Porting experience - by Golden Gekko


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Porting experience - by Golden Gekko

  1. 1. About Golden gekko "We provide the creative mobile content behind the banner, engaging consumers by delivering downloadable applications." Founded in 2005 and profitable since 2007 Based in the UK with offices in Cambodia, Sweden, Spain and the U.S. Working with media and digital agency partners across Europe and US
  2. 2. Golden Gekko – Top app developer 150+ mobile applications delivered in the last 12 months Award winning apps for Unilever/Lynx, Jack Daniel's, Perfetti, Absolut Vodka, Universal Pictures and more Preferred app development partner to 200+ media agencies across Europe and the US Applications optimized and tested across 2000+ devices including Java, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, LiMo, Palm Treo, Vodafone Widget Runtime and more GG Mobile Media Engine enables rapid, scalable and cost efficient mobile app development
  3. 3. Developing widgets – STARTING POINT Team with 10+ years experience of software development First mobile widget developed in July 2009 for Vodafone McLaren From 0 to 10 widgets in 10 weeks Became the top widget developer for Vodafone by September 2009 More than 10 widgets developed to date including Vodafone McLaren, F1 Live Timing, Who Killed Summer, Reuters Currency Widget, Domino’s Pizza, Bloomberg, KGB, GeoMe, Vodafone stock ticker and 118118 Conclusion: Mobile widgets have revolutionized mobile app development
  4. 4. CASE study: Vodafone McLaren Took two months to develop and get fully working across target devices 4
  5. 5. Examples from Who Killed Summer Who Killed Summer widget developed in five days
  6. 6. Case study: KGB Two days to to develop prototype tied in with KGB backend
  7. 7. Developing widgets - BENEFITS Platform based on web technology HTML + CSS + JavaScript Lot’s of development environments available “Background running” widgets running in extended view Rapid development and deployment across most modern handsets One app should be able to work across all handsets In our experience only packaging differs between different target handsets
  8. 8. Developing widgets - TOOLS
  9. 9. Developing widgets - TOOLS
  10. 10. Developing widgets - Challenges Current documentation is comprehensive yet lacks structure Developing a widget with a good UE across devices with different displays and with different input APIs still limited in terms of multimedia support The lack of common/reusable controls and dialogs Contact picker, Image picker, system stylesheets etc
  11. 11. Developing widgets – Porting to R1 Font sizes different than in the Opera Widget Manager and must therefore be optimized and tested for R1 Image scaling differs slightly No extended / floating mode of the widget on s60 Runtime based on WebKit and not Opera Widget Manager Important to test on both the H1 and M1 devices to get it right
  12. 12. Recommendations Get the JIL SDK - the object reference documentation is a very good start Design for 480x800 but make sure that it will also scale well to 240x320 screens and landscape mode. CSS is your friend Test on the device! Opera IS NOT Webkit parseInt( ‘010’ ) for Webkit and parseInt( ‘010’, 10 ) for Opera // for some reason webkit defaults to octal parsing
  13. 13. Recommendations Progress indicators! You don’t think you need them, but you do Network speed is not always as fast as you think on the device (User could be roaming or for some unimaginable reason not be on a Vodafone network)
  14. 14. Recommendations Don’t use pixel sizes - instead define your sizes in millimeters Looks awful on your PC but saves you lot’s of target device customization #my-element { font-size: 2mm; -webkit-background-size: 20px 20px; -o-background-size: 20px 20px; }
  15. 15. That’s it Jonas Frost Rupert Ashwell jf@goldengekko.com rupert.ashwell@goldengekko.com