7 deadly sins of money!


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These 7 sins will make you poor forever.... become master of your money and not slave to your debt.

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  • Slide #7 last line of quote is 'but not for one man's greed'
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7 deadly sins of money!

  1. Making financial decisions based on your emotions means that you will make bad decisions. The most expensive isn’t always the best. Deals are not always deals. Think before you spend!
  2. If you are not a celebrity, you can not afford a celebrity lifestyle... The more you compete with everyone else the more you find yourself in a race to terrible debt and future financial hardship
  3. Money is neither good nor bad. It is simply a tool to help us acquire that which we need and that which we want. But when we must have money for it’s own sake and must have more and more regardless of the impact on others then we must question our own vision of what money is.
  4. We get what we work for, not what we hope for. Being lazy will always cost money Make your own meals, bring your own coffee, check whether you are getting the best deals, take time to be master of your money or you will become slave to your debt
  5. Check your credit scores, keep an eye on your bank statements. It’s intoxicating to believe you can afford whatever you want whenever you want it but it will be the basis of your financial downfall. pride is a insatiable beast – starve it and it will go away!
  6. That sexy handbag, that amazing car, that beautiful home... The more you crave having them the more you will be willing to pay for them... Soon you will do anything, even sacrifice your future, for the rush to own that for which you lust...
  7. Overindulging is bad on almost every level. There is no reason to take on a higher credit limit just because it becomes available. No need to sign up to every store-card No need to need everything that comes your way
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