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Company visit cargolux

  1. 1. Event report Company visit: Cargolux – the most flexible freight transporter by air in the world 15 June 2012, at Cargolux in LuxembourgImmediately following the security checks for airport visitors, our host Mr. Henrik Ambak - VPGround Services and Commercial IT - took us to the loading bay and inside a brand new 3 months oldBoeing 747/8 airplane. The pallets, full of high value goods like Ferraris, flowers and electronicequipment, are loaded and fastened with incredible speed: no wonder bearing in mind that suchmachine costs 15000 USD per hour.Fifteen minutes later we watched in awe the airplane take off, quite silently, on its way to the USA.We then visited the huge warehouse and materials handling workplace. Notice that the airplanemaintenance shopfloor is a brand new building on the opposite site of the runway.During the last part of the visit, Mr. Ambak explained the history of the company, its shareholderstructure and business model. It became cristal clear to all of us why Cargolux is consistently outperforming its competitors.Before returning home, some of the participants networked around a few drinks in the pittoresquemini town of Hoste.I can only feel sorrow for the alumni that missed this event.By Rudi Lepomme (PUB 1977)