16 Steps to an Irresistible Sales Pitch


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Attention is at a premium.

It doesn’t matter how good your product is, if your prospects are unaware of it.

All of your sweat, blood and tears have come down to this: how effectively can you paint a picture of a better world in your prospect’s mind’s eye?

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16 Steps to an Irresistible Sales Pitch

  1. 16 Steps to an Irresistible By @VladBlagi ScaleMyBusiness.com
  2. It doesn’t matter how good your product is if your prospects are unaware of it
  3. HOOK them in Tap into prospect’s deepest emotion
  4. Push where it HURTS Use the customer’s own words to describe their problems and frustrations
  5. Add salt to the WOUND Describe the impact the problem has on your prospect
  6. SET Them up Analytics tools will not tell you why your visitors aren’t buying, subscribing, calling… this is where most businesses get stuck, and stay stuck. --CrazyEgg Point out the problems with rival solutions
  7. There’s got to be a BETTER WAY! “UVP is a single, clear and compelling message that states why you are different and worth buying.” –Steve Blank
  8.  Hot fresh pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or it’s free (Domino’s).  Not More Numbers, But Actionable Metrics (USERcycle). Try this: End result your prospect desires + specific period of time + remove objections
  9. Deliver on Your PROMISE In plain language, as simply as you can, explain exactly how your service works. No buzzwords. No jargon.
  10. Grab our FREE workbook Generate irresistible content for sales presentations, landing pages, explainer videos... Yours free at j.mp/SalesCanvas
  11. Dazzle them with YOUR GENIUS Give your prospect a glimpse of your secret sauce What makes you unique?
  12. Show them the VALUE Make the value as explicit, concrete and as quantified as you can
  13. Bring out your EVANGELISTS If pictures are worth a thousand words, then credible customer testimonials are worth even more
  14. Unearth your prospect’s FEARS Every single prospect is anxious about making a purchase.
  15. Turn objections into REASONS TO BUY Objection Counter argument Financial: will I get my ROI (return on investment)? How fast this will happen? Facebook gives companies a 22% lift in ROI. Product-needs risk. yes your product may work for xyz, but will it work for me? Competitor risk: fear of choosing the wrong option. Outline the features of your product in detail. Give them a free trial Virgin has no problem detailing how their service is better than that of Sky, to great effect. Compatibility risk: how does your solution Emphasize a minimal, if any, impact on fit into the way your prospect works today? your prospect’s business.
  16. Show value for MONEY
  17. Set up an ANCHOR Headspace app anchors their price by comparing it to 2 daily lattes.
  18. Ask for BUSINESS How clear is it for your prospects what they should do next?
  19. Don’t celebrate TOO EARLY How can you ensure your customer doesn’t bail out?
  20. Experiment. Iterate. REPEAT
  21. Build a GROWTH TURBINE for your company A series of free 5 five-minute videos for busy entrepreneurs: 5 hard learned lessons on building a growth engine for your company. Yours free at j.mp/GrowthTurbine