Using custom branded video players to make your content stand out and get you results


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From eliminating distractions by competing brands to improving your odds of turning views into sales, this white paper will set you on the path toward reclaiming your brand and capitalizing on the wild and growing popularity of online video. Learn more about custom branded video players and start a free account at

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Using custom branded video players to make your content stand out and get you results

  1. 1. Using custom branded video players to make your content stand out and get you results VITOMY video to manyScan for PDFCopyright © 2011
  2. 2. Using custom branded video players to make your content stand out and get you results Enormous rise in popularity of online videoEnormous rise in popularity of online videoThe popularity of online video among consumers and business buyers is growing rapidly. According to comScore,178 million U.S. Internet users watched online video content in June 2011 for an average of 16.8 hours per viewer.These numbers represent a 1290 percent increase in views since January 2006.1 A Burst Media survey of onlineU.S. adults found that 71.6 percent of Web users watch online video content in a typical week and 39.0 percent ofall viewers spend between one and five hours per week watching online video. Viewers are more likely to interactwith and take action based on online video than other types of content with 24.1 percent of men aged 35-54 sayingthey have taken action based on Internet video.2More than 75 percent of business executives regularly watch online video, according to a 2011 survey titled“Enterprise Video Communications Survey” from Interactive Media Strategies. A 2011 Eccolo media survey foundthat 62 percent of U.S. business technology purchasers reported that they found video very or extremely influentialin the final purchase decision, an increase of 14 percent over the 2010 figure. Videos were ranked as the fourthmost influential factor in the purchase decision, trailing closely behind case studies, which ranked first.3The trend toward increasing online video views seems likely to continue since users of tablets, the fastest growingdevice category, spent nearly 30 percent more time per session than desktop users watching online videos in thethird quarter of 2011. They were twice as likely to complete these viewing sessions, according to Ooyala’s VideoIndex Report. Tablet users also spent about 28 percent more time per session watching video than desktop users.4“comScore Releases June 2011 U.S. Online Video Rankings,” comScore press release, July 15, 20111Jack Loechner, “70% of Online Video Ad Viewers Visit Site or Buy,” MediaPost Blogs, November 17, 20112“Eccolo Media 2011 B2B Technology Collateral Survey Report,” Eccolo Media. 2011.34 “Video Viewers Watching Longer via Tablets, Sharing More on Facebook,” MarketingProfs,Jon Orlin, “Online Video Ad Budgets Expected To Rise Sharply In 2012,” TechCrunch, November 18, 2011.5“Content Marketing Key to B2B Sales Funnel,” eMarketer Blog, October 18, 2011.6Copyright © 2011 All rights reserved. 2
  3. 3. Using custom branded video players to make your content stand out and get you results Enormous rise in popularity of online videoIncreasing use of online video for marketing by small andmedium businessesWith the increasing popularity of online video, it should come as no surprise that online video ad budgets areprojected to spike in 2012. The second annual “Video State of the Industry Survey” by and Digiday says thatonline video ad spending is expected to grow by 47 percent in 2012. Of advertisers that have not published videoso far in 2011, 84 percent said they will include digital video in their campaigns in 2012.5Further, a study by Focus Research found that 23 percent of B2B and B2C marketing professionals worldwide saidvideo is the most valuable type of content for supporting marketing objectives. Videos ranked fourth in the surveyafter blog posts, webinars and white papers.6Methods of distributing online videoAs with any other type of marketing content, distribution is critical. There’s no point in spending time and moneycreating great video content without a plan to capture the attention of your target market. The three obvious placesto start in distributing online video content are: ◆ ◆ your own website ◆ ◆ a YouTube channel ◆ ◆ social media sites (such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter)Video can play an important role in the sales funnel. Most companies get video on their sites by embeddingYouTube video players. This has its disadvantages. For example, YouTube superimposes ads on your video and theplayer often draws viewers to the YouTube site where they may become distracted by other similar products (or eventotally unrelated videos).Most businesses also create a YouTube channel and post their videos there. YouTube is an obvious choice for videodistribution because of its enormous visitor traffic. YouTube is the largest video sharing platform, the third mostvisited website in the world and the second largest search engine. YouTube gets over 3 billion page views per dayand YouTube mobile receives over 100 million views per day.7 Businesses posting their videos to YouTube benefitfrom the fact that customers who have never heard of the company may find them through the YouTubesearch engine.“Video for Business – YouTube Statistics 2011,” Social Media Observatory, August 30, 2011.7Copyright © 2011 All rights reserved. 3
