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Vocalcom meilleursagents


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Vocalcom meilleursagents

  1. 1. ( a French star-up offering real estate related services pairswith Vocalcom to enhance its commercial performancesJordan Savial has cofounded, an innovative concept offering real estate servicesto selling owners. After having successfully integrated its own kind of CRM and Vocalcom’s Hermessolution, the company accelerated its development. Vocalcom’s developers offer, by a constantdialogue with the undertaker regularly submitting ideas about their solution, the occasion for him toremember that he’s graduated in engineering.Please explain purpose and phone’s place in this is a new estate sale solution accompanying sellers in their projects. Potentialvendors obtain a first valuation; we call them and propose a tutoring service. We select two realestate agents for the seller and we assess the agency’s performance until the deal is closed. As theyhave access to a control dashboard, customers are fully aware of all the processes engaged. Isuppose you are fully aware that this kind of long distance relationship with owners-sellers, from endto end, implies a constant use of phone. Our 40 advisers and vendors make over 3 000 call per day toowners, prospects and of course clients and collaborating agencies.Who are these advisers and vendors?Vendors are those who are contacting customers, they have a practical knowledge of clients andtrigger real estate agencies’ intervention when seller signs an authorization for their profile, we have around 50% of them with a significant real estate experience and 50%with phoning experience. We form all of them and they share their mutual experiences.This job is quite « vertical » and it would have been impossible to embrace a TKS.What infrastructure is used as a technological basis for your model?There are two elements: our CRM and Hermes, a solution by Vocalcom, implemented on our ownsevers. The most delicate part was combining both in order to have the CRM communicating toHermes. Our CRM have been homemade, as one of our associates has graduated in informatics,allowing us to have a fully adapted technology by leading its development. This job is quite « vertical» and it would have been impossible to adapt a Turnkey solution. CRM tells Hermes who to call,when and the call is programmed by the predictive dialer. Both tools are automatically synchronizedseveral times a day to have up to date data input by our website, our fellow agencies or ourselves.
  2. 2. Integration happened unnoticeably, users were not even aware of it.When did you opt for Vocalcom’s offer? How did you discover their solutions?We are using Hermes since January 2011. Before, we had another provider; its solution was goodenough for 20 people, its limits were visible when we developed our team. We started looking for auser friendly, trustable tool. It’s by someone’s recommendation that I heard about Vocalcom. I was abit cautious as it is a really big company, I was afraid their solution would badly match with our CRM.Surprisingly enough, integration happened unnoticed by users. Api’s have been adapted or Vocalcomcreated extensions to collect them. The transition has been really smooth.From then, how did your daily interactions with your provider had been?It’s a “one of a kind” experience. I’ve diplomas from Insa in Lyon and HEC. My profile is both the oneof a technical and an entrepreneur. Thus, I quite often have ideas about developing, upgrading,adding new features to my infrastructure. Consequently, I’m in regular contact with Vocalcom, todiscuss these ideas, particularly with Gilles Zenouda, head of Development– most of the time thencan implement them, sometimes, these evolutions are shared, which is useful for everybody, me,Vocalcom and their clients.What are objectives from now on?We aim to bring more and more transparency to real estate market, a place where very few peoplehold the knowledge and where there is very little reliable information. About our development;during the last six months, we started covering Marseille, Nice, Bordeaux, Nantes and Lyon. We alsowill process the outer Paris in a close future. On the human resource side, we always have 10positions available. Our model, the supporting technology, everything works fine, human is now atstake.