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Vizeum Monthly Media News_Feb_2017_ENG


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Monthly Media Newsletter from Vizeum Ukraine analysts. Comparing February 2017 and the same period in 2016. Contains infographics, analytics, latest news regarding the advertisers on the local TV.

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Vizeum Monthly Media News_Feb_2017_ENG

  1. 1. 1 MONTHLY MEDIA NEWS February, 2017
  2. 2. TVMARKET.JAN-FEB2017 Source: Nielsen Ukraine, All 18-54 50К++, excluding social/political ads, entertainment and Mass media, Zeonbud advertiser (Т2) and 2 WGRP Changings, rating points Jan- Feb'16 Jan-Feb'17 Changes, % Pharma 0 75 128 75 286 0% Food and groceries +2 17 329 21 480 24% Trade +4 14 038 19 642 40% Communication -2 23 722 14 009 -41% Non-Alcoholic Beverages 0 15 260 12 494 -18% Hygiene +3 11 040 12 306 11% Cosmetics +1 11 208 12 189 9% Entertainment -2 14 482 11 880 -18% Alcohol -6 20 902 9 603 -54% Confectionaries +2 5 891 9 315 58% Transport 0 6 124 6 586 8% Household chemical -2 6 331 5 348 -16% Perfumes 0 2 311 2 986 29% Household appliances +1 1 990 2 680 35% Work and education +4 1 276 2 350 84% Total - 241 111 233 481 -3% TOP CATEGORIES • Activity decrees to 3% compared to the dame period previous year; • Pharm sector holds leading position in those period with the activity of 2016 level; • Food and groceries took second place by rating increase to 2 points, because of the high activity of Nestle, Danone, Oleina and others; • The largest growth was shown be Work and Education category (84% increase) and Confectionaries (58% increase). Alcohol drop its position to 6 points down * If detailed information is needed, please contact us
  3. 3. TVACTIVITYDRIVERS 3 Significant increase in Jan-Feb was shown by further categories: +84% +58% Work and Education Main activity was made by Confectioneries Main drivers: • Mondelēz, Ferrero and Nestle, which are amplify their activity compared to previous year
  4. 4. TVMARKET.JAN-FEB2017 Source: Nielsen Ukraine, All 18-54 50К++, excluding social/political ads, entertainment and Mass media, Zeonbud advertiser (Т2) and 4 WGRP Changes, rating points Jan- Feb’16 Jan- Feb’17 +/- Nestle & L'Oreal 0 17 430 17 405 0% Farmak 0 9 776 9 421 -4% P&G 0 7 685 7 153 -7% +5 4 921 5 836 19% Vodafone (MTS) +10 3 646 4 260 17% GlaxoSmithKline +23 2 088 4 209 102% Sanofi-Aventis +10 3 527 4 177 18% Reckitt Benckiser -2 6 418 3 911 -39% Unilever +2 4 623 3 884 -16% Ukrtatnafta +3 4 256 3 807 -11% Beiersdorf +3 4 206 3 695 -12% Natur Produkt Vega - - 3 613 - Foxtrot +12 2 427 3 573 47% Kyivstar GSM -4 4 817 3 571 -26% Arterium +1 3 627 3 489 -4% Local advertisers TOP ADVERTISERS • Nestle & L'Oreal are constant leaders on those period, and Farmak despite of activity decrease by 4% took second place in 2017 rating; • 5 new advertisers appears in TOP-15 rating in the beginning of the year; • Natur Product Vega went on air with active support of its brands Parusan, Lacalut, Pharma Theiss etc., but Foxtrot actively promoted range of products in co-branding with appliance manufacturers; • Sanofi-Aventis, GlaxoSmithKline, amplify their media support in a cold season, and Arterium, with slight activity decrease took last place in rating
  5. 5. WEEKLYTVACTIVITY.2017 5Source: Nielsen Ukraine, All 18-54 50К+, excluding social and political ad and mass media 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Ths, WGRP 2017 2016 Alliance 1+1 Group Total TV activity in the beginning of the year exceeds 2016 level. Compared to the previous year, the curve without dramatic fluctuation, what emphasized the relevance of TV placement, even in the traditionally quiet post-holiday period. The fillability of ad units shows an increase from the 6th week. 1+1 group shown the biggest sold out. * If detailed information is needed, please contact us Sold Out
