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Anaheim's Waterwise Garden: Principles of Waterwise Landscaping - Anaheim, California


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Anaheim's Waterwise Garden: Principles of Waterwise Landscaping - Anaheim, California

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Anaheim's Waterwise Garden: Principles of Waterwise Landscaping - Anaheim, California

  1. 1. Anaheim’s Waterwise Garden PRINCIPLES OF W AT E R W I S E L AN DSCAPI NGANAHEIM PUBLIC UTILITIESFor more information on these programs, please call (714) 765- 4250
  2. 2. About The Garden The Waterwise Demonstration Garden, which borders Amtrak Anaheim Station, lends identity and prominence to the station. Designed to illustrate the beauty of waterwise landscaping, the plants were selected for their contrast in colors, textures and shapes. The garden includes a water-efficient irrigation system as well. Upon viewing the garden it will become evident thatwater-efficient landscaping and irrigation techniques can produce a luxurious and abundant landscape.For more information on these programs, please call (714) 765- 4250
  3. 3. Why WaterWise Other Water-Efficient Landscaping? Programs With continued growth in California and reduced Anaheim Public Utilities continues to worksupplies of imported water for our region, towards meeting new and future water demandAnaheim Public Utilities continues to support through an aggressive water efficiency program.water-efficiency efforts. Our goal is to provide Education and financial incentives are available tocustomers with a reliable source of safe water at an its customers. The following programs areaffordable price. To continue to do so, efficient designed to assist you with your landscape needs:water use is imperative. Home Utility Check-Up, TreePower and Waterwise landscaping alone can result in a 50 Protector del Agua (water-efficient landscapeto 80 percent water savings. It creates a beautiful classes).yet practical landscape and results in many For more information on these programs, calleconomic and environmental benefits. (714) 765-4250. BENEFITS OF WATERWISE Water-Efficient LANDSCAPING Landscape Award Decreased energy Extended life for our Each year, Anaheim Public Utilities honors the use water resources owners of single-family and multifamily residences, Conservation of More diverse habitat water for plants and wildlife as well as commercial businesses, in appreciation Deterrence of erosion Minimal runoff of for their efforts in water-efficient landscaping. Reduced heating contaminated storm Winners of the Water-Efficient Landscape Award and irrigation water and cooling costs are judged on the seven principles of water-efficient Lower maintenance landscaping. Nominations are accepted from January and labor costs through mid-March and can be mailed to AnaheimThis translates into money saved and a beautiful Public Utilities, P.O. Box 3222, MS 801, Anaheim,landscape. CA 92803.
  4. 4. Principles of Waterwise LandscapINGWaterwise gardens offer an amazing diversity of colors, textures,shapes and sizes. What distinguishes them from traditional landscapesis their adherence to the following seven principles: Fortnight Lily 1 3 PLANNING & DESIGN PR ACTICAL TU R F AR EAS You will need to start with a Turf is the most water thirsty master plan based upon your site landscape component. A lawn and your requirements for your uses four times as much water as yard. The most important design 2 anything else in landscaping. element is the grouping of plant A P P R O P R I AT E Design lawn areas for practical PLANT SELECTION materials of like needs together purposes such as: play, mainte- (i.e. sun, water). Look at soil There is a place for every plant in nance access and light traffic. conditions, drainage, wind, sun, a waterwise garden—when locat- Bermuda and Buffalo are recog- slopes and water-use areas. ed correctly. Group plants nized as good water-efficient Also, assess your needs — what according to their water and sun grasses, as are St. Augustine and uses will you make of your out- needs, avoiding the waste that Fescue. door space (i.e. walkways, play comes from overdosing low- 25-50% water savings areas, shading, etc.)? water-use plants placed near water-loving ones. Lily of the Nile 20-50% water savings 50-80% water savings For more information on these programs, please call (714) 765- 4250
  5. 5. Anaheim’s Waterwise Garden is dedicated to Sally White for her many years of community service and dedication to the beautification of the Anaheim community. 5 7 SOI L I M PR OVE M E NTS A P P R O P R I AT E MAINTENANCE The addition of organic matter to Seasonal irrigation adjustments and the soil, such as shredded bark or efficiency checks are maintenance peat moss, increases water practices that save water. Organic retention and reduces weeds. Get fertilizers and composting will improveGround Morning Glory to know your soil and amend it soil texture and maintain vigorous plant prior to planting. 4 10 -20% water savings growth. E F F I C I E N T I R R I G AT I O NA well-planned watering systemcan help you avoid over-water- 6 AS O N, W AT E R B Y S E A SO N REing, which not only wastes water USE OF M U LCH ES W ITH R Ebut can be a cause of plant death Mulches reduce evaporation, help W ATand disease. The two most effi- keep moisture in, and reducecient irrigation systems are weeds. Mulch can include rocks,underground sprinklers and drip wood chips, bark or shreddedirrigation. wood. 20-40% water savings 10-20% water savings Society GarlicFor more information on these programs, please call (714) 765- 4250
  6. 6. Plants included i n A n a h e i m ’s Waterwise Garden • Agave • Mexican Bush Sage • Blue Fescue • Mexican Fan Palm • Blue Oat Grass • Myoporum • Bougainvillea • New Zealand Flax • Bush Morning Glory • Oleander Gazania • Dusty Miller • Ornamental Pear • Fortnight Lily • Pride of Madeira • Gazania • RockroseMatilijaPoppy • Green Santolina • Senecio • Ground Morning • Society Garlic Glory • Sweet Alyssum • Indian Hawthorn • Tobira • Kaffir Lily • Trailing Lantana • Lavender Cotton • Violet Trumpet Vine • Lily of the Nile • Wild Lilac • Matilija Poppy For more information on these programs, please call (714 ) 765 - 4250
  7. 7. Anaheim’s Waterwise Garden Loc ation STATE COLLEGE BLVD. BALL RD. Anaheim’s Waterwise Garden at Amtrak Anaheim Station CERRITOS AVE. Arrowhead For more Pond information onthese programs, KATELLA AVE. please call 5(714 ) 765 - 4250 ORANGEWOOD AVE. or send us an e-mail 57 CHAPMAN AVE. LEWIS ST. 22ANAHEIM PUBLIC UTILITIES