Presentation of GeoNMR Technology


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This is the presentation of very efficient and cheap methods of search and survey of mineral deposits (oil, gas, water, metalls etc.) called "GeoNMR"

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  • Presentation of GeoNMR Technology

    1. 1. Genesis CorporationGenesis Corporation Geophysical technologyGeophysical technology for remote search and prospectingfor remote search and prospecting of mineral depositsof mineral deposits GeoNMRGeoNMR
    2. 2. GeoNMR 2 Current geophysical methods for search and prospecting of mineral deposits, such as seismography, electrical survey, magnetic survey, geochemical prospecting and other geological methods, even being used together, cannot give more than 60-65% of probability of disclosure of mineral deposits from a first drilling. It occurs because all this methods is not the methods of “direct” search. Tendency of increasing of difficulty of search and prospecting in connection with searching and prospecting in more and more difficult geological conditions (all simple- to-find mineral deposits was already opened) dictate to get new “direct” search methods. Do we need new methods of minerals searchDo we need new methods of minerals search??
    3. 3. GeoNMR 3 Science don’t stays at the same place. New kinds of interactions is opened. It allows to use in practice this new wave effects. It is necessary to invent new methods of “direct” search, which will allow to give the answer about presence or absence required substance underground or underwater. This method must have effectiveness, which will be near 100%, and it must be more cheaper and more faster in time, than complex of traditional methods. Thus, we see new demands, and we can move forward to the next page. Do we need new methods of minerals searchDo we need new methods of minerals search
    4. 4. GeoNMR 4 History of creating of our technology starts from one bold idea: ALL SUBSTANCES HAVE IT OWN WAVE FREQUENCY, WHICH CAN USE FOR THEIR IDENTIFICATION About “GeoNMR” TechnologyAbout “GeoNMR” Technology
    5. 5. GeoNMR 5 and today we can recognize most of natural substances using it wave frequency About “GeoNMR” TechnologyAbout “GeoNMR” Technology
    6. 6. GeoNMR 6 BUT IT IS NOT ALL NEWS! Analog photo can give the wave information about substance as good as the real substance. Signal intensity from the substance depends only from the volume of the substance and does not depend from the presence of obstacles on the signals path (or depth, kinds of formations and other factors) About “GeoNMR” TechnologyAbout “GeoNMR” Technology
    7. 7. GeoNMR 7 Using of the “GeoNMR”Using of the “GeoNMR” Using of our technology, we can find Mineral deposits under ground and under water Our experience says, that accuracy of search of deposits with using of “GeoNMR” exceeds 90 % We divide our work on two part: Diagnostic part – investigation of analog space pictures (satellite analog photo from the archive) Prospecting part – expedition directly to site
    8. 8. GeoNMR 8 2 month Measurement of exact parameters of deposits, obtainment of 3D shape of real deposits, choice of optimum points for effective drilling, calculation of extractable reserves Prospecting of deposits 2 month Revelation of deposits on the inspected territory, drawing of their ground contours and occurrence depths Remote determination of deposits Investigations of local area (points of future well drilling, old wells, unfinished wells etc.) Presence or absence of mineral deposits in a territory Description 1 month Investigations of points 1 month Fast diagnostic of territory DurationService Services by means of “GeoNMR” technologyServices by means of “GeoNMR” technology
    9. 9. GeoNMR 9 How does “GeoNMR” technology work?How does “GeoNMR” technology work? The first part of our work uses analog space picture of specified territory, which will be activated inside of research nuclear reactor. It is necessary for «revelation» of hide information about required substance.
    10. 10. GeoNMR 10 How does “GeoNMR” technology work?How does “GeoNMR” technology work? After treatment inside reactor occurs transferring of hidden images by means of special wave scanner and mathematic calculation of results. Duration of first part of work is near 2 months
    11. 11. GeoNMR 11 How does “GeoNMR” technology work?How does “GeoNMR” technology work? Second part of work is conducted directly on site by means of group of specialists with using of mobile equipment. The tasks of second part of work – more accurate definition of borders and depths of deposit, choosing of optimal point of drilling Duration of second part of work is near 2 months
    12. 12. GeoNMR 12 Results of workResults of work After finishing of work Customer receives detailed report, inside of which reflected next information: - map of investigated area with contours of found deposits - detailed information about deposits - square of deposits - expected extractable volume of minerals (oil, gas or water) - depths of bedding - optimal points for productive drillings - thickness of productive horizons - 3D model of deposits with cuts
    13. 13. GeoNMR 13 THANKS FOR YOUR TIME! GenesisGenesis CorporationCorporation