  6. 6. 6 MEDIA NEWS
  7. 7. LEGISLATIONCHANGES 7 In Verkhovna Rada was registered new bill about 75% quota of Ukrainian language on TV In Verkhovna Rada was registered bill “About changes in several Ukrainian laws about audiovisual (digital) mass media languages”. The bill offers: • To establish that for TV and radio broadcasting organizations the quota of Ukrainian language shows and/or films will be no less than 75% during the day in each of the time intervals: from 7.00 to 18.00 and from 18.00 to 22.00 • For appropriate regional and local TV companies establish mandatory 50% share; • Film/show is considered to be performed in the Ukrainian language, if all the speeches of the announcers (presenter) are performed in this language. However, it is permissible to use without reporting the reports from the places of events that are not accompanied by commentaries or other textual accompaniment of the host, broadcasts of the appearances of the invited participants in the program, as well as musical works. The specified obligations concern only the TV and radio organizations which in accordance with the terms of licenses carry out ether and multi- channel (digital) broadcasting using radio frequency resources.
  8. 8. MEDIANEWS.TV 8 Media group Ukraine created one news brand “Segodnya” The informational content of TV channel, news paper and web page will be combined to the one informational brand “Segodnya”. The purpose of new brand is to convey the necessary information to viewers and readers in a timely and convenient way for them, while responding for its quality. Also show “Segodnya” will replace “Sobitia” on TV channel “Ukraina” and will broadcast on Ukrainian language (except releases on 19:00)
  9. 9. MEDIANEWS.TV Another Russian TV channel was banned in Ukraine The National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine excluded the Russian thematic channel “Ohotnik I ribolov” from the list of adapted broadcasters for the popularization of the special services of the aggressor country. The National Council was trying to ban this channel previous year, having confused it with the broadcaster “Ohota I ribalka”, but still ban second one (the channel broadcasted original Russian advertising). Thus, the number of banned Russian channels in Ukraine has increased to 78. And in adapted list last only 4 channels with formal Russian license: “Top Shop TV”, “Nashe lubimoe kino”, “Zoopark”, “Eurokino” 9
  10. 10. MEDIANEWS.TV+INTERNET Kvartal TV “settled” on DIVAN.TV Interactive service DIVAN.TV gave to its subscribers access to new entertainment channel “Kvartal TV”. The broadcast offers projects by “Kvartal 95” such as TV shows, films, serials, entertainment programs of Ukrainian and foreign producers. “Kvartal TV”- entertaining channel which is oriented to the young audience with sense of humor and with active lifestyle. Divan. TV – international interactive TV service for different devices: smart.TV, tablets, smartphone, consoles, PC. The service is available in 200 countries without contracts and additional appliance. 10
  11. 11. MEDIANEWS.SOCIALNETWORKS 11 VKontakte itself will manage the placement of advertising in large communities Vkontakte launched new system of advertising placement and monetization for large communities (number of followers 500K+). Instead of direct placement, communitie`s admins will get an opportunity to earn money from Vkontakte for publishing sponsored posts in community and newsfeed. Moderation and targeting will be made by Vkontakte representors. The purpose of new system is to improve quality and effectiveness of advertisement in communities. The company is promise that quantity of ads won`t raise.
