Protein Energy Malnutrition


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Protein Energy Malnutrition

  1. 1. GROUP 10• Anis Qurnita Sari (P07131110042)• Irvayani Awalia R (P07131110058)• Lulu’ Luthfiya (P07131110063)• Vivi Meiliza M (P07131110078)
  2. 2. PEMProtein Energy Malnutrition
  3. 3. DEFINITION Malnutrition (PEM) is a condition in whicha person is found nutritional deficiencies, orother expressions of the nutritional statusunder the standard.
  4. 4. KwashiorkorPEM Marasmus Marasmik Kwashiorkor
  5. 5. What it is Kwashiorkor ??
  6. 6. • Kwashiorkor is protein deficiency
  7. 7. SIGN Kwashiorkor• Edema• Moon Face• Hair Changes red colour• and thin• Crazy Pavement Dermatoris• Muscle westing• Growth failure• Apatis• Poor appetite• Abdomebn convex
  8. 8. What it is Marasmus ??
  9. 9. Marasmus is energy deficiency
  10. 10. Sign Marasmus
  11. 11. What it is Marasmik Kwashiorkor ??
  12. 12. Marasmic Kwashiorkor is combination ofchronic energy deficiency and chronic or acuteprotein deficiency.
  13. 13. SIGNHas a characteristic combination of clinicalsymptoms of kwashiorkor and marasmus arenot accompanied by significant edema.
  14. 14. ETIOLOGIDirect causes of malnutrition, namely:• Deficiency of nutrition from food.• Diseases that cause infection.
  15. 15. DIETETIC 5 signs of initial danger signs malnutrition treatment in and marks treatment the an of stabilization important conditions phase handling of further the phase handling of treatment inrehabilitatio the phase the n transition stabilization phase
  16. 16. QUIZ• Which include marasmus, kwashiorkor and marasmic-kwashiorkor ?
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