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  1. 1. Case study: French customers are officially (among) biggest moanersA worldwide study proved it: French people are nearly ever satisfied. Customers’ satisfaction ratesfrom all over the world have been collected by Zendesk, helpdesk software Zendesk (data collectedamong 65 million customers in 137 different countries). This collection shows that Countries likeAustralia or Canada possess satisfaction rates of 93%, on the other hand French customers are farmore demanding with only 53% of satisfied customer. It is obvious for French companies: 2012 willbe the year to improve their customer service. The survey has been taken by Zendesk customers,using features provided by this editor. After every customer service demand that has been resolved,companies can automatically contact their customer and assemble their comments ont theirsatisfaction about the provided service via Zendesk, allowing a general overview of satisfaction rate.As Zendesk has currently over 15.000 clients all around the globe, and is counting among them Sony,Adobe, OpenTable and Groupon, the volume of collected and processed data is impressive. Amongthe countries having a satisfaction rate over 93% we can count on Australia, Canada, Czech Republic,Ireland, New Zealand and Thailand. France, Argentina, India, Turkey are the one having the lowestsatisfaction rate. Founded in 2007, Zendesk is sponsored by Charles River Ventures, BenchmarkCapital and Matrix Partners. Extract from Customers’ satisfaction international ranking- Australia : 93 %- Canada : 93 %- Germany : 88 %- United States : 83 %- United Kingdom : 83 %- Italy : 81 %- Russia : 80 %- Brazil : 79 %- India : 70 %- France : 57 %