  12. 12. MEDIANEWS.SOCIALNETWORKS Odnoklassniki will launch new format – Canvas Odnoklassniki now testing new format Canvas – new type of sponsored post in mobile app, which is look like full screen page with a content. The page can consist of 7 screens and different interactive elements: autoplay videos, sliders, panorama photo, and active buttons. New format gives an opportunity for brands not only show advert message, but also engage users by interaction with content in game form without switching to website. 12 * If detailed information is needed, please contact us
  13. 13. MEDIANEWS.INTERNET 13 Internet publisher The Village renew its work The Village is back to Kiev, but this time by franchise. Such decision Look At Media holding explains by stabilization of Ukrainian ecomony. And it`s not about Russian subsidiary in Kiev, but about franchise which was bought by advertising agency “April Media” Kiev The Village will publish content in Ukrainian.
  14. 14. MEDIANEWS.INTERNET Internet publisher INSIDER start working again Since February, the publication has resumed work, reporting this on its Facebook page. The report says that nothing has changed in the editorial policy and in the ownership structure of the project. A year ago the publication stopped working. One of the reasons was named the recoupment of the online project by advertising. Now the site is working in a test mode, because for a long time no technical work has been done on it. 14
  15. 15. MEDIANEWS.ООН 15 Advertisement on road signs will be banned New version of Government Standard of Ukraine “Road safety. Road signs. General technical conditions. Rules of use” is now in action. On road signs advertisement is now forbidden . It`s actual for text and graphic information. Previously, there was no such requirements. Thus, by the end of 2017 all road signs which are non-compliant should be replaced or disassembled.
  16. 16. MEDIANEWS.ООН 16 Ads and trailers in cinemas want to replace by Ukrainian short films This autumn in Ukrainian cinemas instead of trailers and ads before the film will be possible to see Ukrainian short-films. In the near future there will be competition where 20 best films will go to production. And in autumn they can in placed in cinemas and then on TV. The project author thinks that this initiative will stimulate growth of cinema`s visitors.
  17. 17. The new radio-channel ZEMLYA is launched The new modern Ukrainian music channel ZEMLYA began its broadcast. The channel opened by Old fashioned Radio. This radio project has three channels for now - Show & Music with talk-shows, Jazz & Blues and Rock. The radio will play music of Ukrainian bands, musicians and solo performers around the clock, without restrictions on styles and directions. Later on the channel will be added programs and shows dedicated to culture and music. 17 MEDIANEWS.RADIO
  18. 18. 18 GLOBAL MEDIA NEWS
  19. 19. WORLDMEDIANEWS.INTERNET 19 Innovations from YouTube YouTube allows third party to check its metrics Google will allow Media Rating Council trace the changes on channel, to ensure the accuracy of the statistics of viewers for advertisers . MRC will audit like three independent metrics companies (Moat, Integral Ad Science and DoubleVerify) collect data that measure the viewing of video ads on YouTube. These audits will be appreciated by everyone: from the technology used and before they are processed. YouTube removing the most annoying ad The company will stop supporting 30-second unskippable ads, and will focus on formats that are effective for both the audience and advertisers. In this case, 15 and 20-second unskippable ads, will remain. This innovation should help to improve the experience with user interaction.
