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Boxlightlogo use


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Brand guidelines

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Boxlightlogo use

  1. 1. B OXLIGHT® Brand Guidelines A strong brand is a consistent brand. That’ why we’ developed these corporate s ve guidelines to help ensure the world sees the same BOXLIGHT in everything we do. This is a three-page document. The first page is a top-level summary of the guidelines, followed by specific implementation guidelines. 1. Only use approved artwork of the BOXLIGHT logo. Never recreate the logo with your own fonts. 2. When resizing the logo keep the height and length in the proper proportion. 3. It should only appear in the colors Black, White and PMS 300. 4. It must never appear in a line of text or shape other than our approved “ Boxes.” 5. The only words that may appear under the BOXLIGHT logo are “ Presenting a Better Way™ ” This is our company positioning statement. You can find logo artwork on our corporate Intranet, our Website’ Reseller Resource s Center, or by calling the marketing department. One word: B OXLIGHT B OXLIGHT name guidelines. The name BOXLIGHT should only be used as one word. There should be no space between “ OX”and “ IGHT.” Never hyphenate the name BOXLIGHT, and never B L allow it to break onto two lines. No “Corporation.” Although BOXLIGHT Corporation is still our official legal name, the word “ Corporation” should only be used in legal documents, never in sales communication. Following this top level Branding Summary are detailed and specific guidelines on how to use our name, our product names and our fonts. These must be implemented in all communications. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these guidelines, please contact Jodi Hoebing in the Marketing Department at 800-762-5757 x 205 or via email at
  2. 2. BOXLIGHT® logo guidelines This document provides you with preliminary information to help you use the BOXLIGHT name, trademarks and logos in marketing and advertising. The legal right to use any BOXLIGHT logo is superseded by a written contract or agreement with BOXLIGHT. B OXLIGHT retains the right to reject distribution of any materials with the BOXLIGHT logo if proper branding, as outlined in this guide, has not been followed. Any BOXLIGHT branded items not conforming to these guidelines will be held in violation of BOXLIGHT logo standards and subject to review. BOXLIGHT reserves the right to reject any logo use compromising its brand. • Logo The BOXLIGHT logo no longer contains ‘ Corporation’ use only ; ‘ OXLIGHT, Presenting a Better Way’ The BOXLIGHT logo is an image, B . not a font, and cannot be recreated using a different font. • Size The BOXLIGHT logo must be no less than 1 inch (.25”x 1” It may not ). be manipulated in any manner to create a disproportionate size increase or decrease either horizontally or vertically. The size of the registered trademark symbol (®) must be proportional in size to the BOXLIGHT logo and must be legible when printed. 1 inch • Position The BOXLIGHT logo must not appear within ½ inch of any other logo, and must not be positioned within 3/8 inch trim of any printed material. When the BOXLIGHT logo appears with other manufacturers' logos within a document the BOXLIGHT logo must be: •at least equal in size; •in color, if other manufacturers’logos are in color. • Registered trademark The registered trademark symbol (®) must be used whenever the BOXLIGHT logo is used. B OXLIGHT is a registered trademark and Presenting a Better WayTM is a trademark of BOXLIGHT Corporation. • Writing BOXLIGHT When writing BOXLIGHT in text it must have a registered trademark (®) the first time it appears in text. The name BOXLIGHT is always one word and includes a capital "B" and small capital "OXLIGHT " (BOXLIGHT) in all body text and subheads. If for some reason small capitals can not be inserted all capital letters may be used. (BOXLIGHT) It is never separated into two words (BOX LIGHT), and it is never hyphenated in any manner (BOX-LIGHT ). The "Box" and "LIGHT" should never appear on separate lines. (see example) The BOXLIGHT company name may appear in text in three ways: - BOXLIGHT - BOXLIGHT Corporation - BOXLIGHT No combinations or deviations are acceptable. When B OXLIGHT ® first appears in text, it must be accompanied by its trademark symbol. When using the name B OX LIGHT, it should never be broken over two lines.
  3. 3. BOXLIGHT® logo guidelines • Colors The BOXLIGHT logo may appear in one of three ways: - Pantone Matching System (PMS) 300 Blue - 100% black - 100% white The BOXLIGHT logo should never appear in any colors other than the designated PMS, black or white. • Web address For the internet web address, BOXLIGHT should appear in either lower case or as it is written in text, Arial font. Standards for using the BOXLIGHT logo on the internet are the same as in print. • Use of the BOXLIGHT logo on all premium items Premium items include shirts, towels, hats, pens, jackets, awards and all other miscellaneous branded items. The BOXLIGHT standards established in this guide apply to all premium items. •Corporate fonts Corporate fonts include Arial, and Helvetica. Used in conjunction with the logo, in ads and/or in corporate literature. See examples: Arial Helvetica