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Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and Foursquare ...
Friends being added, Tweets being retweeted, photos being shared, videos being uploaded and mayorships being constantly fought over are all in a day’s work here at Vizeum.
If you have no idea what I just said; then this booklet is for
Read on and find out how Facebook works, what Twitter is exactly, what on earth Foursquare does, and everything else you wanted to know about social media, but were afraid to ask.

Vizeum's Social Media Handbook

  1. 1. ’ Everything you wanted to know about social media* but were afraid to ask...
  2. 2. So what’s what s this all about b t Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and Foursquare are platforms that the team here at Vizeum love and use on a daily basis. Friends being added, Tweets being retweeted, photos being shared, videos being uploaded and mayorships being constantly fought over are all in a day’s work here at Vizeum. day s Vizeum If you have no idea what I just said; then this booklet is for you. Read on and find out how Facebook works, what Twitter is exactly, what on works exactly earth Foursquare does, and everything else you wanted to know about social media, but were afraid to ask.
  3. 3. Hello Hello selling and start thinking of g Stop thinking about conversations and relationships....
  4. 4. We are going to look at Facebook Twitter Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Flickr YouTube and Foursquare one-by-one one by one and give you a quick overview of each network. We’ll look at; how do you use y them; what are they good for; why should y y you use them; and finally give an example or two just to make our point. Enjoy!
  5. 5. Facebook is big. Really, really big. 500 million g y, y g big, which gives a HUGE amount of potential, but also a great deal to cover What follows cover. is just the essence of the network, but if you want to know know where to come! more you
  6. 6. A lot of facts!
  7. 7. Denmark on Facebook‐demografi‐paa‐facebook.pdf
  8. 8. Some of the more meaningful facts... – More than 500 million active users – 50% of users log on to Facebo ok any day – A verage user has 130 friends – T here are over 900 million objects that people interact with (pages, gr oups, events and community pages) – A verage user is connected to 80 community pages, gr oups and events – More than 30 billion pieces of content (links, stories, blog posts, photo albums, etc.) shared monthly. – About 70% of Facebo ok users are outside the United States – Every month, more than 70% of Facebo ok users engage with Platform applications – M than 550,000 active applications currently on F b ok P t More th 550 000 t t t Facebo Platform – More than one million websites have integrated with Facebo ok Platform – M than 150 million people engage with F b ok on externall websites every month More th ll l th Facebo k t b t th – T here are more than 150 million active users currently accessing Facebo ok thr ough their mobile devices – People that use Facebo ok on their mobile devices are twice more active o F cebo ok th non-mobile use s th t F cebo o thei e mo e ctive on Facebo than o -mobile users
  9. 9. OK. Pay y attention; this is how Facebook works.. You make a profile, and begin searching for  friends via name, email address, location, old  school – anything.  All activity – all – is  displayed on your  ’News Feed’, and will  You can upload photos and  also be shown in your  videos, post links, and add  new found friend’s  ’Tabs’ (I’ll get to those) to  ’News Feeds’.  your profile which show your  blog – there are hundreds of  possibilities.  It’s easy to keep track of  friends, events, messages  etc You can ’like’,  Customised suggestions for  ’comment’ on, or  pages, groups and even  ’share’ (it will be posted  friends are suggested to you  on your profile) pretty  by Facebook. by Facebook much anything; from  posted photos and links,  to other people’s  comments You add friends and  You add friends and With all info displayed in  your network begins to  your News Feed, your friends  grow...and grow. can check out what Groups  you’ve joined, or Pages  you’ve liked, links that you  shared and so on. And their  h d d A d h i You can chose to ’Like’ a Fan Page, or  You can add brands, products, companies – activity is seen by their  ’Join’ a Group, and through these,  pretty much anything you search for will have a  friends – and so on. The  receive updates or messages from the  Fan Page or a Group (more on those in a bit). growth rate is exponential.  Page or Group.
  10. 10. So what are Tabs, Like, Apps, and Facebook Connect? F b kC Applications – apps.  Many brands,  companies etc use  companies etc use these to incorporate  their brand on your  profile, e.g.  SoundCloud – a  music sharing app. These are ’tabs’. A tab can be used for pretty much  anything, including.... Facebook Connect allows users to ‘connect’ their  Facebook identity, friends  and privacy to any site. It  d i i I The ’Like’ button can be added to any external  enables third party websites  site. If clicked, it will show in News Feeds. to implement and offer even  more features of Facebook  on their sites. The idea  behind using Facebook  connect is that you can  leverage the huge  As before, any action taken on these sites will  community elements that  be shown in News Feeds. When a user  be shown in News Feeds. When a user Facebook bring as well as  Facebook bring as well as ’connects’ with Facebook, a great deal of  allowing users to log in with  information is exchanged, giving the third  one click.  party a detailed insight in to the user.
