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Solvay vlerick alumni welcomed by biocartis ceo rudi pauwels


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Solvay vlerick alumni welcomed by biocartis ceo rudi pauwels

  1. 1. Alumni attended a personal testimony by Rudi Pauwels (Biocartis) on disruptive innovationOur alumni in Switzerland organized on February 21st, a top gathering on the topic (disruptive)innovation at the heart of innovation in Switzerland, at the EPFL in Lausanne.The alumni were honored to have none other than one of the leading internationally recognizedBelgian innovators, Mr. Rudi Pauwels, founder of Tibotec and Virco and currently the chairmanof Biocartis, a medical devices companies to bring a personal contribution on innovation. Thealumni were also honored by the presence of the Belgian Ambassador, Mr. Jan Luykx, who alsogive a brief overview on innovation competencies inBelgium and Europe. For perspective, the Alumni of Solvay and Vlerick business schoolsAlthough not an alumnus of any business school, Mr. join forces in Switzerland toPauwels managed to intrigue many of the participants animate a business network withthrough his impressive track record as well his very the 2 most prestigious Belgianpersonal engagement and vision towards innovation. The business schools. Besides the scalemost surprising but at the same time most logical driving and larger network it provides toforces of innovation emphasized in the presentation the members in Switzerland, itwere: hard work, state of mind, dreams and passion, aims to generate high added valuewhich often have the tendency of being forgotten by content to its stakeholders as wellmany organizations ! His testimony proceeded with as creates bonds betweensharing his personal views on the future of personalized communities in their new countrymedicine as well as the healthcare industry as a whole of residence. Indeed, theand how Biocartis contributes to the needs of the organizing team has members ofindustry. Mr. Pauwels ended his contribution by both schools and is happy to workpresenting us the first Biocartis product, the Apollo, together with pragmatism andready for commercialization as of 2013. After a long Q&A enthusiasm, and the officialsession the alumni organized a well received cocktail language of all events is English. Isreception for all the attendants. An ideal opportunity to Switzerland fertile for Neutralityallow the participants to continue elaborating on the for Belgians or maybe its theinteresting topics of the evening amongst themselves as simple business pragmatism we allwell as with Mr Pauwels and his team. expect ?