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The Marketing Shower


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Introduction to the Vlerick Alumni Marketing Shower.

Published in: Business
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The Marketing Shower

  1. 1. The Marketing Shower by Vlerick Marketing Alumni vzw
  2. 2. 4 times / year you can plunge into The Marketing Shower
  3. 3. let a steaming hot marketing topic pour down on you
  4. 4. take your tie off & put your marketing cap on to get sprinkled with fresh insights
  5. 5. each speaker throws in the towel after 20 minutes so you’ll get instant revitalization
  6. 6. wash away your old marketing beliefs
  7. 7. share your soap get social & network
  8. 8. brainfood & fingerfood
  9. 9. “ The ability to learn faster than your competitor may be the only sustainable competitive advantage. Peter Senge More information at