Owens corning enduragold duct system fiberglass insulation


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Owens corning enduragold duct system fiberglass insulation Endura gold , Owens corning fiberglass insulation

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Owens corning enduragold duct system fiberglass insulation

  2. 2. Commercial & Industrial2HVAC APPLICATIONHVAC APPLICATIONOwens Corning EnDuraGoldTM,Rigi Duct,duct wrap and pipe insulation have been contributing to energy conservation,noise control andindoor air quality performance of residential and commercial heating,ventilating and air conditioning duct systems for more than 40 years.Fiber glass insulation in air duct systems can help to save energy, cut heating and cooling costs, and help make the interiorenvironment comfortable.Fiber glass insulation inside air ducts absorbs noise--whether it’s traveling along the duct from central air equipment or coming fromnearby rooms. It also soaks up noise caused by expansion, contraction and vibration.Fiber glass duct insulation can contribute to the quality of the indoor environment too. Properly installed in a well-maintained ductsystem, clean, dry Fiber Glass insulation won’t support mold growth or take significant moisture from the air.Tests show that roomsserved by Fiber Glass insulated ducts have no more fibers in the air than are usually found in fresh outdoor air.The products Owens Corning sells each year are responsible for the prevention of more than 1 billion tons of greenhouse gasemissions.This equals the annual emissions of 200 million passenger cars or the use of 2 billion barrels of oil.We are committed toincreasing our net positive impact on the planet.According to a study by the Harvard University School of Public Health, insulating existing homes to current standards would save800 trillion BTUs each year, which is equal to 76 supertankers of crude oil.Owens CorningOwens Corning, headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, U.S.A., is aworld leader in building materials and glass fiber composites.Founded in 1938, Owens Corning is a US Fortune 500 companywith approximately 19,000 employees in manufacturing,sales and research facilities in more than 26 countries on sixcontinents.Apart from building materials and composite products, OwensCorning also provides systems and services creating uniquesolutions and profitable growth for our customers.About Owens CorningBenefits Of Duct Insulations For HVACOwens Corning Asia PacificIn 1994, Owens Corning established its regional headquarters in Hong Kong to launch the development of its business in theAsia Pacific region. In 2004, the regional headquarters for Owens Corning Asia Pacific Building Materials relocated to Shanghai toreflect the need to be closer to the growing markets in Asia Pacific, key customers and its largest core of employees in the region.Today, there are more than 1,200 employees in building materials and composites manufacturing, sales and research operationsthroughout the region.The Company has sales and/or distribution channels in every country of the region, including Australia, NewZealand and India.As the leader in building material and fiberglass composite area in the world, Owens Corning devotes itself tobringing the most advanced technology as well as products and systems of the best quality to Asia Pacific.Today,Owens Corning has 7 plants in China and one plant in South Korea, producing products including FiberglassInsulation, Foamular® -Metric,Vinyl Siding, Shingles, Langeo StoneTMetc.As the pioneer and leader in the world’s building energy efficiency, Owens Corning provides superior productsand service.What’s more important is that Owens Corning has developed a series of building energy efficiencysystem solutions which meet local building codes and practices.
  3. 3. 3Commercial & IndustrialHVAC APPLICATIONHVAC APPLICATIONUsing Owens Corning fiber glass duct board 475/800 series as the main material and auxiliary materialssuch as pressure / thermal sensitive adhesive tapes,clasp nails,etc.,Owens Corning EnDuraGoldTMDuctSystem able to be made directly at the construction site,is a high-performance heat insulation air ductsystem of light weight and great health benefit. Following UL181A standard,the product realizes perfectcombination of thermal and acoustic performance with stable air flow.Owens Corning EnDuraGoldTMDuct System allows quick and easy making of square and rectangularair duct components such as direct duct,bend,reducing duct,boot-shaped duct, T-shaped duct,etc.,andeffective integration of such components into complete air transmission system for heat supply,ventilation,air conditioning purposes in varioustypes of