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Mfm round table


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Mfm round table

  1. 1. Event report MFM Round Table event for students and alumni 14 March 2012, in Vlerick Campus GhentThe concept of the evening is quite brilliant in its simplicity : The students of the Master inFinancial Management class met up with the severely selected Alumni over diner to discusstheir future career path. The preparation of this event started several months ago, when thestudents were asked to fill in a query about their potential future career paths. From thissurvey, we’ve learned that the interests of the students were both highly ambitious aswidely spread within the financial industry. Therefore, at the night of 14th of March, thetables were covered by Alumni from very diverse industries : going from the commercial andinvestment bankers over the consultants and risk managers towards M&A and corporatefinance specialists.The best detail of the evening was the fact that the students could switch from table inbetween the courses. The students who filled in the query, trying to get in contact withpeople from the sectors for which they had an curiosity, didn’t knew what was happening :suddenly, they had contacts throughout three different sectors within the blink of an eye.On the other side, the Alumni were also experiencing a great evening of catching up withold study friends, meeting new interesting alumni and reliving their Vlerick year through thestories of the students.Like many good Vlerick stories, this amazing evening ended up at the bar, where studentsand alumni were fraternizing and sawing the seeds of some new great Vlerick stories, whichcan be told at the round table event of 2013!By Alexander Demeester (MFM 2010)