P&0 integreatd campaign


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Designed creative integrated campaign on P&0 Ferries.

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P&0 integreatd campaign

  1. 1. MSc Marketing CommunicationGroup 4
  2. 2. Where are we now• One of the Europe largest recognised ferry – P&0 ferries• UK resident belief “British tradition” is P&0 Ferries loyalty• Dover strait is biggest for P&0 passenger market overseas/UK resident• P&0 fall in business client cover by Dover strait.• P&0 ferries having old brand image of 70’s and 80’s.• Ineffective Campaign “You deserve holiday”
  3. 3. Situational AnalysisP&0 ferries Competitor
  4. 4. Problem Definition PAX(000)
  5. 5. Current Target market• Shopping visitor• Holiday independent• Overseas passenger• Car passenger• Long run low cost ferry• Adventures people• Price sensitive “The majority of ferry passenger has a low customer loyalty believe in price & availability”• Local Heroes – Sweeper , Public servant and Labour extra• Athletes and sporty people with Talented programme of P&0 for 2012• Trying to spread awareness among youth and Student of Europe
  6. 6. Objectives• To increase brand awareness and creditability• To give a new brand image to P&0 ferries which belongs to old image of 70’s & 80’s• Changing perception for bringing fresh intuition for P&0 ferries – The way to your destiny• To promote P&0 ferries as fresh and exiting journey for your destination.• To provide unique services to passenger• To give standard message to target market - Sensational
  7. 7. Who we are talking to? Ta• Low cost airline passenger rge ted• Car passenger Gr ou• Non-ferry customer p• Skiers and Campers• Summer holiday at fair price• Student and Young Passenger• Safety seeking passengers
  8. 8. Low cost air line passengerWho are they? 18 to 50 (Adult) – Male & Female ABC1Where they can be reached? Banner ads and Building Wraps at high premium street Poster and hoardings Times and Evening standard Newspaper Travel Magazine
  9. 9. Low cost air line passenger• How are we relevant to them? It gives freedom to passenger free to walk and talk The wide area on ferries make you feel free and express yourself No worries about language No more waiting in a big queue To contribute in CO2 as P&0 ferries is eco friendly Fresh air, excitement and leisure in P&0 ferries
  10. 10. Car passengerWho are they? 18 to 45 – Male and Female ABC1 C2Where they can be reached? Radio - BBC 2, BBC 6, Classic FM, The Jazz Outdoor hoardings and Poster in heavy traffic area Google and Bing – Search Engine Travel weekly and Marie Claire magazine
  11. 11. Car passengerHow are we relevant to them? Be relax and calm from heavy traffic zone Safe and secure journey to your destiny Affordable price Utilize time for capturing your lovely moment
  12. 12. Non ferry customerWho are they?o 3 to 40o Family, friends and adult male & femaleo ABC1 C2 DWhere they can be reached?o Mirror, Times and Guardian Newspapero Sun online Newspapero Radio – BBC 2/6 , The Jazz and Diverseo Travel magazineo Direct mail
  13. 13. Non ferry customer• How are we relevant to them?o Leisure and entertainmento Spend your precious time and capture a memorable moments of your lifeo Amazing experience through out your journeyo Priceless journey to your destinyo European culture dance and meals
  14. 14. Skiers and campersWho are they? 18 to 30 skiers, 8 to 50 campers Male and female – Friends and family ABC1 C2Where they can be reached? Travel magazine and Sports magazine Times and Guardian Newspaper Poster and Hoardings in city and crowdie area Direct mail on Christmas and New Year In game product placement
  15. 15. Skiers and campers• How are we relevant to them? Free t-shirts for skiers Campers can have there car towards there journey Adventurous experience begin with P&0 ferries Affordable fair price for passenger along with there car No worries for luggage
  16. 16. Summer holiday at fair priceWho are they? 10 to 60 Family ,friends, couple - male & female ABC1 C2 D EHow we reached them? Newspaper – Mirror, Guardian and Times Radio –BBC 2, BBC 6, The Jazz and Classic FM Poster and Hoardings
  17. 17. Summer holiday at fair price• How are we relevant to them? In these crises have a fair price summer holiday and make these days as a memorable moment Have a geological expert in these ferries make your tour adventurous and amazing. Have a fun with Europe largest ferry P&0 ferries at right destination Fair price to begin your sensational in these summer Privilege membership card for gaining additional facilities
  18. 18. Student and Young passengerWho are they? 10 to 26 Sex – male and female School/college/university tour and all other student ABC1 C2How we reached them? Direct mail Sun online newspaper and Times print newspaper Poster and hoardings near by school area Leaflet and brochures for student Community of P&0 ferries on Face book In game product placement
  19. 19. Student and Young passengerHow are we relevant to them? Have your car along with your journey Spare your cheerful moments with your friends Gain additional knowledge from geological expert Be a part of privilege membership card for life time beneficial services of P&0 Ticket discount for students
  20. 20. Safety seeking passenger• Who are they? 30 to 60 ABC1 C2 D E Disabled passenger and conscious passengerHow we reached them? Direct mail Offical website of P&0 will delivered clear idea Search engine – Google & Bing Newspaper – Times and Mirror
  21. 21. Safety seeking passenger• How are we relevant to them? Special additional services to disabled person Appropriate security for luggage and car Safely tour with P&0 having more than 100 years experience in these field
