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Vivanista Training - Take Your Fundraiser to the Next Level


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Learn what it takes to take your fundraising to the next level by using microsites for specific campaigns. In this session, Bartlomiej Skorupa, Co-founder and Executive Director of Groundwork Opportunities will share his story of going from e-commerce consulting for Fortune 500 companies to leading a startup nonprofit achieve dynamic growth through the use of personal fundraising campaigns. Whether you are dipping a toe in personalized fundraising or would like to take it to the next level by building your own, Bart will share what he's learned both in the corporate and nonprofit sector that built the most efficient fundraising platforms in the world today.

Specifically, you'll walk away with a clear understanding of how to effectively use microsites for fundraising, where to start with existing services, how to get your community excited about it, and then how to build your own with minimal funding.

Key Takeaways
- Visualize: Develop your campaigns to have specific, tangible results
- Organize: Structure a hierarchy of all your campaigns to help prioritize and manage your contacts
- MicroSize: Utilize existing microsites to promote these individual efforts (or build your own!)
- CrowdRise: Get your fans and ambassadors excited about your efforts
- Emphasize: Show the impact. Crowdsourcing on microsites work because people see their impact

Bartlomiej holds a BA in Finance from the University of Illinois and has 10 years working experience in management and IT consulting, having worked for both Accenture and Slalom Consulting. Working in various industries, Bartlomiej held numerous management positions in 10+ Fortune 500 companies implementing efficient business practices in the USA and Europe. After a life-changing medical emergency while volunteering in Madagascar, Bartlomiej switched careers into the nonprofit sector by co-founding Groundwork Opportunities, a nonprofit that targets self-sustaining community projects in developing world countries. By leveraging best practices from the corporate sector, Groundwork Opportunities has raised nearly $1M in support over the past three years of existence and impacts over 1,000 people/day in Africa, Asia, and Central/South America.

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Vivanista Training - Take Your Fundraiser to the Next Level

  1. 1. Purpose•••
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  6. 6. Groundwork Opportunities Parent Campaign Project Funding GO Operations Child Campaign Child Campaign Project X Annual Donate Page Dinner Donate Page Child Campaign Child Campaign Campaign Campaign• 1 2• Fundraising Champion Event
  7. 7. GO Uganda (Parent Campaign)Donation 1 Fundraising Event Champion A (Child Campaign) (Child Campaign)Donation 2 Donation 1 Donation 1Donation 3 Donation 2 Donation 2 Donation 3 Donation 3
  8. 8. $
  9. 9. Source: Start With Why – Simon Sinek
  10. 10. the sourcemarket
  11. 11. ••• • •
  12. 12. A Brief Definition of the World (according to SalesForce) Leads Someone who has expressed an Leads interest your product or service ? Campaigns Contacts Someone who has an Contact established relationship with + your product or service Donation Donation Campaigns Marketing tactics that are designed to achieve specific $ goals that can be tracked and measured using Salesforce. Donations Financial or in kind contributions made to your organization.
  13. 13. ?+ Wufoo SalesForce (CRM) Google$ Checkout
  14. 14. Follow the Money Create links from the internet page to the payment gateway provider to the SalesForce campaign. SalesForce Google $ Checkout (CRM)Thanks for the beehive!
  15. 15. in systems
  16. 16. Live Demo