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  • Different market situations with different market share of suppliers.USA: CJ has market leader position with over 50%Germany: there are more than 10 Suppliers to the market with strongest networks like zanox and afflinetAnd to Czech Republic CJ has market leader position with over 80%
  • Before I will focus on some Publisher Models I will say some more words to the distribution of publishermodels in some other european countries. Here you can see that we have in.. UK: 1. Search, 2 Email, 3 DisplayDE: 1 Coupon, 2 Display 3 PCFR: 1 Email, 2 Coupon, 3 ContentSo you see that we have on the czech market potential for more publisher models like coupon, display, cashback etc.
  • Lets talk about the Publisher Model Social Currency. Social Currency is very popular and successful to the US and is getting more and more successful to Germany. Social Currency is… Does anyone know the game farmeville to Facebook where you can collect thins and build up your farme. Social Currency Publishers are using that plattform of advertisement to give users the opportuniy to earn coints by clicking in the banner and earning coints.Specifies are Fix commission & Advertisers must be able to define what is fraud and what is not fraud. Reason behind Social currency Publisher will pay the coints to the User immediatley after click on the adverisement. Therefor the Pubs need fix commission to build up that case.
  • Postview is one of the biggest revenue driver to Germany. Postview is nothing else then Display Marketing on CPO Base. To this Model we combine the Stanard Display Marketing on TKP with Affliate Marketing. So also here the Advertiser only pay in performance base.We have to Germany three sources of PV Pubs: PV Pubs has direct cooperation with high volume sides like ebay or mobile.deOrPV Pubs buy traffic to banner networks like VCMOr last opportunity is PV Pubs has huge high Volume Sides, so they own their trafficSpecifis are each PV Pubs has their own adverver to deliver the ads and to optimize their traffic The huge advantage is that the advertiser only pay on a CPO Base and you can reach a great reach for your brand.
  • Who of the advertisers is doing the SEM inhouse?To Germany the Publisher Model was very successful for 2 or 3 years. Now we have the situation that de amount of SEM aedencys increased rapidly and the Advertisers only goes with aedency. So there is no space for doing SEM with Publishers.But to your market here is perfect way combinigaedency with doing SEM with Publisher in cooperation.Reason is that publishers can expand the keyword reach much more then customer can do on its own.
  • Best performingCouponing Website to Germany melsungen-online.deandto Czech kuponyonline.cz
  • When you want to inform you about our Product CJEAST please take a look to our Website. When you want to register to our CJEAST newsletter please register to our form to our website And when you want to start with doing business as Publisehr please take that sign up link and register we have the right CZ Advertiser for you!
  • 1. Affiliate konference / Commission Junction

    1. 1. Commission JunctionPetra Hergenröther-MagenauAccount Director11.11.2011
    2. 2. Agenda 1 … Commission Junction 2 … Competition 3 … Publisher 4 … Summary
    3. 3. ValueClick Company Innovative display Ad Network & Affiliate Marketing Mobile Advertising - CPO Programs - CPL Campaigns Brand- & Performance-Network 3.000+ clients worldwide in Reach GER: 79,9%* 138 countries Network Quality: 330.000+ publishers IASH.EU certified Program-Management Adserving & Targeting Search Engine reach PPC-based Tracking & Analysis SEM & Email Tool Leading European Social-Media Tracking Price Comparison*(comScore 07/11, User 15+)
    4. 4. Commission Junction - Worldwide 300+ Employees 3,000+ Advertisers 330.000+ Publishers 4 Billion+ Site Visits 8 Network Quality People 50 Years of experience 3000 Publishers deactivated4 Data: Annual amounts for 2010
    5. 5. Commission Junction– International CJ International 7 offices in Europe (DE, UK, IE, FR, ES, SE, CZ) From our German office we manage clients from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Eastern Europe We support our clients in worldwide operations CJ Worldwide CJ customers worldwide, e.g. USA, UK, DE, CZ, FR,……
