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Customer service future


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Customer service future

  1. 1. Mobile, connectED AND NETWORKED,CUSTOMERSARE TAKINGCONTROL !“Hear my request, listen to me, be proactive!” The days when 90 calls answered in 2 minuteswere a token of quality are long gone… The answer rate, the ability to stay connected and therecommendation rate will become new indicators of an accomplished customer relationship.Right here and now, on the media I’ve chosen… a Facebook message for a Facebook message,a tweet for a tweet… And even if phone is still preeminent, the balance of power is now onthe other way around, customers have taken power and understanding that fact is a prodigiousopportunity to multiply your sales. Become Proactive and omni canal After having developed online shops looking like DOES INTERNET interactive catalogs du- AND MOBILE ring the last 10 years, we PHONES are convinced that the next move is to keep available MAKE ONLINE salesmen and counselors CUSTOMER HELP for online shoppers! MANDATORY? Some companies consider this service as an extra cost, that According to recent stu- times are not in favor of such expenses. This is equation dies, 70% of online shop- does not includes the e-recommendation solution integrated pers would have an as- in THE WAVE! An online dealer who has dedicated time on sisted browsing. Satisfying satisfying customers’ demands has the possibility, with only them increase noticeably a click, to offer a special discount, a personalized deal, a vou- website’s success, it is also a possibility to know these customers. cher to each one of his friends! Recommendation’s power is The WAVE is the solution proposed by Vocalcom. It proposes, in now quite recognized, however, companies have not yet fully a proactive way, the best online counselor of the same language integrated the fact that their customers are connected. That’s available: online, video chat, assisted browsing, appointed call- Social CRM. With an average of 130 friends on Facebook, a back, directly calling customer service through the website. company who worked on satis- fying 10 000 online customers SOCIAL will reach 130 000 new contacts NETWORKS: in only a few weeks!!! ARE YOU Moreover, these contacts have IN TOUCH quite similar profiles and are WITH YOUR indeed really sensitive to friend’s CUSTOMERS’ recommendation. Growth pers- FRIENDS? pectives are exponentials for companies investing on online reception’s quality.
  2. 2. With THE DRIVE, you can avoid the 65% leaving without being identified or contacted customers.Few things are more frustrating than waiting in vainto hear “I don’t know, it’s not my department…” Not IN OUTLETS, A MIX BETWEEN WEBenough clerks on weekends, too many on Mondays… CONNECTED AND LOCAL SHOPS:Vocalcom wants to offer to its clients the opportunity of BOOTHS THE WHAT IS AT STAKEwelcoming and having the same quality of service whe- DRIVE WILL AROUND WEB2SHOP?rever their customers are, whatever the way of communi- MULTIPLY SALEScation is: phone, e-mail, texts, websites, social networks, OPPORTUNITIES 80% of transactions are still ope-shop. As connected booths, THE DRIVE allows brands rated in shops. Online greeting andto pool sales force. With these booths it is possible to service is an opportunity to redirectview an appliance demonstration, to video call a vendor, non buying online visitors to the make an order or buy directly with no delay and with How? By establishing a direct contacta qualified salesperson. You have an expert to help you, on website, visitor benefits from a bet-you choose and buy quickly: the ideal conditions to find a product! ter service and additional attention.Therefore, it is the opportunity for a brand to have a polished welcoming, delay free quality In the meantime, the brand can offeranswers, to develop its CRM with visitors and not only customers anymore, to get known tokens of appreciation of this particu-by their customers friends moreover you’ll be able to multiply contact zones and corners. lar relationship, QR code vouchers onCustomers are recognized and served with no delays (skill routing). smartphone for example. By the com-Tomorrow? THE DRIVE will be in your hairdresser salon and you’ll be able to consult new bination of social networks and Vocal-movies trailers, discover last fashion tendencies or video call a beauty expert who will com solutions, you propose to youradvise you on the suitable shampoo… Proximity CRM and connected booths will change customers’ friends the same benefitscustomer’s buying habits and multiply sales opportunities. and multiply your sales opportunities. How does DNA fits in all this? W ith over half a million agents and 3500 centers in 43 countries using its solutions, the French group is a worldwide leader of technology solution for contact centers and CRM providers. Founded in 1995 by Anthony Dinis and recently joined by Apax partners, one of the main players of Private Equity in Europe, Vocalcom acquired human and financial resources to accelerate *Solutions developed growth and consolidate presence in American and Asian by Vocalcom have already received the markets. With over 17 years of experience and innovation, Eureka European Vocalcom aims at becoming the preferred partner of lea- Label of innovation ding call center operators worldwide. and have been selected as produce of the year in the United States.