  4. 4. Using custom branded video players to make your content stand out and get you results Enormous rise in popularity of online videoHowever, YouTube has some limitations as a video marketing tool. A YouTube channel provides some basic brandingbecause you can name the channel and change its appearance a bit. But it is not possible to customize theYouTube video player in order to provide branding outside of the YouTube channel pages. Your channel profile caninclude links to your website, but YouTube viewers tend to spend little time reading profiles because their primaryinterest is watching videos.Another limitation of a YouTube channel is that YouTube generates revenues by selling ads that are superimposedon videos played on its site. There is no way for you to control the content of these ads as it is based primarily onkeywords contained in your video’s title, description, tags and category. A competitor might purchase ads thatappear superimposed on your videos. For some, this might be a reason to avoid having a YouTube channel at all.Another concern is that YouTube is blocked in many organizations in order to prevent employees from wasting timeat work. This means many potential customers may be unable to watch your videos while they are at work. One finalconcern relating to a YouTube channel is that the huge number of videos on YouTube might distract your viewersand reduce the time they spend with your videos.Social media is another valuable place to market internet video. You can post your video in your Facebook status,share it with users who have liked, friended or subscribed to your brand’s feeds, and post in relevant groups andpages. You can post your video to LinkedIn groups that reach your target audience and you can also link to yourvideo in status updates. You can also post video as Twitter status updates (“tweets”).With these and other social media, the key to reaching prospective customers is to develop relationships with themby providing useful content and engaging in a dialog. The real power of social media comes from the ability ofusers to share content they find interesting to their own friends and followers. Interesting content is often sharedhundreds or thousands of times, as it can spread virally from the initial audience to friends of friends and followersof followers. Some of the most successful videos have gone viral and generated millions of views in a matterof days.Social media also has its limitations as a video distribution platform. Most companies post their videos on socialmedia sites by embedding YouTube video players in the social media site. The YouTube embedded player has thedisadvantage of not providing branding or a call to action. You might provide this type of information when youposts your video, but when the video is shared by other users this information is usually lost.Copyright © 2011 All rights reserved. 4
  5. 5. Using custom branded video players to make your content stand out and get you results Enormous rise in popularity of online videoCustom video players help emphasize the advantages and minimizethe weaknesses of all distribution platformsCustom video players help businesses utilize the power of Internet video and distribute it widely over social mediasites while overcoming the limitations of video distribution on the Internet. The latest generation of custom videoplayers can be customized to incorporate branding and a call to action. This is not so critical when the video isposted on your own site or on your page in social media sites where visitors have no difficulty finding additionalinformation and getting in contact with a real person. But the purpose of social media is to spread your content asbroadly as possible. A custom video player makes it possible for the vast majority of your audience who obtains thevideo from a source other than yourself to receive branding and a call to action.Instead of directing viewers to a link where they see a video player in the middle of a busy Web page with adsscrolling across, they can watch video in your custom player without any distractions. A custom branded videoplayer’s advantage over a YouTube channel is that visitors are no longer one click away from leaving your channel fora Lady Gaga music video.A custom video player also provides maximum branding representation and a strong call to action whether yourvideo appears on your website, in a social media post, in an email message, in a blog post on another website, etc.You can decorate the video player with your company name, product name, slogan, etc. You can also provide a linkto a sign-up form, e-commerce website, product landing page, or wherever you want viewers to go after they viewthe video. A clear call to action can dramatically increase leads and revenue generated by your videos.It’s possible to build multiple custom video players for different divisions, products or even for individual videos. Forexample, if you have a series of videos meant to sell a line of products, then they should probably all be featured ona custom video player dedicated to the line of products. This will allow clients to easily view one video after another,see all of the products in the line and perhaps buy more than one.Utilizes the cloud to save time and moneyMost custom video players also utilize the cloud to deliver video to your customers and prospects in whatever formatis required by their device. So they eliminate the need for I.T. resources to serve up video and transcode video intodifferent formats. Like other cloud-based applications, these video player design platforms automatically scale fromhandling zero users to handling tens of thousands of users without requiring an investment in computing assets.Copyright © 2011 All rights reserved. 5