  11. 11. OK. So lots of people, lots of sharing, lots of communicating. I want in! But do I want a Fan Page or Group?! This is one of those questions that is almost impossible  to answer. It comes down to what you want it to do, but  A Group can be open, private or secret  is complicated by Facebook almost constantly making  (invitation only).  Groups  changes to them. They are very similar, but here is a  h h Th i il b h i communicate via  Messages which go communicate via ’Messages’, which go  quick reference chart;  straight in to inboxes, have tabs, and a  Wall. Groups are similar to groups in  real life; they are a ’meeting place’ for  discussions etc. Fan Pages can be seen as normal profiles;  Groups are great for organizing on a personal level and for smaller scale  virtually all activity that occurs on a profile,  interaction around a cause. Pages are better for brands, businesses, bands,  can occur on a Page. Pages communicate  movies, or celebrities who want to interact with their fans or customers without  via ’Updates’. Pages have two walls, one of  having them connected to a personal account, and have a need to exceed  having them connected to a personal account and have a need to exceed g , what the Page owner writes, and one just  j Facebook’s 5,000 friend max. for fans to write their own messages. Like a  normal Facebook profile, Pages have tabs  that uncover more information.
  12. 12. It is a lot, we know, but hopefully we have given you an idea! Here are a couple of great Facebook campaigns to kick-start the imagination... Remember that it’is no imagination it is longer about the hard sell, but getting people to talk. Something both of these campaigns certainly did...
  13. 13. What’s happening? Twitter is nowhere near as big as Facebook and nowhere near as complicated - luckily. While not that big in DK now, it has huge potential.
  14. 14. Denmark on Twitter The chart to the  right shows that  each Friday night  when X Factor was  h live, around 500  tweets were  tweeted with the  t t d ith th tag #xfactork. 
  15. 15. Not victim to the spam (e.g. Farmville) of Facebook, Twitter is packed full of information. Twitter is the David to Facebook’s Goliath; small and sleek, with updates y limited to 140 characters; it is loved by fans, and can be extremely efficient.
  16. 16. Ah Twitter....the word everyone hears on the news, but isn’t quite sure what it is. In a nutshell; brilliant. Let me explain... A Twitter profile looks like this: p You create a profile and search for people, brands and so forth – just like with Facebook, expect this time, there is only one profile  choice; no pages, groups etc. What you see is what you get.  A  person or company/brand; You follow people, thereby getting all their tweets in your feed, and they  can follow you back (your followers), and they’ll get to see all your  tweets. If they choose to RT (retweet it) then all their followers will see  it. Like sharing a link on Facebook, the growth rate is exponential, and  it Like sharing a link on Facebook the growth rate is exponential and news can travel FAST. It’s public, it’s live, and it’s completely real time.  Remember the plane in the Hudson? Twitter.  You can follow people without them following  p p g you back, and vice versa. The only option is to  ’Block’ someone, thereby removing them for  good.
  17. 17. sounds good, but I’m still not convinced..... Twitter is one of those things that is hard to explain, hard to get  used to, but is incredibly social, addictive and enlightening. Let’s  look inside... Here, someone has ’retweeted’ (RT) our  very own Daria. They must have liked what  Daria wrote, and wanted to share – which  is what it’s all about. Here you can see your own direct messages (like  y y g email – but 140 characters ) and if someone has  RT’d you using your user name – always @xxx. Search function – type anything and  up it comes! up it comes! Here’s a # in use ‐ #mukthar. Remember his birthday?  This is where you can see what is  trending This is where you can see what is ’trending’  – what are the most popular topics on  Twitter right now. There are ’only’ around 20,000 Danes on Twitter right now, but it’s this group that represents the  ! early adopters, influencers and potential ambassadors that brands need to be engaging with.  Most of the most active Danes on Twitter are involved in communications, media, politics, and other  social areas. The sort of people you really want to reach, and don’t want to p*ss off!
  18. 18. So how do you find out if someone is talking about your brand? b t b d? Because of the real‐time effect, people who have good or bad experiences, can bring  This is a search for ’#starbucks’, which  this to the public’s attention extremely quickly. News travels like wildfire on Twitter – demonstrates a few good points.... sometimes it’s beautiful,’s not pretty.  The ’Name results’ are any user profiles with  ’Starbucks’ in the name. The blue tick means it’s a  verified account. This is a new feature of Twitter; a ’promoted  result’. This paid for service ensures that that  tweet will always be top of the list when someone  y p searches for Starbucks.  Using a hashtage # before certain words  enables others to search effectively for it, such  enables others to search effectively for it, such as #starbucks here.  Don’t underestimate Twitter. There is a huge potential for Danish companies and g p p brands on Twitter. As it is with everything, it only needs one great campaign (or crisis!) to open the floodgates. In the US, as we’ll see, companies are using it to great effect.
  19. 19. Finally, here are two examples of Twiter campaigns....... One D i h O Danish, one American, both inventive and fun. A i b th i ti df Gyldenhal G ld h l Normann The Danish publishing house, Gyldendal, recently started the  #fredagsbog (Friday’s book) phenomenon. People simply have to  write what book they’re reading that Friday, and include the tag.  h b k h ’ d h d d l d h Copenhagen p g The motivation? ”We did this because at Gyldendal we love books.  We love to read. We love to talk about the books we read. And we  love to hear about the books that readers are reading.” Beautiful! 
