Career project final


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Career project final

  1. 1. Vanessa Madriz PART 1Powered by Focus Return To Main Menu Work Interest Profile Summary Your results are displayed below.Your average score in each area is also shown below as a number ranging from 0 to 100 where: 0=Low 50=Moderate 100=High 6 2 . Social 5 0 4 1 . Artistic 6 7 3 7 . Conventional 5 0 3 3 . Enterprising 3 3 Realistic 1 2
  2. 2. . 5 0 4 . Investigative 1 7 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0Social 62.50 Artistic 41.67 Conventional 37.50 Enterprising 33.33 Realistic 12.50Investigative 4.17Your workinterests in the order you selected can be described as:Social People in the social category prefer to work with others. They tend to be"the highly verbal, express themselves well, and get along well in groups. Socialhelpers" types typically prefer the team approach to problem solving. People in the social category often describe themselves as cooperative, friendly, and understanding. They generally enjoy teaching, caring for others, volunteering, mediating disputes, meeting new people, and working in groups.Artistic People in the artistic category prefer to be expressive. They like the"the opportunity to create new things and be innovative. They typically do not likecreators" structure or conformity. They prefer to use their imagination and be creative. People in this category generally enjoy activities such as: writing, poetry, photography, designing, singing, acting, dancing, painting, attending theaters and exhibits, and reading.Conventio People in the conventional category often prefer orderly, systematic work.nal Work tasks often include keeping records, and organizing written and"the numerical materials according to a plan. They like to see things run efficientlyorganizers and smoothly, which means they will pay attention to administrative details." They generally enjoy keeping accurate records, organizing, working with numbers, and using a computer.
  3. 3. Enterprisi People in the enterprising category often prefer activities selling andng promoting. They enjoy influencing others and being in a leadership position."the They often use their skills to influence others. They often like competitivepersuaders activities and are often self-confident, talkative and energetic. They generally" enjoy discussing politics, selling and promoting, having power and status, giving talks and speeches, and leading groups.Realistic People in the realistic category often prefer to work with objects and things."the They are likely to enjoy creating things with their hands and using tools anddoers" machines. Some prefer large, powerful machines like tractors, while others prefer precision machinery such as X-ray or electronic equipment. People in this category generally enjoy being physically active, repairing equipment, rebuilding cars, fixing electrical things, solving mechanical problems, playing sports, working outdoors, and using their hands.Investigati People in the investigative category often have a strong desire to understandve cause and effect, and solve puzzles and problems. They often work in jobs"the that are scientific in nature. Their work often involves the analysis of data,thinkers" using formulas, graphs and numbers. Investigative types typically prefer to work independently, and with minimum supervision. People in this category generally enjoy using computers, solving math problems, interpreting formulas, and thinking abstractly. Copyright 2011 Career Dimensions®, Inc. All Rights ReservedPART 2 Achievement Its very important to you that your work allows you to use your best abilities. You want to see the results of your work and get a feeling of accomplishment. Independence Its very important to you that your work allows you to make decisions on your own. You want to try out your own ideas and work with little supervision.
  4. 4. Recognition Its very important to you that your work satisfies your need for prestige and leadership opportunities, as well as opportunities for advancement. Relationships Its very important to you that you have friendly co-workers. You would like to be of service to others without compromising your sense of right and wrong. Support Its very important to you to know the company stands behind its workers and has competent, considerate and fair management. Working Conditions Its very important to you that your work satisfies your needs in areas like salary, job security and your working style preferences, such as working alone, staying busy all the time or having variety in your work tasks.Part 3 My career research choice is Sonography Technician and I pick this career choicebecause I feel extremely interested in this work and to me this career choice describeseverything I am and everything I want to be for hopefully the rest of my life. In thiscareerchoice of Sono Tech, types of duties are Records and stores suitable images, usingcameraunit connected to the ultrasound equipment. Observes screen during scan to ensure theimage produced is satisfactory for diagnostic purposes, making adjustments to equipment
  5. 5. as required. Observes and cares for patients throughout examinations to ensure theirsafetyand comfort. Provides sonogram and oral or written summary of technical findings tophysician for use in medical diagnosis. Being able to do light lifting and understandpatients and basically care about what you do I feel its al me. The type of degree I willneed is simply a 2year AS degree. As far as the pay to me its pretty good especially forstarters 45,115, then of course higher pay rate with more experience $64,126. This payrate is actually a little more than what I thought and im happier it more. Because I wasexpecting that since its just a 2 year requirement with pretty much basic skills that theratewould be a little less but I guess not and I wont complain. Internet SitesSociety of Diagnostic Medical I believe this site can help people who want to look more into this type ofcareer choice so they can know what to expect how to get there and the different choicesthey have with this type of career choice. and it also help me to decide what route Iwanted to take.