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Ep environmental products - catalogue 2010


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Ep environmental products - catalogue 2010

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Ep environmental products - catalogue 2010

  2. 2. E PTMTHE REVOLUTIONEco-friendly technology water-based – easy to use –non toxic and non flammable our products meet thehighest of international standards and are recognisedglobally as ‘superior’ in environmental technology.E PTMbegan its journey in Asia during 2004 bringingthe very best of Australian technology to Malaysia.Since then the E P TMbrand has moved from strength tostrength covering a wide range of markets and applica-tions from commercial grade waterproofing to cleaningpalm oil mills and even off shore oil & gas operations.E P TMeco-friendly products are leading industries andconsumers towards an environmental future that canonly benefit all of us.‌ü Easy to use‌ü Eco-friendly‌ü Non toxic‌ü No mixing‌‌ü Non flammable‌ü Non hazardousü No special equipmentWaterproofingEPTMBlock SealApplication: Apply E PTMBlock Seal after any repairs - sprayarea @ 1 Litre per 4-5 square metres, apply second coatwithin 30 to 45 mins - Critical that any missing mortar andcracks are repaired prior to sealing. We recommend EP™Bondex used to repair mortar.Utilising advanced acrylic technology, combined with Poly-ester Polymer. This formula outperforms all other aliphaticsolutions currently in the market place. This latest prod-uct was specially developed for concrete blocks used in re-taining wall construction. Non toxic, non hazardous, nonflammable, high chemical resistance, high surface tension,easier stain removal properties and prevents fretting mor-tar. With only two applications, EPTMBlock Seal penetrates& protects from within. Compatible with all conventionalsealants, adhesives & paint.EPTMWaterproof SupremeApplication: Clean surface to be treated with broom orbrush, remove any staining with any of the EPTMcleaningrange - wait to dry - apply EPTMWaterproof Supreme tosurface.No mixing - apply using brush, broom, spray-back-pack,roller. Use only water to clean all tools and equipment.Utilizing advanced urethane technology, combined withPolymer Chemistry, a penetrating polymer system thatdries quickly. Specially developed to provide a tough stainresistant surface, leaving a stain free and chemical resistantsurface on all concrete and masonry surfaces. Excellent forareas such as gas stations and public areas i.e. food stalls.EPTMWaterproofing Systemapplication. Can be used on all concrete and masonry units,old or new construction - bricks, concrete, pavers, cobble-stones, tile grouts, repair materials, shot-crete, terracottaand natural stone. Dries completely transparent, leavinga natural finish to all masonry, with no shine, non slipperyand does not have to be re-applied every few years likesurface coatings. No floor hardeners or curing agents areneeded once treated with this product.Application: Clean surface - apply EPTMWaterproofing Sys-tem @ 5-7 per 1 Litre - wait to dry 25-45 minutes. Useonly water to clean all tools and equipment.Your partner in construction waterproofingThis product penetrates deep into concrete, creating adenser, hard and completely waterproof surface that can-not be damaged, torn, pierced, broken or ripped. EPTMWa-terproofing System is NOT a membrane, requires only oneEPTMworks by penetrating the concrete’s surface by capillary action and coats each parti-cle with Polyester Polymer Chemistry. On the left the concrete aggregate and other par-ticles are uncoated allowing moisture and water through. On right the polymer chemicalreaction solidifies all the components into one strong mass. Also stops moisture rising upthrough the concrete.
