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Games at twilight


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Games at Twilight, summary and analysis

Published in: Education
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Games at twilight

  1. 1. GamesatTwilight By Juana Perez Muñiz, Lola Villegas Argento y Victoria Landolfo
  2. 2. Writer’sbackground,AnitaDesai ★ Born in 1935, in Delhi, India ★ Youngest of four children ★ Grew up speaking german at home and Bengali, Urdu, Hindi and English at school and city streets ★ Grew up surrounded arounded Western Literature and music ★ Married a businessman at 21 raised several children before becoming know ★ First book was “Cry, the Peacock” published in England in 1963 ★ Never published in India, first published in England
  3. 3. Story’sbackground ★ Social conditions: a family in middle class, with a routinary life and condition by the weather. ★ Weather: "too hot" (intolerable hot)
  4. 4. ImportantEvents ★ Beginning: From the start of the story until when Ravi hides in the shed. ★ Triggering event: When Ravi enters the shed until he realizes that he forgot the other half of the game. ★ Climax: When Ravi realizes he forgot the other half of the game until he realizes they have forgotten him. ★ Ending: When Ravi realizes he’s been forgotten until the end of the story.
  5. 5. LiteraryDevices ★ Characters: ○ Ravi: he is the middle brother, his older brother bothers him but Ravi still looks after him. He feels like they leave him out. Ravi wants to prove that he is brave. ○ Manu: he is the little one, the smallest. He is Vulnerable, weak and fragile. Manu is the baby that everyone manipulates and bothers ○ Mira: she is the oldest, very responsible. The leader, the one that everybody listens to, the one that solves the problems, like a mother. “Motherly Mira” ○ Raghu: he is the strongest, the ¨bully¨. The one nobody dared to defy. ○ Mother - tries to be strict; not much control over the children; not very persistent. ★ Epiphanies: When Ravi realized he should have left the shed long ago ★ Specular moments: When Manu is caught, Ravi feels it could have been him ★ Mood: tense, confinement (in prison), "Curtained, shuttered" "lungs stuffed with cotton
  6. 6. ★ Dramatic irony: We know that the game finished, but Ravi does not. ★ Protagonist: Ravi is the protagonist. ★ Foreshadowing: the story foreshadows Ravi's loss of innocence by metaphors about animals dying. For instance, "the birds still dropped, like dead fruit, in the papery tents of the trees", as Ravi's innocence will do. ★ Themes: growing up is cruel, death/loss of innocence, rite of passage, ignorance, abandonment, childhood, being misunderstood. ★ Simile: "as if dead" ★ Metaphor: "as if dead" this metaphor is in the very metaphoric beginning of Games at Twilight and describe the dog that is dying of suffocation. The metaphor also foreshadows the death of innocence that Ravi will have. ★ Symbols: twilight, the moment of revelation, epiphanic moment, revelation of the dark side of the self. ★ Setting: The story is set in India. In the house it is very stuffy and hot, when they go out to the veranda, it is very hot and humid. The shed that Ravi when to hide in was dark, creepy and scary. " the shed smelt of rats, ant hills, dust and spider webs."
  7. 7. ★ Point of view: ○ 3rd person omniscient (outside) with formal elevated language (metaphor, symbols) ○ 3rd person limited (inside) with informal, simple, use of questions and exclamations-emotions
  8. 8. Summary Games At Twilight was written by Anita Desai. The story is about a young boy named Ravi, who is misunderstood by his family making him feel insignificant.. The day starts off boiling hot. the children desperate to go out " that they burst out like seeds from a crackling, over- ripe pod", Anyway, they start their day off by playing games such as ' Hide and Seek,' and Raghu the older brother was the seeker.. Ravi hid in a shed, "it was dark, spooky," and Ravi stayed there for a very long time. He was not found, but after a while he realized that to win the game, you have to touch the 'Den.' He came out of the shed fast and ran and shouted out, " Den, Den, Den." Everyone looked at him with amazement. The 'motherly' Mira said " Stop it, Stop it, Stop it, Ravi, Don't be a baby." Ravi made himself think that he won, but no one even bother looking at him. " he is silenced by a terrible sense of his insignificance." Ravi was looking forward to winning but was heartbroken when the other children left him out because they forgot about him. The story concludes when, Ravi realises that, growing up is cruel and runs away crying all by himself on the grass.