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In call centers, a degraded acoustic environment compromises commercialopportunities, generates misunderstandings and impa...
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Headsets quality and noise pollution


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Headsets quality and noise pollution

  1. 1. In call centers, a degraded acoustic environment compromises commercialopportunities, generates misunderstandings and impairs productivity.In 2012, any customer relationship director, any call center manager would not tolerate an impairedproductivity, unconverted commercial opportunities or a downgraded service, especially because ofrepeated misunderstandings between employees and customers. These three problems can belessened by software and equipment, particularly by headsets.A new study, issued by Jabra, specialized in headsets solutions, and by Frost & Sullivan practiceproves that contact center should investigate seriously the headset matter. This poll’s results areshowing noise as the first problem in call centers.Studying the nexus between general acoustic quality, employee satisfaction and productivityimprovements in call center is the main point of this poll realized by contacting 250 call centersmanagers in France, United Kingdom, USA, China and India. “One of the most crucial problems forFrench call centers managers is noise pollution spoiling “good interaction” between client and agent.As they lengthen calls and badly influence client retention and sales, 91% of these managers areworking on reducing these nuisances” explains Jean-Baptiste Pain, Jabra’s southern Europe CEO.Multiples solutions have been tested to reduce noise pollution: nearly all interrogated call centermanagers work actively to reduce these nuisances by moving coffee machines, printers or installingcarpets. 89% of managers attempt to improve dialogue quality by improving acoustic quality.A quality headset to improve sound qualityIn the more than 500 employees call centers category, this challenge is crucial: 95% of managers arecritically aware of this problem and, to improve dialogue’s overall quality, have not only tried to fightthe ambient noise but also deployed headsets with noise reduction functions. Home shoring isconsidered by half of the managers as a solution against noise pollution.For most of interrogated managers, to create a great work related space in a call center, a qualityheadset is the most decisive element. They consider it as a key to reduce work related stress andimprove employee’s satisfaction, and by the same, their productivity.“As shows our study, call centers managers from all over the world are concerned by the noisereduction functions on headsets. Communications’ clarity and reduced noise pollution add a realvalue and likely are able to improve dialogues with customers, productivity and conformity withprofessional noise regulations.” Explains Brendan Read, analyst from Frost & Sullivan practice“In France, we can observe a real favor toward products integrating noise reduction functions and,generally, protecting functions against high pitched noises and ambient sounds proofing.” CommentsJean-Baptiste Pain, Jabra’s southern Europe CEO. Finally, choosing good quality equipment has adirect effect on service of call centers. Commercial transactions and hot line calls depends moreparticularly of the call center’s ability to communicate clearly with customers. Indeed, sound qualityis the key to verbal interactions.