  3. 3. EPTMEco-KleenApplication: Dilute to job requirements - normal rate is20:1 - 20 being water. EPTMEco-Kleen can be diluted to anyamount.No mixing - apply using broom, brush, mop, cloth/wipe,hand-spray/back-pack.EPTMEco-Kleen has over 1000 uses for all general purposecleaning for any surface from bricks, blocks, tiles, concreteand masonry surfaces, carpets, air-con filters, bathrooms,stainless steel, porcelain, tables, rubber clothing - all sur-faces where cleaning is needed. EPTMEco-Kleen leaves noresidue, kills bacteria by 99.9%EPTMMarine WashApplication: Scrape off extremely heavy grease buildup -dilute to job requirement - spray on let stand for 1 to 3minutes, agitate severe spots - rinse thoroughly with water- repeat as needed.No mixing - apply using broom/mop, brush, cloth, back-pack. Use only water to clean all tools and equipment.Designed for the cleaning requirements of the marine in-dustry, EPTMMarine Wash is a heavy duty degreaser thatprovides excellent cleaning, degreasing and anti-bacterialpower in an economical solution. Simple to use, high yielddilution ratio (15:1 – 50:1), leaves no residue and can beused on all surfaces. Can also be mixed with sea water.EPTMRig-Kleen L-F (Low Foam) / XHD (Extra Heavy Duty)No mixing - apply using broom, brush, back-pack. Use onlywater to clean all tools and equipment.Specifically designed for off shore oil & gas operations,EPTMRig-Kleen is eco-friendly, non toxic, non flammableand readily bio-degradable. It cleans all surfaces and equip-ment, leaves no residue or slippery surfaces - low foam so-lution. Can be diluted (H20) 5:1 or drawn directly into highpressure lines. Can also be mixed with sea water.Application: Scrape off extremely heavy grease buildup- use full strenghth or dilute to job requirement - sprayon let stand for 1 to 3 minutes, agitate severe spots - rinsethoroughly - repeat as needed until area is clean.EPTMEfflorescence RemoverApplication: Wash/brush away all dirt, leaves and grimefrom surface - wait to semi-dry so surface is not saturated- apply EPTMEfflorescence Remover 5-7 per 1 litre -scrub over surface - wait 5-8 minutes and rinse.No mixing - apply using broom, brush, back-pack. Use onlywater to clean all tools and equipment.EPTMEfflorescence Remover easily removes that “white-fluffy powder”, caused by impurities such as salt and ex-cess lime from bricks, blocks, tile, walls, floors, concreteand masonry surfaces. E P™ Efflorescence Remover is fast,economical, effective, non toxic, biodegradable and noncarcinogenic.CleanersEPTMUltra SealApplication: Clean surface with any of the EPTMcleaningrange - wait to dry - apply EPTMUltra Seal to surface - veryporous materials may require multiple applications.No mixing - apply using brush, broom, spray-back-pack orroller. Use only water to clean all tools and equipment.A unique formulation for more porous materials such aslimestone and sandstone. This product creates an extreme-ly hard wearing polymer/acrylic surface with a slight/mildgloss finish. Excellent for porous surfaces such as screeding,plastering or rough concrete.The E PTMrange of waterproofing products have been successfully tested and accredited by theworld’s leadings authorities from;ASTM – American Society for the Testing of MaterialsBSI – British StandardsSIRIM QAS – Malaysian standardsStandards Australia & International testing by independent laboratories.
  4. 4. EPTMTruck, Car & Boat WashApplication: Dilute to job requirements - normal rateis 20:1 - 20 being water. Can be siphoned through ahigh pressure water unit.No mixing - apply using broom, brush, spray/back-pack, mop, cloth or wipe. Use only water to clean alltools and equipment.EPTMTruck, Car & Boat Wash has many uses for theowner or contractor for all general maintenance andcleaning of materials, equipment, parts, engines,bulkheads, oil/grease containers for all automotive,marine and transport industries.EPTMClean Hands Anti-BacterialEPTMClean Hands Anti-Bacterial is a mild liquidcleanser specially formulated using only the highestof quality ingredients. The gentle lather cleans awayall hard to remove grease, oils, fats, carbon and dif-ficult staining from your hands leaving them feelingclean and soft.- Mild hand detergent.- Good for everyday use.- Cleans all staining, grease, oil and grime.- Over 20 different fragrances personalized by you.