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Toryvis Project


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Chrome extension for web browser history visualizer.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Toryvis Project

  1. 1. Toryvis Project web browser history visualizer Hogas Vlad Marius
  2. 2. • What is Torvys? It’s a Chrome extension for visualize the web history and bookmarks, possibly taken from external sources such as Delicious or Pocket. In my opinion when you start a new application, you must ask yourself who will use it and what you app have that similar apps don’t.
  3. 3. Personas
  4. 4. Personas
  5. 5. Personas
  6. 6. What they have in common this personas?
  7. 7. Example 1 – Mockup Extension main page
  8. 8. Example 1 – Mockup Extension search function
  9. 9. Example 1 - Storyboard You can install Torvys extension for Chrome by accesing the Chrome Web Store, search for Torvys and press Install
  10. 10. Example 1 - Storyboard After the installation is finished you can see a hourglass icon in top left corner, press it to access the aplication.
  11. 11. Example 1 - Question Option Criteria • How the user can install the extesion? User can install the application by accessing the Chrome Web Store, search for it, press install and accept the application permissions. • The extension and my private data is secure? The extension is installed on your computer and your data is not send or saved on other servers. • In wich order the history is showed? The history data is showed in descending order from the interval/period selected by you. • It's your application simple to use? Yes, because all information and data is on one page.
  12. 12. Example 2 Bookmarks – List View
  13. 13. Example 2 Bookmarks – Grid View
  14. 14. Example 2 Export
  15. 15. Example 3 Extension main page
  16. 16. Example 3 Expanded first page (pages that are specified in the command line or is the start page.)