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Vo Tu Duc - CV update on April 2014


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I have text. But here's my text CV, anyway.

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Vo Tu Duc - CV update on April 2014

  1. 1. VO TU DUC Date of Birth: Nov 2, 1983 Status: Married Add: HCM, Viet Nam Mobile: +84.94.313.5656 E-mail: SUMMARY  7 years working in Mobile Handset, Mobile VAS & Mobile Ecosystem  Experience in various management position in Business, Marketing  Focus on field and industries: Mobile handset & VAS, Internet, Online business & ICT  Strengthen in Creativity, Presentative Skills EXPERIENCE Business field  Mobile OEM/ODM Company Info  “Local King” in Mobile OEM in Viet Nam  Check out company profile here 1. Head of Product Marketing & BD From April, 2013 up to now Company: Q-Mobile Responsibilities  Building up a Benchmarking platform (Price, Specs, Key Competitor, Device Perfomance, New Technology/Trends…)  Benchmarking & Competitive analytic new/in-comming product and writing relative document  Coooperation with PR/Trade/Graphic Design Team marketing team in order to submit marketing material  Cooperation with Product Department in Product Development  Creating product present, product keyselling point, then distribution it to Sale team & Retailer’s staff  Product & Industry Training for PG/PB & Retailer’s staff  Consultant for PR team about Online marketing/Content marketing Activities/stragety  Go to market with Sale team  Evaltuation & Exploring new open market. Working as a researcher in some case.  Report directly to CEO/BOD
  2. 2. 2. Bussiness Development Manager & PM From Jan, 2010 to April, 2013 Company: VTC Mobile Headquarter: Ha Noi, Vietnam Business field  Mobile VAS  Mobile Content Store Platform & Services  Mobiple Application Platform  E-paymanet, Ebanking Solutions  Mobile Marketing  Social Network, Online News  IPTV, Digital Television Company Info  # 01 Mobile VAS in Viet Nam  a Member of VTC Corp, the biggest Digital Content Provider in Vietnam  VTC is a Govern MNC, presented in 14 countries Responsibilities  Working with technical Dept in order to build Mobile Content Store Platform (MCSP)  Building busisness and marketing strategy for Mobile Content Store  Developing the relationship with local mobile handset brand in oder to provide MCSP Solution and Services related.  Expanding the relationship with Oversea Content Partner via Social Network like LinkedIn and Social Media campaign.  Java Game Portal management including Product, Marketing and Sale issues.  Writing business solution document, Creating presentation  Meeting and Presentation solutions to B2B customer. Archivement  Deal success with Q-mobile, the biggest local handset brand which take more than 25% mobile deivce market share in Vietnam, in order to provide MCSP and Service Related. Reference Link:  Expanded the relationship with Oversea Content Partner in India, China, and EU market.  Java game portal ( is top 3 mobile game portal in Vietnam. .etc. 03. Sale Director From Nov, 2008 to Jan, 2010 Company: Naiscorp/Socbay Headquarter: Ha Noi, Vietnam
  3. 3. Business field  Vietnam Search Engine Provider  Online Ads Services  Mobile Content  Multi - Mobile Application Platform  Information System Solut Service Company Info  Young Tech Company, found on 2006,  It was invested by IDG venture Capital and SoftBank in China  Responsibilities : In charge of whole Business Development of the company Archivement :  Launched Socbay Imedia, a multi-mobile application, from lib to market.  Developed the business relationship with companies those are top Mobile VAS company in vietnam (eg: VTC Mobile; Vietnamet Media Group; ABC, Bluesea…) 04. Vice Sale Director From April, 2007 To Nov, 2008. Company: Sara Viet Nam Headquarter: Ha Noi, Vietnam Business field  Mobile VAS  Education and E-learing service Company Info  IPO on Hanoi Index, 2008  It was invested by a Japan company Responsibilities  Mobile VAS dept Manager  Creating the Mobile VAS, do marketing campaign and and provide services to market.  Estabilishing the connection with Media Company like Local TV station..etc. Archivement  SMS-Mobile Originated (MO) on short-code 8x46: 40,000 SMS/month (in Period: 2007-2008) 05. Sale Excutive From July, 2006 To April, 2007 Company: FPT Mobile Headquarter: Ha Noi, Vietnam Business field  Distribution Mobile handsets for Nokia, Samsung, Motorola Company Info  A member of FPT Corp Responsibilities  Wholesale Motorola handset