  20. 20. WORLDMEDIANEWS.SOCIALNETWORKS 20 News from Facebook Facebook allows publishers to show more ads in Instant Articles Facebook will give more freedom for publishers in Instant Articles by manual and automotive settings opportunity for monetization. Now they can show more ads in publications. The ad can be set manually by providing word limits or automatically after each 250, 350 or 500 words. Facebook will provide new opportunities for video ad buying The social network will offer for advertisers three new variant of ad`s buying in Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network: • completed view buying (full view) – payment for only those video ads which were fully viewed (to 10’); • two-second buying (2 sec. view) – payment for ads in case if 50% pixels of ad during 2 consequent seconds were viewed; • sound-on buying (with audio) – payment for ads with switched on sound. * If detailed information is needed, please contact us
  21. 21. WORLDMEDIANEWS.SOCIALNETWORKS 21 Ads in Instagram Story are possible to buy separately An advertiser can buy only Instagram's Story inventory and no other Instagram or Facebook inventory, while still using Facebook's targeting. Previously ads in Stories were possible to buy only by choosing reach objective in Facebook. * If detailed information is needed, please contact us
  22. 22. WORLDMEDIANEWS.ООН Red London booths received a modern redesign Recognizable phone booths, which, along with double-decker buses were symbols of London, appeared in a new guise thanks to the company New World Payphones. New black booths are equipped with Wi-Fi access points and touch screens that will provide information for tourists. Advertising, placed on the displays, will help keep the booths 4 times more efficient. And for every dismantled box and installation of a new planted tree. 22
  23. 23. 23 BEST MEDIA CASES
  24. 24. MERCEDES#YOUDRIVE Problem: low interest of Mercedes-Benz brand by drivers` aged 25-44, was a huge marketing problem during new A-class car launch. Idea: give the stimulating experience with Mercedes-Benz cars using interactive narration. Resolution: The story took the form of an exciting game of cat and mouse, during which the musical superstar tries to get to a secret concert with the help of a professional female driver. The video contains all the components of a good drama: the plot, characters and action under the threat of failure. At the end of the first episode, the driver faced a choice, and the viewer was invited to "drive" the next part of the story to help resolve the dilemma. With the help of Twitter, viewers were able to direct the story of the hashtag of an action that they would prefer to see next. The next break during the TV show the same evening there was a 40-second version of the continuation of the story, chosen by the majority of the audience. Results: • Raise of organic search in Google by 360%; • A-class models page views increase by 130%; • 3,8 mln. visitors of YouDrive on YouTube; • Hashtag #YOUDRIVE was used 103 mln times during campaign; • 41% warm clients from 25 to 44 y.o. 24
  25. 25. IKEA:THEGREATSLEEP Problem: A good sleep is very important in order to stay healthy. And for good sleep you need good matrass. Unfortunately, the Germans use their mattresses twice as long as recommended. They sleep on the same mattress for more than 15 years instead of the prescribed 6. It was necessary to change this behavior and increase sales of IKEA mattresses. Idea and resolution: Awaken the desire to have the perfect bed and make people talk about a good dream with the help of an advertising campaign. On the Internet, a survey was conducted in the IKEA community about human habits during sleep. The four contestants were selected for IKEA Great Sleep Experience. The winners were invited to collect the bed of their dreams and spend the night in a breathtaking place that is perfect for their sleeping - in a warm, cold, soft or hard. Results: • 18 mln web site visitors; • 1 mln views; • Sales increase by 34%. 25
  26. 26. PEDIGREEFOUND 26 Goal: Convey the mission of the brand "Making the world better for dogs and their owners.“ Idea and Resolution: The thought of a possible loss of his/her dog causes fear among all the owners. Nevertheless, this is a problem that innovations have not yet touched and everything still ends with posters "The dog is missing. “Since the company aims to make the world a better place for dogs, PEDIGREE offered dog owners the world's first service for help during the disaster - was developed a PEDIGREE Found application, using which only by pressing one button can you send a message about the loss of the dog to everyone within a radius of 2.5 km. Results: • App was downloaded by 10% of dogs owners; • The brand was reached the maximum market share in the last 5 years.
  27. 27. THERE'SNOBIGGERPRIZETHANSHARING Goal: restore the old traditional connection between Loteria de Navidad (the Spanish Christmas lottery) and emotions associated with this historic rally (except for economic gain). Idea: Christmas is an emotional holiday, during which people exchange and enjoy bright moments together with family and friends. Mutual support - that's what the Christmas spirit is, and Loteria de Navidad is an opportunity to share them. Resolution: Use a national campaign with a wide split of channels, use social networks to report the main message that each lottery number is divided into ten. Therefore, families, friends and colleagues can buy tickets with the same number and if they win, then all together. This feature created a large-scale social phenomenon: everyone bought lottery tickets to share the numbers with their loved ones. Results: • Sales increase by 5%; • Sales of lottery tickets €110 million; • +5.5М sold lottery tickets. 27
  28. 28. 28