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Pros and cons of dedicated team engagement software development model


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There is a lot of said by outsourcing companies about advantages of dedicated team model, however very few of them tell real drawbacks of it. See this presentation and hope it will help buyers to choose a correct engagement model when outsourcing software development.

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Pros and cons of dedicated team engagement software development model

  1. 1. Pros and cons of Dedicated team engagement software development model Outsourcing Softw are Development company in Eastern Europe(Belarus) Professional IT development
  2. 2. WHAT WE MEAN UNDER THE TERM “DEDICATED TEAM OR DEDICATED CENTER”  A team of 1+ member from our local employees works onsite or offsite 100% for a client for a long term period (12+ months)  Client has FULL control over the team: decide day to day activity (can do this through our Project Manager), when to fire or hire new guys, when to increase salary, etc.  Account manager from our company is assigned to a client to consult, to solve any client’s problem which can’t be solved by his team in our company and to do invoicing. Professional IT development
  3. 3. ADVANTAGES OF DEDICATED TEAM IN COMPARISON TO OTHER ENGAGEMENT MODELS IN SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Client has FULL control over the team – it is like extending to his local IT department. Client can be sure that his Dedicated team will be available for him anytime and can’t be used on not his tasks without his consent Dedicated team is good for long term projects (12+ months) as project knowledge is kept inside the team, specific experience, client’s business understanding grows. Client can predict budget as dedicated team works with a fixed monthly cost, no hidden expenses.  Average hour rate in Dedicated team is significantly lower then in Fix price or Time and Material engagement models. Professional IT development
  4. 4. ADVANTAGES OF DEDICATED TEAM IN COMPARISON TO OTHER ENGAGEMENT MODELS  Pricing transparency in dedicated team model means that we share with the client each team member’s salary, on top of this we add our monthly FIX service fee which is equal for any team member. This assures that our interests are aligned and that there is no incentive for us to hire people with low salaries and bill them out at high rates. Also we don’t benefit from higher employee salary, bonus or overtime payment to employee. In this model, you truly get a partner in the face of our company. Professional IT development
  5. 5. DISADVANTAGES OF DEDICATED TEAM IN COMPARISON TO OTHER ENGAGEMENT MODELS Main disadvantage is that regardless of the team’s effectiveness a fix monthly invoice should be paid in any way. That is why Client has to make sure that his dedicated team has enough tasks to do and does them in the right priority order.  An effective way to collaborate/communicate with the dedicated team should be found. We can help here. Another disadvantage is that in order to have low turnaround of personnel in his dedicated team client should try to  Create good relations with the team  Find interesting tasks  Do right management  Etc. Professional IT development
  6. 6. Professional IT development