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Visual resume template for a marketer


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Here's an example of visual resume template for a marketer.

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Visual resume template for a marketer

  1. 1. Hi. I’m DUC I’m a brand and product storyteller
  2. 2. This is my VISUAL RESUME No Bullet. No Point.
  3. 3. 10 year. Study. Work. Play NOW First time to say “hello to the world” here Strength lies in differences, not in similarities “ ”Stephen R.covey
  4. 4. This pic is a joke, but... fact, I reported directly to my BOD as I’m head of product marketing
  5. 5. At Q-mobile, I’m Brand & Product Storyteller. But...
  6. 6. Nope...If you are using an Iphone, you may not know a fact that almost Mobile ODM in China looks at Q-Mobile as a “Local King” in Vietnam. ...I’m telling Story with DATA.
  7. 7. ..So, you may asking yourself that... WHAT KIND OF I’M USING DATA and what kind of tool i’m using to collect and analyze it
  8. 8. ..But, firstly we both should be reminded that... Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell “ ”Seth Godin 2,146 Posts 1,215,461 Tweets 771,917 Likes Statistic and public on Feb, 2013 by 246,079 Followers 184,498 Fans
  9. 9. Market Insight So, If your challenge is to analyze (not just reading) a lot of resume in order to find out a right person, Product Development Key Competitors Industry Trends Industry Big EventSocial Listening My challenge in storytelling is to analyze all of these data...
  10. 10. Market Insight Then, my storytelling will base on... Product Development Key Competitors Industry Trends Industry Big EventSocial Listening ..that was found out from a complex Benchmarking’s Process KEY SELLING POINT OF PRODUCT...
  11. 11. ...To complete a Benchmarking for a Smartphone... ...I’m digging as a researcher
  12. 12. The more interesting story I have... ...The more ways I tell to sale man & our partner retailer’s staff about our product via training
  13. 13. In some case, My responsibility is to evaluate and explore new market as a business development job images: I’m in Cusco, Peru on 2013
  14. 14. Before, I have some experience in business development... images: I’m in Cusco, Peru on 2013
  15. 15. I have 7+ years experienced in Mobile Handset + Mobile VAS + ICT Industry
  16. 16. But I’m working in a hottest Technology Industry NOW Oh...I’m forgot to share that I was graduated in National Economic University...
  17. 17. I can use a lot of Tool/Software More important is I can express/analyze a lot of technical issues in three sides: End-user (interface), System (back-end) and System Integration (middle-end)
  18. 18. For Digital Marketing, I know and use these tools daily/weekly Social Platform Type of Ads/Com Planning. Measurement. Management
  19. 19. For Personal’s life, I’m enjoying this Check out a volunteer’s organization I found since 2003 at these link
  20. 20. To be summarized... I’m 07+ year experienced in Mobile & ICT Industry a storyteller I have I have to become more professional in Digital Marketing and Business Development I love
  21. 21. May be I’m not telling greater than this guy now. But...
  22. 22. ...I hope you have enjoyed my story. Now Email me at to Unlock Our Story