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  1. 1. Vocalcom_Yaounde : Based in Yaoundé (Cameroon) and with the assistance of “The Wave” from Vocalcom, Interstis is developing conversion rates of French online shops.Only 2% of online visitors of an e-shop are finally buying. The figure is well known and hauntsnumerous vendors, as they spent millions to create, develop their site and to create traffic. Thispercentage is not a fatality: it’s possible, by a good segmentation of “to call back” prospects, combinewith an efficient telesales team, to improve your conversion rate.For over a month, Interstis, a call center contractor located in Cameroon, manages to, with only oneteam of televendors, generates 20 000 euros of daily profits, it’s four times what the othercontractors collaborating with the same website are producing.This is the outcome of certain know-how as explain Charles-Emmanuel Berc, Interstis’ founder andGilles Gendre, operative director in Cameroon. “Every day, our clients are transmitting contacts ofprospects that navigate the website, opened a chart and then not ordered the goods. Most of thetime, it is either elaborate or pricy products, and complementary information or a commercial briefwould have been necessary; or one is reluctant to give his financial details. Our commercial teamcalls these prospects back and tries to isolate the heart of the matter. With a true customer pollingand a precise commercial argumentation, we convert potentials baskets of an average value of 450€,doubling the average basket on this kind of site in effective sales. Clothing, furniture, washingmachines, flat screens, tactile tablets… all these popular items whose prices are vividly “bargained”on major commercial websites. Beforehand, there is a true knowledge about the best calling time, inorder to be as efficient as possible. By using Vocalcom’s solution, especially The Wave, this dialoguecan be classically set –the operator calls the prospect– or by instant messaging, which could be moreadapted to particular typologies or products (The Wave is a Vocalcom solution). 80% of users aregiving up before the end of transaction. In Sub-Saharan Africa, and in particular in Cameroon, wehave sedentary vendors, their perfect French is a given as it is the national language, moreover as weare located in Yaounde, the capital city. These parameters are a real advantage to move over tesestwo medias: voice and written” as explains Charels-ammanuel Berc. “Before the end of June, we willbe over 100 commercial advisors on this type of activity.”This model is perfectly functional, if you respect some conditions: a really minute segmentation ofprospects to call back, commercial discourses, professional techniques and suitable tools to optimizeteams’ productivity. “We can go further than what we already have tested, by taking over browsingon a website, and during prospect’s surfing, we discover that he has circulated for a long time,opened some pages and that he definitely needs assistance at a key moment of his buyingexperience.” Completes Gilles GendreWhen internet dealers, for the first time in years, are facing a growth and frequentation decrease,the solution might be in Cameroon, with seasoned professionals.