commercial,industrial and residential buildings.EnDuraGoldTMDuct System· Highly efficient heat insulation and energy conservation· Sound absorption for a quieter environment· Anti-bacteria and anti-mildew feature to ensure a healthy environment· Light weight to reduce load on the building· Quick making to shorten construction timeOwens Corning 475/800 fiber glass duct board series are the main materials for the EnDuraGoldTMDuct System. Such boardis produced by using patent centrifugal technology to turn melted glass into fiber and then have it processed and cured withenvironmentally-friendly bond that contains thermosetting resin. The exterior of the duct board is covered with special reinforcedoverlay of great durability and fireproofness and the interior is coated with durable insulation material. At two ends of the duct boardthere are pre-made tongue joints of dual density with Shiplap Joint. There are also special reinforced aluminum foils and insulationmaterials available to meet with the needs of adding nails or socket connection for board extention.Physical PropertiesInside the duct:<121˚COutside the duct:<66˚C25.4 m / s+/- 500 bar (If >500 bar,special processing required)<3% at 49 ˚C & 95% relative humidityDo not encourage the production of mildew (only when the interior is coated with anti-microorganism coating)No mildew (only when the interior is coated with anti-microorganism coating)Do not encourage the breeding of epiphyte (only when the interior is coated with anti-microorganism coating)Do not encourage the breeding of bacteria (only when the interior is coated with anti-microorganism coating)No fiber falling offFlame spread:25Fume production:50Flame penetration:30 minutesWorkingTemperatureMax.Wind SpeedStatic Pressure LimitMoistureAbsorptionAnti-MildewAnti-EpiphyteAnti-BacteriaFiber Falling OffSurface CombustibilityFire RetardancePerformanceUL181UL181 erosion experimentUL 181ASTM C1104UL 181GB/T2423.16-1999ASTM G21ASTM G22GB/T 16157UL 723ASTM 184UL 181Testing Method Technical RequirementFeatures & BenefitsSpecification (mm)475800Length Width Thickness25381220122030003000
  4. 4. Commercial & Industrial4HVAC APPLICATIONHVAC APPLICATIONFiber glass Rigid Duct Insulations are composed of glass fibers bonded together with thermosetting resin.They are manufactured invarious stiffnesses, from flexible to rigid, although the rigid or semi-rigid forms are most suitable for insulating rectangular ductwork.Unfaced boards may also be used on duct and equipment exteriors, and can be field-jacketed.These boards are also available withFoil-Scrim-Kraft (FSK) facing for application to the exterior of large ductwork or equipmentwhere a neat finished appearance and vapor retarder performance are required.Fiber glass Rigid Duct Insulations are intended for use in commercial, institutional, industrial and residential construction as thermal andacoustical insulation for the exterior of ductwork and mechanical air-handling equipment and tanks where abuse resistance is required.The semi-rigid boards, with densities of 48kg/m3, are flexible insulation boards for application over irregularly-shaped surfaces whereboard-like properties are desired. The rigid boards, with densities from 56 to 64 kg/m3, are even more rigid for strength, abuse-resistance and flat appearance.Rigi DuctFeatures & BenefitsAssured Thermal Performance -----When installed in accordance with instructions, so that compression is controlled, fiber glassRigid Duct Insulation provides specified thermal performance (see R-value table). Operating costs are controlled due to reductionof heat loss or gain through sheet metal duct walls.Enhanced Comfort Control ----- Fiber glass Rigid Duct Insulation helps heating and coolingsystems to deliver conditioned air to occupied spaces at or near design temperatures.Byconserving heating and cooling energy,HVAC systems may operate under reduced load.··Physical PropertyPropertASTM C 4111ASTMC1136ASTM C665ASTM C665ASTMC1104ASTM E96PROC.AASTMD781B.S. 476ChinaNationalStandardASTM E84Test Method SpecificationOperatingTemperature RangeInsulationJacket TemperatureCorrosivenessMold GrowthMoisture AbsorptionVapor PermeancePuncture ResistanceDensityFlammabilityCharacteristicsCombustibilityCharacteristicsSurface BurningCharacteristics- 4°C to +121°C- 29°C to +115°CChemically InertNo Growth<3% by weight at 49°C; 90% R.H.0.02 Perm Maximum35 Beach Units Minimum48kg/m356kg/m364kg/m3Part 4 – Non-CombustiblePart 6 – Fire PropagationPart 7 – Surface Spread of FlamePart 12– IgnitabilityGB 5464-85: PASSEDNon-CombustibleFlame Spread 25Smoke Developed 50Class “O” Fire Rating to the Building Regulations Section E15SpecificationsThicknessmmLengthmmWidthmmDensitykg/m32540502540502540502540501.