  22. 22. Targeted regional area
  23. 23. current brand image• 70’s and 80’s ferries• Time consuming• No additional benefit and services to passengers• Its for low cost shopping passenger• P&0 ferries is essential for Freight• Its all about British tradition
  24. 24. Till 2003 – It was just ferry
  25. 25. What are we saying them?• Functional orientation Approach; Sensational• Tag Line: “We sail your sensation” John Egan 2007
  26. 26. Resonance strategy Breathtaking Fun FreshMemorablemoment ExcitementAmazing Sensational Entertainment Leisure Adventurous John Egan 2007
  27. 27. Media characteristics• Outdoor media – Poster, Hoardings and Ambient media tools• Radio – Spot advertising• Print media- Broachers, Leaflet, Newspaper and Magazine• Direct mail – Door to door leaflet,• Electronic media – In game product placement, » Banner adds » Click through rate » Interstitials » Search engine » Building wraps John Egan 2007
  28. 28. Poster and hoarding in heavy traffic area and near by airportGenerate Carbon emission Eco-Friendly We sail your sensation Target market – Low cost airlines
  29. 29. Promotional Activities Free t-shirt for P&0 ferries skiers
  30. 30. Poster at renowned place of city like museum/fort/parliament Target market – Campers along with car and family
  31. 31. At major bus stop of city •London •Manchester •Glasgow •Edinburgh •Birmingham Targeting Family and summer holiday seeker
  32. 32. Promotional Activities Targeting skiers who usually travel with P&0 ferries for 3month December to February
  33. 33. Electronic billboard run with solar power – On premium street of city FAIR PRICELocation: All P&0 Ferries ports, London, Dover strait, Mostyn and Dublin
  34. 34. Title Sponsor – targeting skiers and snowboard in France
  35. 35. Direct Mail will be having Christmas promotional code on al sati Sen
  36. 36. In game product placement – targeting youth Sensational
  37. 37. Target market Europe youth participation Non-ferry customer
  38. 38. Building wraps SensationalTarget market: adventurous and sporty passenger, searching something new
  39. 39. Security and trustworthy brand Sensational l io na t sens a We sail your sensation Free cup for coffee drinkers at P&0Magazine and poster
  40. 40. Magazine last page Newspaper Last pageWe sail your sensation We sail your sensation
  41. 41. Sensational We sail your sensationIndoor and outdoor advertising on billboard: Location heavy traffic area
  42. 42. Magazine and newspaper FamilyWe sail your sensation Targeted Europe different continent
  43. 43. Associate withPrivilege member club
  44. 44. Sensational Tune timeJanuary 2010 February2010 December2009 March2010
  45. 45. P&0 Ferries Flag admired
  46. 46. PublicityP&0 ferries P&0 ferries head passenger
  47. 47. Benefit and Services• Geological expert in P&0 ferries• French , Irish culture dance and meals• Sensational Privilege Club card with additional facilities• December to March free trip for X-factor participation.• JLS group show on 1st January• Ticket discount for University and college student• Special care for disabled/handicap passenger
  48. 48. Selective media• Magazine – Travel magazine Capture Non Ferry customer Marie Claire magazine from well- know place Travel weekly Poster and Hoardings• Newspaper – Guardian London Eye All located » Times London Bridge near » Mirror The tower of London Thames » Evening Standard Big Ben river » Daily express• Interstitials – Sun online newspaper Radio Station• Search Engine – Google & Bing BBC 2,6• Community of P&0 ferries – Face book BBC Asian network Classic FM The Jazz Diverse
  49. 49. Website• A new documented film of P&O ferries sensational video of 4 minutes on home page. www.POferries.com• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJHrjmA1wjM
  50. 50. December2009 to May2010 Scheduling December January February March April MayPrint Leaflet Newspaper Magazine Magazinemedia NewspaperAmbientmediaOutdoor Airlines Bus stop poster Summermedia hoarding campers holidayElectronic In game Solar powermedia product Banner addRadio Cherry Cole JLS Stanley David All togetherTelevisionWebsite Doc filmPublicity Chairman Head and speech customerDirect Christmas New yearMail card card Murphy 2004
  51. 51. Campaign spend Budget - £2.5million
  52. 52. Control• Click through rate on P&0 official web site• Search engine data will give appropriate standard data• Poster and hoarding will bring awareness towards non ferry customer - Market research will covered on desired response• Direct mail will increase passenger at Christmas time and will lead till new year• Magazine, Radio and Newspaper will allocate new brand image of P&0 ferry for old passenger – A reliable response from old passenger will cleared here• Privilege membership card will attract potential customer
  53. 53. Forecast of campaign communication objectives Communication% of target audiences affected 65% Behavioural 32% 16% 8% Unaware Awareness Interest Desire Action
  54. 54. ConclusionThe entire campaign will give new fresh imageand identity to P&0 ferries. These campaign isalso unique as compare to the campaignwhich they so far have done, where therestrategies was lacking. Our standard messageis so reliable and well measured to capturedtarget group and to accomplishes objectives.
  55. 55. Reference• Books: Marketing Communication, John Egan, Prentice Hall 2007 British Analytical Data and Research (BARD)• Magazine: Campaign Online Advertising age Cannes Lion case study• Electronic:www.warc.comwww.newsbank.comwww.bbc.co.uk/news
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