CONFIGURATORS                                                              CASE STUDY

CONFIGURATORS                                                            CASE STUDY

CONFIGURATORS                                                           CASE STUDY

CONFIGURATORS                                                             CASE STUDY

CONFIGURATORS                                                          CASE STUDY

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Vizualise Configurators - Kitchen Studio Case Study


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This case study explores the Vizualise product configurator that was designed for Kitchen Studio New Zealand and how it benefited their sales and visitation. For more information on configurators check out

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Vizualise Configurators - Kitchen Studio Case Study

  1. 1. CONFIGURATORS CASE STUDY Vizualise creates an award winning con gurator for Kitchen Studio HIGHLIGHTS THE COMPANY With 18 locations nationwide and over 23 years of experience, Kitchen Studio is New Zealand’s largest kitchen design company catering to home-owners in the Client Kitchen Studio is New middle to top end of the kitchen market. Zealand’s largest kitchen design company. THE CHALLENGE Challenge Kitchen Studio Vizualise worked with Kitchen Studio to review the fundamentals of their needed a web site that would website and customer segments. Kitchen Studio is a successful company but its increase awareness of their online presence and interface needed improvement to aid its marketing and range of designs, simplify the sales systems. customer decision process, and encourage upgrades and Vizualise aimed to place the Kitchen Studio firmly at the forefront of increased sales. consumer’s minds when considering which supplier to design their new kitchen by creating a site that would create desire and increase consumer’s ambitions in Solution Vizualise created a the level of kitchen they might initially choose and the budget they might work user friendly site and with. customised web configurator. Result A 464% increase in site OBJECTIVES traffic, large increase in sales The following objectives were agreed key priorities for the site design: leads and conversions with an estimated value of 12 million The site and configurator should support Kitchen Studio’s core marketing and dollars in potential sales sales operations by building further awareness, capturing data, and leading to through generated leads. direct lead generation and sales in the following ways: The site had to be highly usable and accessible placing customer’s information needs first The site should have a fun interactive element to encourage a viral proliferation of the site through recommendations from friends and family. This interactive element should be a realistic planning tool (a configurator) enabling potential customers to best visualise the options available with photo quality images and it’s wide range of products, services, options and choices An online database had to be a key output of the configurator to capture data for the sales team creating warm prequalified leads, shortening the sales cycle, and upselling the level of kitchen selected by consumers in advance. CREATING DIGITAL BUSINESS
  2. 2. CONFIGURATORS CASE STUDY THE APPROACH Testimonial Vizualise first worked with Kitchen Studio to review the fundamentals of their website and customer segments. Kitchen Studio’s customer base includes a number of consumer segments primarily those ready to replace their kitchen entirely or planning “Before the web project one for a new home. with Vizualise, we did not have a system to enable Key market research carried out by Kitchen Studio demonstrated a customers to plan their kitchen online and also our clear need for an effective online tool to allow customers to site needed improvements visualise their ideal kitchen design and educate them about overall. available options to promote upselling. A configurator was the best solution for this. The planning tool and site upgrades have proven Many of the potential site users would be women and so the site instrumental to our sales definitely needed to create an emotional connection with this growth and brand segment. This would be achieved by primarily using attractive awareness. visuals in the configurator to help visualise what their ‘dream’ kitchen could look like. There has immediate improvements and demonstrated benefits in The Solution: site visitation with increased The Kitchen Studio Configurator Planning Tool levels reaching 464% post launch, users are staying much longer on the site WHAT IS A CONFIGURATOR? than previously.” A configurator is a special software tool that enables the web automation of many complex processes. It can be used to help customers visualise, configure, order or buy a product, request a Anthony Griffin Business Development service or obtain information they need, when they need it. Manager Kitchen studio When a company like Kitchen Studio has a wide and a complicated range of products, services, options and choices, Vizualise helped them simplify the product or service ordering and configuration process for customers with the added benefits of: Improving sales Increasing market share Improving the customer experience Automating the sales process Helping visualise a product for their customers Gaining a competitive advantage Reducing operational cost CREATING DIGITAL BUSINESS