    6. 6. Agenda 1 … Commission Junction 2 … Competition 3 … Publisher 4 … Summary
    7. 7. Competition USA Germany Czech Republic 7
    8. 8. Agenda 1 … Commission Junction 2 … Competition 3 … Publisher 4 … Summary
    9. 9. Publisher Models Search Email Display Online Media Ecosystem Cashback Content Social Price Currency Comparis Coupon on & Discount9
    10. 10. Distribution by Publisher ModelUnited Kingdom GermanyFrance Czech Republic
    11. 11. Publisher Model – Social Currency DescriptionIncentivized Traffic to Social Media Channels likeFacebook or Social Games TrafficDirect Koopertion with Social Media companieslike Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, Tagged, Orkut, orVznet SpecificsFix commission depends on the PublisherAdvertiser must be able to define fraud ResultsConversion Rate: up to 20%Click-through-Rate: up to 30% Advantages AdvertiserAttractive Target GroupInternational Reach to Social Media channel
    12. 12. Publisher Model – Postview DescriptionDisplay Marketing on CPO not CPM Base TrafficDirect coopertion with high volume WebsitesBooking to Networks like VC MediaOwner of high traffic websites SpecificsOwn Adserver Technology or rent Advserver fordelivery of ads and for Targeting andOptimazition of traffic ResultsConversion Rate: up to 6%Click-through-Rate: up to 0,07% Advantages AdvertiserTraffic you normally only get on CPM Base withgreat reach
    13. 13. Publisher Model – Cashback DescriptionCashback Pubs are shopping communities. Itprovides an unbeatable benefit for all members:money back with every purchase at loyaltypatner merchants! TrafficDepends on Cashback Portal Lyoness have trafficonline with banner, social media, twitter, SEO andSEM & offline with magazine, Print, radio etc SpecificsDepends on publisher some need commission in% & working product feed ResultsConversion Rate: 24 %Click-through-Rate: 40 – 75 % Advantages AdvertiserGood quality of traffic
    14. 14. Publisher Model – SEM DescriptionSearch Engine Marketing on CPO Base TrafficBrand: [edarling]Longtail: single internetBrand & Longtail: [edarling singles]Display-URL : www.edarling.deLandingpage:www.singelbörsenvergleich.de/erdarling SpecificsGoogle or Seznam Account ResultsCR: up to 20%CTR: 8% Advantages AdvertiserMore Search result with expanding yourkeywordreach with longtail keywordsPublisher works on CPO Base
    15. 15. Publisher Model – Coupon DescriptionRabatt – and Couponing Websites withpromotions for useres TrafficCouponing Pubs get traffic with SEM, SEO SocialMedia and Email Database. CaseStart with 10 Euro Coupon to RetailerRetailer did not allow PV and RetaretingWe could increase the Sales over a period of 6month by 40 % ResultsCTR 25%Conversion Rate: 15%(depends on advertiser) Advantages AdvertiserEspecially for Retail Advertiser you can increaseyour performance
    16. 16. Agenda 1 … Commission Junction 2 … Competition 3 … Publisher 4 … Summary
    17. 17. Summary More than 50 national and international Brands Brands such as CK Neckermann, Allianz Direct, T-Mobile und Tchibo Increased reach due to 1.800 East European Publishers but huge Reach potential for more publishers to Cashback, Coupon, Social Curreny, Display and SEM Knowledge of the market with exclusive cooperation with premium Network partner VIV NETworks Target Actual promotions from advertisers for publishers with CJEAST Newsletter CJEAST Account Management Team ensures high service quality & Service outstanding reaction time Registration Easy registration for Publilshers and high quality support for your questions
    18. 18. Important sources CJEAST Website http://de.cj.com/east/en CJEAST Newsletter CJEAST PUBLISHER Sign up https://signup.cj.com/member/brandedPublisherSignUp.do
    19. 19. References
    20. 20. Contact Petra Hergenröther-Magenau Account Director Tel.: +49 (0)89 66 54 79-63 Fax: +49 (0)89 66 54 79-10 phergenroether- magenau@cj.com Do you also want the chance?Commission Junctiona ValueClick companyValueClick Deutschland GmbHHauptstrasse 1D-82008 Unterhaching/MünchenGeschäftsführer: James R. Zarley, HRB 132209 MünchenTwitter: www.twitter.com/CJDENetworkFacebook: www.facebook.com/comissionjunctiondWeb: www.cj.com/de