  4. 4.  Taking care 16 agency in Ha noi Area  Looking for new Agency  Building sale plan for private and group.  Writing market report. Archivement  Sell product for 6 new agencies  The total sale must completed is 3.2B VNĐ/month.  Completed 87% sale plan  Got “professional sale” certification. 06. A member of Excutive Group of Communist Youth Union Ho Chi Minh, at National Economic University From August, 2004 to July, 2006 Organization: Communist Youth Union Ho Chi Minh Headquarter: Ha Noi, Vietnam Mission  Creating and organizing event, trainning, conference  Helping student to participate into the Social Activities Organization Info  A member of National Economic University Responsibilities  Planning social activities of all university class those are a part of Organization  Creating and organizing Student Social Event, Conference, trainning campaign ..etc.  Building Event Profile in order to present for company those would to aim for Event Archivement  Award provided by National Economic University and Communist Youth Union Ho Chi Minh of Hanoi City  Enjoyed a big event which both Vietnam and China President (Nong Duc Manh & Ho Cam Dao) presented and talken with member of Communist Youth Union Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam  Member of a Project named “try to be a Youth Governer”
  5. 5. 07. Founder Nghe An-Ha Tinh Volunteer Organization From March, 2004 up to Now. Organization: Nghe An-Ha Tinh Volunteer Organization Headquarter: Ha Noi, Vietnam Mission  Helping childrend and Youth people in countryside for a better life  Helping members to Enjoy Social Activities Organization Info  The strongest Volunteer Organization in 2010 (according to the community criteria- FPT)  200 members with regular activities  Responsibilities :  Founder, President in the First period of the organization  Planning, Creating and Organizing Social Event  Building Event Profile and Looking for companies those would aim for event Archivement  Created and handhelded successfully the first Green Summer voluntary campaign of orgnization in 2004  Created and Organized Social Event in Ha Noi that Joiners were Students and Business Man those came from Nghe An and Ha Tinh, two province at Middle of Vietnam, in 2005  Established and Opened a restaurant which sold a traditional cake for Student. The restaurant was ownered and managed by the Organization EDUCATION University & Course Info Vietnam National Economic, Major: Economic Golden Price for the Science Research Subject Professional Sale Skill, FPT The Course was organized by FPT IT Project Management Course The course was organized by Education Departement of National High Tech Center
  6. 6. SKILLS Language Level and Info Vietnamese Mother Tounge English IELTS 5.5 ICT Skill and Knowledge Level and Info OS (window, iOS) Master Mobile OS/Platform (Adroid; Window Mobile, iOS, J2ME, MTK..) Master 3G, EDGE High-Level Ms. Offices (words, powerpoint, visio...) Master Mindmap Manager Master Internet Research Master Database (MySQL, SQL server..) Basic PHP, Java, Joomla CMS Basic IT Networking Infrastruture Basic Writing Project Document (*.doc, *.Excell) Master Writing a Web/Wap/Mobile Application Requirment High-Level Imovie (for creat an TV Ads) , Iphoto, Garaband High-Level Wordpress/ Web publisher Master Pivot & Excel Hight-Level Photoshop and Ai Middle-Level Marketing & Business Skill Level and Info Marketing Planning (Event, Conference, Trainning, Competetive Analysitc, Budged handheld, timetalbe…) High Level Business Planning & Customer caring High Level Negotiation High Level Creating a Presentation & Presentative skill Master Writing Press Release & Editor High Level Establish and maintaining relationship High Level
  7. 7. Writing and Creating a storyboard for Ads campaign Hight Level Management Level and Info Leader and Creat motivation High Level Project Management High Level Making decision High Level Others Level and Info Play guitar, Piano, Flute, Harmonica High Level Sing a song High Level MC for Event High Level Interest  Reading Marketing, Business, History and IT books  Singing and Playing intrusment.  Watching Football match.  Fishing, Travelling and Play China chess  Social activities Reference Reference are avaible on requests.