Vlerick PUB/MGM “You & Networking: a perfect match?”


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Vlerick PUB/MGM “You & Networking: a perfect match?”

  1. 1. “You & Networking: a perfect match?” Vlerick Campus – Leuven 11 Oct 2012Jean-Paul Van AvermaetManaging Director G4S Belgium & Luxembourg
  2. 2. G4S | Our International OrganizationThe world’s leading international security solutions groupFormed in July 2004 through the merger of the security businessof Group 4 Falck and SecuricorSpecialist in assessing risks and developing secure solutions to minimise their impactacross a wide range of geographic markets and business sectorsMajor provider of risk management and protection to governmentsand major corporate customers around the worldQuoted at the stock exchange (London & Copenhagen)Around 675,000 employees work for G4S in more than 125 countries across six continents
  3. 3. G4S Belgium | Our Local Organization A Belgian leading security solutions group National coverage Largest employer in the security business with over 6,400 employees 49 years active on the Belgian market ISO 9001 Certified
  4. 4. G4S Belgium | Our Solutions G4S Secure Solutions G4S Cash Solutions
  5. 5. G4S Belgium | Secure Solutions Aviation Guarding Systems & Monitoring Audits & Training
  6. 6. Personal BackgroundJean-Paul Van AvermaetManaging Director G4S Belgium & LuxembourgBorn 15 July 1967Education • Royal Military School of Cadets - Laken • Business engineer at Katholic University Leuven (finance specialization) • MBA at Vlerick Management School - Gent • Corporate Governance course - BGI (Belgian Governance Institute) – Gent • Several Management Courses Aviapartner Group / Swissair Group / Vlerick School / Compass Group • Legal executive course security
  7. 7. Career steps1991: Belgavia catering - Administration Mgr1992: Belgavia catering - Production Mgr1994: Restorail Railway - Catering Operations Mgr1995: Railmasters - Finance and HR Sr Mgr1996: Railmasters - General Manager2000: Rail Gourmet Belgium - Managing Director2002 : + Compass Belgilux - Commercial catering Director2004: Rail Gourmet Benefralux - Managing Director2005: Carestel Group – CEO2006: Autogrill Group Belux – CEO2009: Autogrill Group Benelux - CEO2010: G4S Belgium – CEO2012: G4S Belgium, Luxembourg & France - CEO
  8. 8. NetworkingActivities • President of VOKA Chamber of Commerce East Flanders • President of Jobkanaal (an employers initiative for Diversity) a co-operation between VOKA, UNIZO, Verso and VKW • Board Member of VOKA – VEV, VOKA H-V, VOKA Comité Brussels, Foodservice Network Belgium, BKF (Belgische Kamerfilharmonie), Vlerick Alumni PUB/MGM • Board Member of B.V.B.O. • Board Member of Select HR, D.I. Group • Member of Vlerick Alumni, VOKA, VKW, De Warande, Guberna, Cercle de Lorraine • Member Captain’s Table VKW East- Flanders
  9. 9. Networking – Do’s & Don’tsDo’s : • Prepare for networking (who/what/when/how) • What can you give/mean for the other/Find out the win-win • When you give you get back • Use questions to gather information • Keep track of people (bus.cards system-NY) • Do not let them drop when change of job or job loss • Network free of agenda or meaning (Y/N) • Take your time – No need for hurry up • Find out a connection (there is always 1) & the connections! • Dare to be vulnerable & stay yourself • Have fun – enjoy – be a star • Remember nice things done together • Keep your promise & follow-up things discussed
  10. 10. Networking – Do’s & Don’tsDon’ts • Run around with business cards • Ask for something before you give • No need to bother people to stay in touch • Not talk too much • Not always reveal contact(s) • Feel the “stop” signsSometimes I am......off