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Vocalcom bcall


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Vocalcom bcall

  1. 1. B-call, specialized in distant insurance sales, has its recordings and their reliabilityprovided byVocalcom.Kerviel vs Société Générale trial faces issue with undercover recording. In call center, especially inthe insurance business, recordings’ reliability is now a long adopted norm and an accepted proof ofpurchase, if you have the good tools.One of the most covered trial in France— opposing Jerome Kerviel and his former company theSociété Générale– might have its conclusion suspended to a recorded phone call, whose integrity isdisputed by David Koubbi. The former trader’s lawyer denounces in a weekly magazine “undercoverrecordings” made by the bank in 2008 that have allegedly been “cut” and “tampered”.This concern is far from call centers reality? Not much: for long, on distant sale centers, particularly ininsurance business, recording calls is a prevalent habit adopted to have a solid proof that thecontract is approved and fully understood. No more paper files to fill, sign, or hazardous transfers…just a phone call between a prospect, a salesperson and a company, granted by “yes” at key steps ofthe process.How to deal with these constraints, which recording tool would help? Florian Bardey, CEO of b-call,telemarketing provider specialized in the insurance sector reveals some of the key points of acomplex process - but made easier by the recording solution that was chosen as the early activities ofb-call, the platform Vocalcom. A solution chosen for its wide spectrum of features and,above all, because Bardeys remain true to Vocalcom from generation to generation - for nearly 25years his mother Evelyn, working for major clients such as SFR, Axa, Cetelem, Danone ... was alreadytrusting the French publisher.To understand the challenges of selling insurance over the phone, and the recording of it, you haveto go on the site of production of b-call.In their workspace of Le Mans, one hour from Paris, between 60 and 70 vendors are on phoneprospecting, arguing, and making dozens of daily signed contracts on behalf of the largest insurers ofthe site - Axa, Generali ... Here, the script, is not just a sales pitch, it is a necessary capital to ensurethe probative value of the sale’s registration."Yes maybe" ... "mmmmyeah" or "yeah yeah ..." can’t give probative value to the sale by phone, theremust be a franck "yes.""Every day we solicit by phone thousands of leads for insurance products of varying complexity. Thesale is granted by the consent, clearly expressed from the customer on phone, or by the acceptance,evidenced by the payment of the first two installments. Consent, its only answer YES and YES to aseries of specific questions after receiving a presentation of the offer in every detail. The "Yesmaybe" ... "mmmmyeah" or "yeah yeah ..." can’t give probative value to the sale by phone, there
  2. 2. must be a franck "yes." Similarly, we have all the details of the subscriber, including the banckaccount details, and requires that the customer information and billing information match "explainsFlorian Bardey. Ultimately, each sale lasts 18 to 20 minutes ... not the sort of telesales operationstimed! And recordings, evidence of the conclusion of such sales, are more cumbersome toaccommodate.When we work so hard to close a sale "clean", that is to say based on a true discovery of need, we donot really want it to be challenged a few months for an error in form or a dishonest intention. This iswhere the whole question of the probative value of the recordings arises; they must be carefullystored and preserved.A requirement of ten years for records storage"The requirements for safe storage of records are not the same depending on whether the posting isfor a service provider or for b-ensured, the dealer group, because these obligations belong to theclient. When we work for insurance clients, we give them the record and it is they or their specializedproviders that store them. When we work for b-ensured, we have an obligation to preserve them fora minimum of ten years. Files are encrypted, redundant, and hosted in France. The CNIL can carry outchecks on compliance and record integrity. "2.5 million euros in 2011But the game worth the candle: founded in late 2010, b-call achieved a turnover of 2.5 million eurosin 2011.And its not going to stop, "Many English-speaking players use only dematerialized sales channels,online or by phone. They sell millions of contracts as well, and they are just beginning to arrive inFrance. "As long as he can trust his recording solutions, Florian Bardey will be there to welcome them…