  3. 3. CONFIGURATORS CASE STUDY Results KITCHEN STUDIO CONFIGURATOR The Vizualise Configurator designed for Kitchen Studio is an easy to Over 1000 direct enquiries understand, highly visual, efficient, structured and interactive were generated process. The flash animated tool is easy and fun to use, which encourages users to stay and play on the site and change their Within three months of the options easily. site’s installation, Kitchen Studio enjoyed a 464% The Vizualise Configurator employs XML-driven flash with fast growth in traffic in visitation loading renders making it highly accessible to all users with no and registered over 150,000 barriers and delays avoiding the need to download additional unique users. software to make it work. With a highly intuitive interface, customers are guided in an easy- to-follow step-by-step fashion, and are able to simply retrace those Bene ts steps at any time. A ‘tick’ confirms that they’ve made a choice, and they then move onto the next step in the easy 9 step process. The ‘shopping’ experience The level of realism in the Vizualise Configurator enables the user to becomes fun with easier gain a strong visual understanding of the kitchen they’re creating, to understand product far more than they ever could through simply looking at plans or choices and options sample materials. Makes it easy for your customers to place an The Configurator designed by Vizualise make it the most useful order or purchase from single tool available for consumers planning a kitchen apart from your business and offers exploring an actual studio model in store. quicker resolution to queries When you take advantage of a Vizualise Configurator, By visualising and you’ll be offering an entirely new range of benefits for customising their ideal your customers. product, buyers will make the emotional connection faster to progress the sale The Vizualise Configurator will educate your customers and allow you to upsell and cross sell The Vizualise Configurator becomes part of your digital marketing arsenal by allowing users to recommend it and share their options with friends CREATING DIGITAL BUSINESS
  4. 4. CONFIGURATORS CASE STUDY QUALITY RESULTS: A MEASURABLE ROI Within three months of the site’s installation, Kitchen Studio enjoyed a 464% growth in traffic in visitation and registered over 150,000 unique users. The site has surpassed even the most optimistic forecasts in terms of leads generated and customer satisfaction levels with an average site visit lasting 4.12 min well above average. The Vizualise Configurator has led to over 1000 leads generated in the last two years with an estimated value of 12 million dollars to date, an excellent ROI by any measure. SHORTENED SALES CYCLE AND DATA CAPTURE The Vizualise Configurator has also shortened the sales process for Kitchen Studio by having customers pre-qualify their ideas resulting in much ‘warmer’ leads for the sales team to work with in store. It’s also resulted in significant upselling in the level of kitchen sold. INDUSTRY ACCLAIM Due to the success of the configurator for Kitchen Studio, Vizualise has been approached by clients in a number of sectors to design configurators with a similar level of realism for their businesses. Vizualise was also recognised by their peers with an Interactive Media Association (IMA) Outstanding Achievement Award in 2008 for their work with the Kitchen Studio. The IMA awards reward the highest standards of excellence in website design and development globally. The Kitchen Studio website received a near-perfect score and deafening applause for its design elements, content, feature functionality, usability, standards compliance and cross-browser compatibility reflecting the end benefits experiences by Kitchen Studio. Visit to read more about Vizualise Configurators CREATING DIGITAL BUSINESS
  5. 5. CONFIGURATORS CASE STUDY TESTIMONIAL Vizualise “Before the web project with Vizualise, we did not have a system to enable customers to plan their kitchen online and also our site needed improvements overall. After working with them, the Vizualise is an international planning tool and site upgrades have proven instrumental to our award winning agency with sales growth and brand awareness. There has been an obvious the experience and track transformation with immediate improvements and demonstrated record in taking businesses benefits in site visitation with increased levels reaching 464% post online. As a digital business launch, users are staying much longer on the site than previously. agency they utilize leading edge technologies and On the ground, our instore sales team has reaped the benefits with techniques to build websites, access to new sales opportunities making their job that much easier marketing tools, and applica- tions. and our sales pipeline stronger. Overall, our investment in Vizualise’s expertise has more than paid from itself. Vizualise has been built on a proven ability to deliver online We look forward to continued work with Vizualise and highly solutions through clearly recommend them if you want to achieve similar growth for your defined strategy and well brand and online presence” executed online experiences. Their clients experience Anthony Griffin increased traffic and sales, Business Development Manager more effective customer engagement and conversion rates, streamlined operations, Let Vizualise help you create your own style of configurator and savings on overheads. Product Configurators Offering mass customization and web automation Sales & Marketing Configurators Facilitates sales ordering and quotation processes Knowledge Configurators Captures and displays structured information Enterprise Configurators Software tools for usage in complex environments designed to facilitate quote to production order systems CONTACT VIZUALISE Vizualise Director: Rupert Deans T: + 64 (0)3 366 1512T PO Box 36618 M + 64 (0)21 110 1837 Merivale E: Christchurch Skype: rupert_deans New Zealand CREATING DIGITAL BUSINESS