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Vocalcom loyalty


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Vocalcom loyalty

  1. 1. Vocalcom, an editor… customer oriented.What makes a software editor profitable, keeping it growing and developing internationally? Manywill explain this success by a “killer app” developing, many highly qualified engineers recruited,hunted from multinational firms and paid dearly, a really competitive pricing strategy and quite aflair when it comes to fund raising… But for Vocalcom, these elements aren’t more important than aninherent quality: being customer oriented.In customer relationship world, example is king. The best illustration of Vocalcom’s orientation is itsclients and their fidelity. Clients trusting the editor for year, promoting its solutions all over the place,these grail-like brand ambassadors chased by all services and technology providers.Charles-Emmanuel Berc, Interstis CEO, insisted up on being assisted by Vocalcom in Cameroon. It ishard to find more loyal client: “I’ve a particular relation with Vocalcom, as I was one of their firstcustomer 15 years ago. In these days, Vocalcom was offering a predictive solution on Minitel (aVideotex online service); Anthony Dinis was working on a PC edition of Hermes Pro. We lived throughthe assited by Minitel telemarketing; the computer based telemarketing and then the CTI…andstayed loyal to them”. Why such loyalty? Listening, reactivity and skills allowing a true enrichment, afine tuning of the solutions to adapt them nicely to client’s need: “all the demands we expressedwere source of an upgrade with the requested functions, mainly in the call reception domain. I’mhappy to see that 15 years later, or proposal for upgrades are still making their way.” And for thefuture? “We are currently working on adapting chat on an industrial level and community relationswith a digital logic, some of our biggest clients are in e-commerce, a demanding sector. Vocalcom isstill our partner.”For Euro CRM Vocalcom is also a key partner, it helps the company growth in France, where it justopened a contact center in Lisieux, as well as in Mauritius where Euro Crm plans to double itscapacity. Pia Heitz-Casnova, CEO and Maxime Rougier, Head of development, were among the first touse the dotnet solution developed by Vocalcom. After a new benchmark comparing vocalcom to itsinternational runner-ups, and even if the commercial team changed since their first collaboration,the same partner was selected.Dominique Bertholet equipped its new challenge after a 20 years long career, the new call center B-Call with Vocalcom’s solutions. Graduate in Economics, Dominique worked in multinationals such asConvergys or Client Center Alliance before creating the PCCI company, first offshore center inSenegal, and participating to ADM Value group development.When asked how he chose his provider, the answer comes naturally “I’ve called Anthony (Dinis,Vocalcom CEO). I know him and his solution for 20 years. He proposed a good pricing for this newadventure. »
  2. 2. When a CEO from a company that became a major player in its field, keeps picking his phone like asalesperson or a hotliner, it’s to follow up his clients’ way, their needs and requests. This is a goodway to plan the development work. Keeping in touch with every level of the market, daily, forVocalcom loyalty is nurtured every day.