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How Five Employers Safeguard Staff with Instant Emergency Communication


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Vocera solutions instantly and discreetly connect employees to security personnel, allowing security to assess the situation while they are on their way to help.

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How Five Employers Safeguard Staff with Instant Emergency Communication

  1. 1. How Five Employers Safeguard Staff with Instant Emergency Communication
  2. 2. Workplace violence is four times more likely to happen in hospitals than in any other place of employment. Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  3. 3. What if caregivers and staff at risk could reach help instantly, at the touch of a button?
  4. 4. With the hands-free Vocera Badge, a communication device that’s part of the Vocera Platform, they can. Watch more
  5. 5. Learn how other workplaces were able to …
  6. 6. Shorten police response time to the ED from 3.2 to 1.02 minutes. UPSTATE MEDICAL CENTER EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT Read more
  7. 7. Drop response time by 61%, with security officers reaching the scene in just under a minute of a caregiver activating the Vocera Badge. MICHAEL GARRON HOSPITAL Read more
  8. 8. Read more Stay connected when a catastrophe renders cell towers unavailable. DRISCOLL CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL
  9. 9. Call for help with a quick push of a button. UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA VETERINARY MEDICAL CENTER Read more
  10. 10. Read more Replace the delays once caused by manual dispatching and unreliable radio links with fast, intelligent response to urgent needs. EPISCOPAL SENIOR COMMUNITIES
  11. 11. Provide your caregivers and staff with a solution that summons help in an instant.
  12. 12. Visit hospital-staff-safety to learn more about how Vocera can help create a safe environment for your employees. ©2017 Vocera Communications. All Rights Reserved. Vocera® is a trademark of Vocera Communications, Inc.