  20. 20. Jet Blue pulled a hugely successful stunt using Twitter, increasing their followers Twitter by 4000 in one day! To celebrate its 10th anniversary celebration, Jet Blue announced on Twitter that it would be giving out about a thousand free round-trip g g p tickets at three undisclosed locations in Manhattan on 10th March, Wednesday.
  21. 21. Flickr is a different kind of social network. t k It’s essentially one giant photo album, where users  can upload all the photos they want, and sort them  in to albums, sets, and collections. Profiles can be made by companies, brands, and  Profiles can be made by companies brands and people, and can be private or public.
  22. 22. Tell a story with your photos and allow whoever you want to comment. Add A notes to explain or comment right on the photo. l Favorite the photos you like best to easily find them later, and see who has favorited yours. Add people to your photos for your reference, and so they can see what you've posted. Add tags to categorise your photos and to help others find them in searches. searches You can also geotag your photos, so that they can be found by location. Simlar to Twitter, all profiles are the  same; brand or person. It’s simple,  and easy, and enables you to keep the  rights of the photos – unlike  Facebook. As you might remember from  Facebook, you can add a tab to your  Facebook profile, or a ’button’ to your  website, blog, etc., so your photos are  accessible from anywhere online.
  23. 23. While it might not be as social as Facebook or Twitter, it is still a great w t put a f till t way to t face t a company or b to brand. d Fan photos... Employee photos! Make your team part of the image... It can also act as an archieve for photos of events, special occasions, or just for office antics, helping to make your ti h l i t k company or brand ’real’.
  24. 24. YouTube has changed the way we view videos, adverts, films, TV; just about anything which erts, i ms, ; bout yt i g i has been recorded. With 24 hours of footage uploaded every hour, we have sped p po y o , p past o our 15 minutes of fame...
  25. 25. people trust their The fact is, networks more than ’’professionals’’... t k h The worlds second largest search engine‐really‐cool‐statistics‐about‐social‐media.html‐far‐ny‐viden‐via‐social‐media/
  26. 26. Anyone can be on yo o YouTube and can even h have th i their own channel, from channel fashion, to blenders, to Sweden, Sweden or designers; or g ; even just the average gamer.
  27. 27. A great example of a YouTube I’m I’ on a h horse... channel is Old Spice... The adverts started on TV, but then rapidly went viral via YouTube... Old Spice accounted for 75 percent of conversations in the category in the first three months of 2010 Half the conversations came from women The YouTube/Twitter social media response campaign was Campaign impressions: 1.4 billion "the fastest-growing and most popular Since the campaign launched, Old Spice Bodywash interactive campaign in history." y sales are up 27 percent; in the last three months up. 55 percent; and in the last month Total video views reached 40 million in a week up 107 percent
  28. 28. You might have heard of it, you might even use it, but what is it for?
  29. 29. Location based services are changing the face of social networking... ial etw rki g Once signed up (for free), users can ’check‐in’  via their mobiles, at locations all around the  i th i bil t l ti ll d th world. They can post tips, and reviews of the  location, and see if their friends are close by.  Where relationships were once at the center of  user experience, in the Golden Triangle of  mobile, social, and real‐time interaction,  ‘places’ take center stage and  corresponding activities and rewards become  the cast and crew of the production.  the cast and crew of the production Businesses are yet to make full use of this  service, but Starbucks has an offer for when  you become ’Mayor’ (i.e. the person who has  checked‐in the post at that location). Other’s  h k d i th t t th t l ti ) Oth ’ might offer a free drink for your first check‐in,  and so forth.  There are a limited number of Danish  businesses and Danes on Foursquare, but as  with Twitter, they’re the influencers, the first‐ movers; the ones who talk.
  30. 30. Jimmy Choo This is our favourite Foursquare  q case so far, making use of  Twitter and  Foursquare not only  makes it a little exclusive, but  makes it a little exclusive but also encrourages real‐time  interaction with the brand. One pair of Jimmy Choo trainers will check in at various locations and those  who follow the campaign and are lucky enough to arrive at a venue before  who follow the campaign and are lucky enough to arrive at a venue before the trainers leave will get to pick a pair in the style and size of their choosing. Simple, but brilliant!
  31. 31. You made it! But make no  But make no mistake,  What we at Vizeum think of as the most  things will  important social media networks right now. change! We hope that we have given you the  right impression; that it’s not about  marketing, but about connecting,  communication, engaging and  meeting the consumer on even  We hope this has answered any  ground.  questions you might have had, and  ti i ht h h d d given you an idea of just how these  things work, and why it makes sense to  We’ll be more than happy to  use them. use them answer any other questions you  have, or go in to more detail with a  certain platform – we’re just a  phone call away. h ll