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Product Key FeaturesHermes Cloud via   - First telephony application ever in the Cloud   - Allows a call center ...
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Cp hermecloudsalesforce en

  1. 1. Media Contact: Eric Corrius Vocalcom Paris +33 1 55 37 30 50 Hermes, solution for call centers created by Vocalcom is now available on Cloud via’s platform. Vocalcom selected to tap into the power of social, mobile and open Cloud technologies to transform customers into social enterprise.Paris, April 2012 – Vocalcom, announced today Hermes Cloud is available in the Cloud, integrated,’s social enterprise Cloud platform. This new development in Vocalcom’soffering allows new features and maximal flexibility for users. It is the first telephony solution availablein the Cloud ever, offering the benefits Vocalcom’s sofwares quality but in SaaS through Power of the Social, Mobile and Open EnterpriseCustomers are more and more mobile social and connected. To fulfill their expectations, companiesmust evolve and become more social. With this cooperation, Vocalcom offers agile solutions to satisfythis new kind of clients: SoLoMo (Social, Local and Mobile). Thanks to Hermes Cloud, it is now possibleto offer a new customer experience. Hermes Cloud is natively in the Cloud and allows the use of allfeatures from the previous versions with greater easiness: all users need is a computer and an internetconnection; there is no need of specific hardware or software.Fully integrated to the platform, Hermes Cloud completes the Salesforce Service Cloudsolution for customer services, giving to companies a unique opportunity to plan customer relationshipstrategies completely in the Cloud. This association generates new opportunities helping companies tonot only process calls faster but most importantly to help their customers in the quick resolution of theirrequests. An evolution that companies willing to stay connected to their customers will fully embrace!“Our clients are asking forcloud solutions, with fast implementation. Their customers are more andmore demanding. Our new solution Hermes Cloud will help our clients to become social enterprises.”states Anthony Dinis, Vocalcom’s CEO. “Used with Service Cloud of Salesforce, it’ll enhance the qualityand the efficiency of the management of customer requets “.“We are really proud that Vocalcom chose the platform to develop their Cloud solution” saysRon Huddleston, SVP ISV Sales . “It’s a proof of the strength of Salesforce‘s offer to software vendors.”
  2. 2. Product Key FeaturesHermes Cloud via - First telephony application ever in the Cloud - Allows a call center to be equipped without needing hardware or software installation, on a unique pay-as-you-go basis. - Extremely fast implementation - Automatic upgrade - Fully integrates technology from Salesforce, the leader of enterprise Cloud computing. - Fully integrated in Salesforce’s Service Cloud for customer services to provide a comprehensive solution to manage customer relationshipAbout the Platform and is the trusted social enterprise platform for building and running any employee app in theCloud. powers the Salesforce CRM apps, the more than 250,000 custom apps used customers such as Japan Post, Kaiser Permanente, KONE, and Sprint Nextel and the morethan 1,300 ISV apps built by partners such as BMC, and Fujitsu.Enterprise apps built on the platform can be easily distributed and marketed through AppExchange social enterprise platform delivers the most trusted and comprehensive Cloudtechnologies for social, mobile and open apps. It includes, the Cloud platform for employeeapps, Heroku, the Cloud platform for customer apps and, the Cloud database to integratethe social enterprise.Salesforce, Social Enterprise, Dreamforce,, Heroku, AppExchange, and othersare trademarks of, inc.About VocalcomWith over half a million agents and 3500 centers in 43 countries using its solutions, the French group is aworldwide leader of technology solution for contact centers and CRM providers.Founded in 1995 by Anthony Dinis and recently joined by Apax partners, one of the main players ofPrivate Equity in Europe, Vocalcom acquired human and financial resources to accelerate growth andconsolidate presence in American and Asian markets. With over 17 years of experience and innovation,Vocalcom aims at becoming the preferred partner of leading call center operators worldwide.