Vodafone 360 widget QA guidelines


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Vodafone 360 widget QA guidelines

  1. 1. Vodafone 360 widget QA<br />Guidelines for developers<br />By Mobica<br />
  2. 2. Plan of thepresentation<br /><ul><li>Purpose of thepresentation
  3. 3. Problems and most commonreasons of rejections
  4. 4. A scope of testing
  5. 5. How to pass the QA process? – Tips for developers
  6. 6. Discussion</li></li></ul><li>Purpose of the presentation<br />This presentation provides guidelines for elements and features that we check when testing your applications.Before submitting your app, we recommend that you ensure these criteria have been met, to reduce the time it takes to approve your app and increase chances of passing first time round.<br />
  7. 7. Problems and most common reasons of rejections<br />A lot of widgets are failing many times because of similar problems:<br /><ul><li>Widgets do not adapt to the screen resolution either in portrait mode or landscape mode
  8. 8. It is difficult to touch interactive elements, such as buttons or links, because they aretoo small;
  9. 9. The graphical elements including fonts size, images are too small for comfortable using and reading;
  10. 10. Graphical errors on an icon – low quality;
  11. 11. If an action takes more than 2 seconds the loading bar is not displayed;</li></ul>Wastingdevelopers’ time to fixsimpleproblems<br />
  12. 12. Scope of testing<br /><ul><li> Widget execution
  13. 13. Navigation
  14. 14. Extendedmode/Dockedmode
  15. 15. Contentstandards
  16. 16. APIsbehavior
  17. 17. System resources: data traffic, memoryconsumption, batteryusage
  18. 18. Update
  19. 19. Functionalcheck</li></li></ul><li>QA criteria - Tips for developers<br /><ul><li>Widget size less than 3MB;
  20. 20. Widgetinstalls successfully;
  21. 21. Widget launchesand closescorrectlywithout crashingor freezing;
  22. 22. Widgetdoesn`trun any functions of the phone without clear visibility anduser`s permission;
  23. 23. Widget’sicon– not a standard deviceicon, sufficientquality, icon image doesn`tcontain theapp`s name;
  24. 24. Thenameinsidethewidget and on theiconmust be thesame;</li></ul>Widget execution<br />
  25. 25. QA criteria - Tips for developers<br /><ul><li>Widgetadapts to thescreen resolutioncorrectly - portrait / landscapemode (ifsupported);
  26. 26. Widget respondsto dynamic changes in phone orientation;
  27. 27. Widgetin fullscreen mode makes use of loading indicators for actionswhich take longer than 2 seconds;
  28. 28. Navigation works correctly using the input methods supported by the device;
  29. 29. The widget for a touch device usestouch interaction to navigate all functions/screens, e.g. tapping buttons, moving lists up and down- theyrespond to touch interaction on first use, itiseasy to touchthem;</li></ul>Navigation<br />
  30. 30. QA criteria - Tips for developers<br /><ul><li>Text must be legible and images must not be pixelated or of poor quality;
  31. 31. The extended mode/dockedmode content must not display a static image or information which is not updated;</li></ul>Extended mode/Docked mode<br /><ul><li>Widgets which use APIs must execute correctly, show correct UE behavior and behave securely;
  32. 32. Lunching or closing API doesn`tcrashorclosethewidget;
  33. 33. SupportedAPIs: GPS, audio/video, camera, filesystem interaction , messaging, addressbook, networkaccount info, nativedevice application interaction;</li></ul>APIs behaviour<br />
  34. 34. QA criteria - Tips for developers<br /><ul><li>Sufficient and accurate information insidethe widget, instructions and help provided, pricing information available;
  35. 35. App content must adhere fully with Vodafone Terms and Conditions, Developer Guidelines and acceptance criteria e.g.:
  36. 36. the widget must not include any promoting services from other mobile operators or third party application stores;
  37. 37. the application must not contain any content which is unsuitable for all ages;
  38. 38. any advertising information (including help menu) inside the widget should comply with agreed content standards;
  39. 39. the application must not contain, promote or link to: graphic and gratuitous violence, including torture, sadism, mutilation, execution; content intended to shock or to be offensive; incitement or glamorising of illegal or anti-social behaviour such as illegal drug taking, solvent abuse; material that demonstrates criminal techniques;</li></ul>Content standards<br />
  40. 40. QA criteria - Tips for developers<br /><ul><li>The widget must display information that is appropriate to the selected language;
  41. 41. International or special characters must bedisplayed correctly;
  42. 42. Interactive elements like buttons, links should not mislead their functionality and purposes;
  43. 43. The widget’s config.xml file must contain all URLs that the widget needs to connect to in order to function as described.</li></ul>Content standards<br />
  44. 44. QA criteria - Tips for developers<br /><ul><li>System resources must be used efficiently to ensure good user experience;
  45. 45. Widget usesreasonableamountof power and memory and doesn`tgenerate large volumes of data traffic without good reason;</li></ul>System Resources<br /><ul><li>The widget must update (ifavailable) without any errors and run correctly after being updated;</li></ul>Update<br /><ul><li>Providedby the developer or created by the testers according to widget specification, attempt to break yourapp.</li></ul>Fuctional check<br />