- Easy open top containers or pump application.EPTMConcrete CleanerApplication: Wash/brush away all dirt, leaves andgrime from surface - wait till semi-dry so surface is notsaturated - apply EPTMConcrete Cleaner 5-7 1 litre - scrub, wait 5-8 minutes and rinse.No mixing - apply using broom, brush, spray/back-pack. Use only water to clean all tools & equipment.An easy to apply liquid cleaner that removes all oil,grease, fats and general staining from concrete, re-stores all concrete, bricks and masonry back to its orig-inal condition removing years of in-ground stains.Tip: High pressure water is recommended for largerareas.EPTMBrick & Tile CleanerApplication: Wash/Brush away all dirt, leaves andgrime from surface - wait till semi-dry so surface is notsaturated - apply EPTMBrick & Tile Cleaner 5-7 1 litre - scrub, wait 5-8 minutes and rinse.No mixing - apply using broom, brush, back-pack. Useonly water to clean all tools and equipment.Simple application of this product removes all stain-ing from bricks and tile - walls and floors - excellentfor post-construction cleaning and on-goingmaintenance.Tip: High pressure water is recommended for largerareas.EPTMRust Stain RemoverApplication: Wash/brush away all dirt, leaves andgrime from surface - wait to semi-dry so surface is notsaturated - apply EPTMRust Stain Remover 5-7 1 litre - scrub, wait 5-8 minutes and rinse.No mixing - apply using broom, brush, back-pack. Useonly water to clean all tools and equipment.This unique formulation removes heavy rust stainingand dirty rust marks from all masonry, concrete, brickand colour-bond steel. When used with a high pres-sure water-jet it is unsurpassed in cleaning abilities.Tip: High pressure water is recommended for largerareas.Tested and accredited by the world’s leading organisations
  5. 5. Treatment/Ad-mixEPTMDust SuppressorApplication: Dilute EPTMDust Suppressor with water5:1 - mix and spray to area where dust is present - sec-ondary applications 15:1.Specially designed to save water consumption fordust suppressing in the mining industry, this productis highly economical, eco-friendly, non flammable &non toxic. Diluted with water or sea water, this mix-ture binds and hardens all surface dust and particles,whilst greatly improving the air-quality levels and re-ducing the amount of water consumed in daily op-erations.EPTMRust ConverterApplication: Wire brush rusted steel surface to re-move all flakes and loose particles - remove any oilsor grease with EPTMEco-Kleen, wait to dry - apply EPTMRust Converter and leave to dry 5-15 minutes..No mixing required. Apply using brush or roller. Useonly water to clean all tools and equipment.Easily converts iron oxide (rust) into iron phosphatewith this easy to use rust converter, only one applica-tion is needed. Once dry, this product leaves a Poly-mer film behind as a protective layer. EPTMRust Con-verter is also excellent as a primer or coating to givea ‘profile’ to new surfaces or materials.EPTMBondexApplication: Brush product onto area to ‘prime’ - mixproduct with water - add to repair material - patchsurface and wait to dry - apply EPTMWaterproofingSystem to waterproof the repairs.Apply using brush, broom/roller. Use only water toclean all tools and equipment.A high-bond additive with a stronger, longer lastingacrylic composition for all cementitious repair mate-rials. Typically used for all concrete and masonry re-pairs. Dries quickly and hard setting with no shrink-age. Use for repairing holes, cracks and resurfacingold concrete to give a smooth fresh surface.EPTMWood SealerApplication: Clean all surfaces from grime, oils andold paint - apply product to dry surface 7-9 per1 litre - leave to dry 1-3 hours before paintings.A unique formulation manufactured for the effectivetreatment and preservation of all wood surfaces andtimbers against weathering, cupping, twisting andalso aids in anti-mould and algae growth protection.EP™ Wood Sealer is the most effective wood sealer inthe market for waterproofing, fire and smoke treat-ment, deterring bugs and rot in all types of wood.SAFE FOR THEENVIRONMENT?Our products have been extensively tested fromthe base raw material to the finished end product;all are recognised as compatible and accepted toenvironmental guidelines from organisations andglobal standards authorities.E PTMeco-friendly products are registered as en-vironmentally safe by the world’s leading authori-ties such as; Greenseal USA, Blue Angel Germa-ny, Good Environmental Choice Australia & NewZealand, Japan, Canada, Czech Republic, Korea,China, Taiwan & Thailand plus membership withGlobal Environmental Declaration Network.All testing is performed to an accreditated ISOstandard. Not only are our products internationallytested, but are also manufactured using rain watercollected from our factory roof, E PTMinitiated theGivebackTMscheme where all used containers areeither collected by E PTMor bought back by us tobe reused for future use.Aside from our environmental achievements withour E PTMrange our sustainability program is astandard policy with a total recycling system fromthe office to factory floor.
  6. 6. Malaysia’s No. 1 manufacturerof eco-friendly products for construction and maintenance industrieswww.epasia.netearthfriendlychemistryEP Borneo Sdn BhdHead Office :No.10, Jalan PJU 3/40, SunwayDamansara 47810 Petaling JayaSelangor, MalaysiaTel: +603 7885 0150Fax: +603 7885 0155e-Mail : sales@epasia.netSabah Branch :Lot 71-72, Wong Kwok Industrial Centre,Off Jalan Bundusan, Bundusan, Penampang,89500 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, MalaysiaTel: +6088 726 714Fax: +6088 727 714