  5. 5. 5Commercial & IndustrialHVAC APPLICATIONHVAC APPLICATIONDuct WrapFeatures & Benefits* Mean temperature is the average of two temperatures:the air inside the duct and that of the ambient air outside it.Physical PropertyPropertASTM C 411ASTM C665ASTM C665ASTMC1104ASTM E96ASTMD781W/m•KB.S. 476ChinaNationalStandardASTM E84Test Method SpecificationOperatingTemperature RangeCorrosivenessMold GrowthMoisture AbsorptionVapor PermeancePuncture ResistanceThermalConductivity (k)At 24°C MeanFlammabilityCharacteristicsCombustibilityCharacteristicsSurface BurningCharacteristics- 4°C to +121°CChemically InertNo Growth<3% by weight at 49°C; 90% R.H.0.02 Perm Maximum25 Beach Units MinimumType Type Type Type Type200 240 320 400 4800.037 0.036 0.034 0.033 0.032Part 4 – Non-CombustiblePart 6 – Fire PropagationPart 7 – Surface Spread of FlamePart 12– IgnitabilityGB 5464-85: PASSEDNon-CombustibleFlame Spread 25Smoke Developed 50Class “O” Fire Rating to the Building Regulations Section E15Fiber glass All-Service Duct Wrap insulationis a blanket of glass fibers, factory-laminated to a Foil-Scrim-Kraft (FSK) vapor retarder facing or other designated foil.Fiber glass All-Service Duct Wrap insulation is used to insulate commercialandresidential heating, air conditioning and dual-temperature ducts operating attemperatures from 4°C to 121°C.This insulation, when applied in accordance withinstallation instructions, will provide the “Installed R-Value” as published for theproduct and printed on the facing, thus assuring specified in-place thermal performance and condensation control.Assured Thermal Performance -----When installed in accordance with instructions,so that compression is controlled,fiber glass All-Service DuctWrap provides specified thermal performance.Operating costs are controlled due to reduction of heat loss or gain throughsheet metal duct walls.Enhanced Comfort Control ----- Fiber glass All-Service Duct Wrap helps heating and cooling systems to deliver conditioned airto occupied spaces at or near design temperatures.By conserving heating and cooling energy, HVAC systems may operate underreduced load.Flexible, Easy Installation ----- Fiber glass All-Service Duct Wrap is easily cut to fit flat, curved or irregular duct surfaces for a neat,thermally effective insulation blanket. Because it’s easier to install than rigid boards, installation costs are lowered.···SpecificationsThicknessmmLengthmmDensitykg/m32540502540502540502540502540501. TypeDuct WraType 200Type 240Type 320Type 400Type 480
  6. 6. Commercial & Industrial6HVAC APPLICATIONHVAC APPLICATIONOwens Corning pink-colored fiber glass pipe insulation is made of thinlong fiber glass with environmentally adhesive bond through specialprocesses. It can be applied for heat insulation purposes on varioustypes of cold and hot pipes and covered or uncovered pipes. The specialfiber glass material contributes to extremely good performances of heatinsulation as well as extrusion and impact resistance.Owens Corning also provides various moisture-proof overlay materialsand related accessories (such as adhesive tapes) for the fiber glass pipeinsulation according to the current heating and ventilation system designrequirements in China.These products are all OEM processed withguarantee of smooth overlay surface, able to meet with heat insulation andmoisture resistance needs in various circumstances.Physical PropertiesPipe InsulationTesting MethodASTM C411GB/T 11835-1998ASTM C665ASTM C1104GB 5480.7 - 87ASTM E84B.S. 476China’s National StandardGB 5464-1999Technical Requirement-18˚C to +454 ˚CNot lower than 350 ˚CNo chemical reactionAt 49 ˚C & 95% relative humidityNot above 3% of the total weightNot above 5% of the total weightFlame spread: 25; Fume spread: 50PartVI – Flame SpreadPartVII – Surface Spread of FlameNote: Level “O” fire regardance standard in SectionE15 of Construction CodesGrade A Non-combustible materialWorking TemperatureHot Load Reshrinking TemperatureCorrosion ResistancePerformanceMoisture AbsorptionFire RetardanceSpecifications· The packaging is kraft paper box or plastic bag.· Products of different specifications can be made available upon requirement.· Please specify the duct diameter, thickness of the duct wall, volume weight, overlay type, etc. when placing purchase orders.Volume Weight (kg/m3)Thickness (mm)Length (mm)Diameter (mm)48 64 80 10025 30 40 50 60 65 701000 120016-457
  7. 7. 7Commercial & IndustrialHVAC APPLICATIONHVAC APPLICATIONClassical Cases of HVAC ApplicationBeijing: Oriental Plaza Beijing: China Bank HeadquarterShanghai: Shanghai GrandTheater Shanghai: PuDong International AirportShanghai: Jin MaoTower Guzhou: CITIC Plaza
  8. 8. OWENS CORNING (CHINA) INVESTMENT CO.,LTDShanghai Owens Corning office/Block B & C, 4F, Tomson Commercial Building,710 DongFang Rad,Pudong,Shanghai,ChinaTel: (021) 6101-9666 Fax: (021) 6101-9588http://www.owenscorning.comHong KongRoom 1602, Jubilee Centre,46 Gloucester Road,Wanchai, Hong KongFax: (852) 2861-2760billy.s.lee@owenscorning.comKorea15F Hi-living Building, 890-16,Daechi-dong, Kangnam-ku,Seoul 135-280, KoreaT e l: (822) 2050-7490Fax: (822) 2050-7499JapanNissei Toranomon Bldg 4F3-12-1 Toranomon, Minato-kuTokyo 105-0001 JAPANT e l: (813) 5733-1676Fax: (813) 5733-1677India701 Alpha Building,Hiranandani Gardens,Powai, Mumbai 400 076, IndiaT e l: (9122) 6668-1722Fax: (9122) 6668-1701Pub. No. 8102801; Print in SH 8P Jan 2008