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Event report                                  Manager Seminar - Session 3: Me and my                                  empl...
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Manager seminar session 3- me and my employment contract


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Manager seminar session 3- me and my employment contract

  1. 1. Event report Manager Seminar - Session 3: Me and my employment contract 21 March 2012, in the Deloitte HeadquartersOn March 21st Vlerick MBA Alumni organised the third session of Management contracting:everything you always wanted to know about the remuneration and employment contractof the manager. For this last session around 70 participants were again welcomed in theexquisite setting of the Deloitte headquarters in Diegem for the session about Me and mynet remuneration.Karin Rasschaert (Partner Laga) and Inge Derde (Lawyer Laga) provided high-added valueinformation on not so well known legal topics as: certain management clauses inemployment contracts (non-compete clauses, non-solicitation clauses, training andeducation clauses, flexibility clauses, …), what are the legal consideration with variable pay,promotions, cost declarations, certain fiscal optimizations, …. What are your rights whenyour contract is terminated and how does the new Claeys formula impact you? All tailormade to the information need of middle managers.Each topic of the presentation set the stage for short but lively debates with keyrepresentatives from Procter&Gamble (Filip Claes), Belgacom (Astrid Van Langenhoven),Delhaize (Thierry Vermeire) and Marcel Van Aken. Testimonials from HR businessprofessionals out of the daily practise. The topics discussed were ground for interesting andchallenging questions by the audience which continued during the excellent receptionoffered by Deloitte."By Tom Vertommen (IMBAL 2007)