If Clause


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If Clause

  1. 1.  Zero Conditional First Conditional Second Conditional Third Conditional Mixed Conditionals
  2. 2.  Functionto show a condition and consequencethat are always true FormulaIf + Present simple, present simpleIf + S + V1, S + V1
  3. 3.  ExampleIf you walk too fast at high altitude, youget really short of breath.There are easier things to do if you wantto raise money for charity.
  4. 4.  Functionto show which thing is more likely tohappen FormulaIf + Present simple, S + Future simpleIf + S + V1, S +Will/won’t + V1
  5. 5.  ExampleIf I have time later, I’ll upload some ofthe photos on to the blog.I won’t be able to play the gametomorrow if I am feeling this ill.
  6. 6.  Functionto show imaginaryto show consequenceto show something that unlikely happento give advice FormulaIf + Past simple, Past FutureIf + S + V2, S + Would/wouldn’t + V1
  7. 7.  ExampleIf I was fitter, I wouldn’t find this so hard.I wouldn’t sleep so badly if it wasn’t socold at night.
  8. 8.  FunctionTo show regrets from in the pastTo speculate what would happen in thepastto criticize what someone or we do in thepast FormulaIf + past perfect , past future perfectIf + S + Had + V3 ,S+ would/wouldn’t + have +V3
  9. 9.  Exampleif we’d played any longer, someonewould have got hurtI wouldn’t have made so many newfriends if I hadn’t agreed to come on thistrip
  10. 10.  RulesWhen we want to talk about the pastconsequence of a situation that is still true atthe time of speaking, we use a secondconditional in the of clause and thirdconditional in the main clause.If + S + V2, S + Would/wouldn’t + have + V3
  11. 11.  RulesWhen we want to talk about the presentconsequence of a past action we use a thirdconditional in the if clause and the secondconditional in the main clauseIf + S + had + V3, S + Would/wouldn’t + V1
  12. 12.  ExampleIf I had gone to the party last night, Iwould be feeling so tired todayIf I were rich, I would have bought thatFerrari we saw yesterday.
  13. 13. 1. If I _____ (be) stronger, I _______ (help) you carry thepiano.2. If we ______ (see) you, we ____________(stop).3. If we ________ (meet) him tomorrow, we ______ (say)hello.4. He _________ (repair) the car himself if he ________(have) the tools.5. If you_______ (drop) the vase, it _________ (break).6. If I _______ (not study), I _________ (not pass) theexam.7. I _________ (not go) to school by bus if I _______(have) a driving licence.8. If she _______ (not see) him every day, she _______(be) lovesick.9. I ________(not travel)to London if I _______(not get)acheap flight.10. We _______(be) stupid if we _______ (tell)him aboutour secret.
  14. 14. 1. I ______(be) a millionaire now if I _______(take) that job.2. If _______ (catch) that plane ________(die) now.3. If ________ (not spend) all your money onCDs, you ______ (not break).4. If I _______(speak) better English, I ________(have) gotthe job5. If you _______ (be) smarter, you ________(borrow)money in the first place.6. If we ________(follow) the sign, we _______(not be) lostnow.7. If you ________(drink) less last night, you _______(nothave) a hangover.8. If she _____(not be) afraid of flying, she _____(nottravelled) by boat.9. I ________(be)able to translate the letter if my Italian_______(be) better.10. If I ______ (be) a good cook, I _______(invite)them tolunch.
  15. 15.  Sign petition Go on demonstration Hand out leaflets Make donation Get sponsor Do voluntary