  6. 6. Using custom branded video players to make your content stand out and get you results Enormous rise in popularity of online videoVitomy takes custom video players to a new levelProvides a higher level of branding and call to actionVitomy is a new custom video player that provides a higher level of branding control and a stronger call to actionthan other players. The main reason is that the Vitomy platform provides the ability to customize the player to amuch greater degree without requiring programming or design skills. The user simply logs into the Vitomy websiteand selects the “build a player” button. Next the user selects either the “preexisting template” or “design and build”option. The “design and build” option provides maximum design flexibility. The user then enters a name for thevideo player.The video player can be created in a unique shape by uploading PNG image files with transparent backgrounds asthe video player’s background canvas. The next step is to upload your branded logo and position it on the player.Then define the viewing screen and adjusting its size and placement with the cursor. A banner can be added tofeature a specific call to action. Hyperlinks to a landing page can be added to the logo or banners to give usersan easy way to get more information or place an order. The custom video player can also have a channel selectorto showcase other videos you have created. These videos can be shown off to the side of the viewing screen tosimplify selection. The size and shape of the channel selector can be changed using simple drag-and-drop tools.Once you have created your custom player, you can use it on your website, in social media and in email. Mostimportant, when others share your video or use it on their own sites, the player will go along with it, providing yourbranding message and a link to the action that you want viewers to take.Serve viewers on mobile devicesIt’s important to ensure that your video marketing message can be accessed on a variety of devices, particularlysmartphones and tablets which are continually growing as a proportion of the video-viewing audience. The Vitomycustom player can deliver multiple video formats and bit rates simultaneously while the user only has to uploadone original video file. Mobile video formats are continually changing and Vitomy stays on top of these changes todeliver your videos in whatever format today’s popular devices are demanding.Track video performanceVitomy also keeps track of where your video has been posted and how many times it has been watched in eachlocation. This makes it easy to determine which videos are most popular with social media sharers and viewers. Thisinformation can be used to help guide your future content creation efforts.Copyright © 2011 All rights reserved. 6
  7. 7. Using custom branded video players to make your content stand out and get you results Enormous rise in popularity of online videoWhich subscription level makes sense for your business?Vitomy provides several different tiers of subscription designed to address the unique needs of different users.A Free subscription lets you try out the product and find out whether Vitomy is right for you. This is not a free trial butrather a never-ending free version that is limited to 40 GB of storage and bandwidth per month. Another limitationof the free version is that users can create and their own custom video player templates, but are limited to usingstandard players in providing videos to customers and prospects.The second Vitomy subscription tier is called YouTube Only. It provides users with the ability to design their ownplayers for use with YouTube videos. This option is designed for businesses that want to continue to use YouTube astheir content server while adding the ability to use a custom video player. With this player, YouTube is used to hostvideos and the Vitomy custom player to view videos on the company site, in social media, in email marketing, and inother sites such as blogs. YouTube Only users host their video on YouTube but have the ability to design and sharecustom player templates as a branded alternative to YouTube’s embed codes. YouTube Only accounts cost $9.99per month.Finally, a Premium Vitomy account provides 200 GB of storage and bandwidth and the ability to design andcustomize an unlimited number of templates for $59 per month. Users can activate or deactivate overage billingwith this option. If you exceed 200 GB in usage in a given month, another 50 GB will automatically be added to theiraccount for $15. This option is designed for companies that are committed to use of internet video to market theirproducts. It avoids the clutter and potentially conflicting advertising messages associated with YouTube hosting.ConclusionA branded video player leverages your investment in video content by making it easy to share on websites, socialnetworks and blogs while providing branding and a strong call to action. The Vitomy custom media player providesthe ultimate custom video player by delivering the most design flexibility and branding, a choice of pricing levelsincluding a never-ending free account, and a wide range of other features.Copyright © 2011 All rights reserved. 7