, submit banking details password(for paid apps), and manage the overall lifecycle of • Optional: Company, homepage, descriptionyour apps, all on one site.
  3. 3. Main navigation links to manage Finding Your Way Around your content, account, messages and reportsClick here to access the upload form. See next slide Onceuploaded, all your appstogether with their status will appear here
  4. 4. The Upload Forms Stage 1 Stage 2Uploading your App comprises of two stages:Stage 1 – Providing your application (.apk file),descriptions, screenshots and supporting metadataStage 2 –Setting your prices (free or paid apps) andselecting the markets where the app will bepublishedNote: If this is your first time uploading, or if our terms & conditionshave been updated, you will be asked check and accept these priorto uploading
  5. 5. Before You StartThe following preparation should take approx. 10minutes and will save a lot of time later on in theprocess How your images appear to customersRequired assets• Your .apk file (no more than 300Mb)• A 512x512 icon (.PNG format)• 3 screenshots in 480x800 (.PNG format)Note: this resolution is slightly different to those you may have forAndroid Market, but won’t take long to re-size)Paid AppsIf you have a paid app, please create a financeaccount prior to uploading by selecting ‘My Profile’and following the instructions under the “Create anaccount with Vodafone” sectionYou can also provide descriptions in different languages, tohelp drive downloads in local markets, which we recommendpreparing before you start the upload process. Languages are:English, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish
  6. 6. Stage 1: Basic Information Select one or two (max.) categories Estimated data traffic generated by the app. Typically video streaming apps are high, most are medium or low
  7. 7. Stage 1: Additional Information Refers to languages supported within the app. You can specify markets for distribution later on. Important: If your app contains any of these items please select them here. These items are permitted, but do need to be declared in order to pass QA
  8. 8. Whilst localised information is optional, we highly recommend including this if possible,Stage 1: Localised Information which will help increase downloads in local markets If you have localised descriptions terms you can add them by pressing this button. For additional languages keep pressing this
  9. 9. Stage 1: Application File Upload your .apk here, 300Mb max.
  10. 10. Stage 1: Icons & Screenshots Mandatory images: - One 512x512 .png icon - 3 (min) to 6 (max) 480x800 .png screenshots Whilst these are slightly different to those you may have for Android Market, it won’t take too long to re-size existing assets Optional images: - 3 (min) to 6 (max) 320x480 .png screenshots - 3 (min) to 6 (max) 480x854 .png screenshots If provided, we use these images on lower res devices to ensure optimal display for customers
  11. 11. Stage 1: Video Link To retrieve an rtsp YouTube link: First method: The video’s metadata containing the rtsp URL can be retrieved thought the YouTube API (a Google Developer account might be needed to access it).Click to proceed to the Second method: The generic videodevice selection page http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIDEO_ID if published also for mobile will be available at http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VIDEO_ID; right click on this video to be able to copy the rtsp URL.
  12. 12. Stage 1: Select Devices A pre-populated list of devices, based on device characteristics (defined in your androidmanifest.xml file) will be presented here. You can de-select any devices you know are not compatible or may not be fully supported Apps that do not run correctly on selected devices will not pass QA, so we recommend reviewing this list carefully Click to proceed to the price & publish page
  13. 13. Stage 2: Price & Publish Select which countries you’d like to distribute your app in Please note: if you’ve not set up a finance account (links at the top of this page) you will only see ‘0.00’ as the price point indicating free apps only Please If you’re updating your review the app…tell us what you content changed. Customers will standards appreciate it! and checklist and confirm by ticking these boxes Hit ‘Publish’ when you’re ready!
  14. 14. Confirming Your App Status Back in the ‘My Content’ view you will see a list of all your apps. Check the ‘Status’ column to ensure your app has been received by our QA team indicated by ‘Currently in global QA’
  15. 15. What Happens Next?Once you see your app status as ‘In Global QA’ thefollowing will take place:1. It will be picked up by our Global QA team who will run a thorough set of tests on a number of different devices2. This takes approximately 15 working days but can vary depending on a number of factors such as number of submissions3. Once approved by the Global QA team, you app will be reviewed locally to ensure it meets local market needs and standards, prior to being published